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Top Ten Free-to-Play Games

also part of: Top 10 Free to Play Games
It needs to be either entirely free or can be played freely without needing to purchase anything. Free trials and Free-for-a-Day/On the House games do not count. Also, it needs to be in open beta, or at least be accessible to the general public. Releasing keys to the public slowly to avoid server crashes are okay.
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    1Fistful of Frags
    A new addition to the list, this is a shooter that started off as a modification for Half Life 2, but is now available as a completely free game. It's a unique Wild West shooter with many innovative mechanics and an overall authentic feel to it. While it may have lacked content at first, the developer of this game is working on adding all the con
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  • 2AirMech
    This MOBA is based off of an old Sega Genesis game that not many people have heard of. You control these transforming mech suits and fight battles from a top 3D view, following your mech suit into battle. Unlike many MOBAs, this game uses the usual WASD controls, allowing easy access to beginners who don't understand MOBAs as well. Speaking of t
  • 3Team Fortress 2
    This game has easily accessible items via a "drop" system, where you receive a random item for free at random intervals. With a wide range of customization, 100 maps, nine completely different classes, 8 gamemodes, and constant additions, this is a free-to-play you'll keep coming back to.
  • 4Planetside 2
    A massive MMOFPS, this game pits you against hundreds of players in massive battles that can span over weeks. You fight for a specific faction and attempt to control the galaxy, while at war with the other two factions. Featuring next-gen graphics and high-octane action, this game has plenty in store for its players.
  • 5Brick-Force
    A special FPS from German publisher Infernum, this shooter offers not only several different modes and weapons, but perks, consumable items, and finally, its building system. You are allowed to grab a few friends and create your own map together in a voxel-based style, then battle across the map, then let others download and use it (with credit to
  • 6UFO: Alien Invasion
    Made by hardcore X-Com fans, this free game came out years ago as a freeware project under the name "UFO: Alien Invasion." You control Phalanx, a world organization attempting to fight off an extraterrestrial invasion. You can find it for free on their official website, or you can download the port to Android devices on Google Play.
  • 7Warframe
    Another more recent title, this is a third person shooter where you play as a long lost race called the Tenno, which have woken up from cryo-pods in a sci-fi dystopian future where the Grineer Empire, an army of clones that originated from the now-ruined Earth, now control nearly the whole galaxy. Moving to an Open Beta in March 2013, it became wi
  • 8War Thunder
    One of the most realistic aviation games to date, this dogfight simulator features mouse-controlled plane combat factoring in gravity, a realistic damage system, and full control over your plane from wing flaps to rudders. Having a ranking system that matchmakes you with people of your skill level, this game can be beginner friendly. A recent sub
  • 9Spiral Knights
    This Diablo-style game has been around for a while. Published by Sega, you play as high-tech alien soldiers called the Spiral Knights. You and many, many others are stranded on a strange planet that seems to be mechanically active under your feet. This MMO offers a variety of unlockable gear and weapons, and is another title here that's family-f
  • 10SCP containment breach suggested byMicah Desrochers
  • 11Dungeonland
    Now thinking about it... I may want to take this one off the list. It's a high quality dungeon-crawling game published by Paradox, an indie publisher known for Mount and Blade, as well as Magicka and the Crusader Kings franchise. However, whether this truly counts as free-to-play must be interpreted by the voter, because it only allows access to

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