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Top Ten Most Recognizable Movie Mistakes

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    1Snake reflection - Raiders of the Lost Ark suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 2Art Dept. Garbage Can in Area 51? (Independence Day) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    During David's tirade in Area 51, where he bemoans the fate of the planet and rails against deforestation and pollution, he drunkenly knocks over a bin that's labeled with the words "Art Dept." Either the top secret installation has its own stable of designers, or a set dresser accidentally left his garbage can behind.
  • 3Chair misplacement (Spider-Man 2) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    During the cafe scene Peter senses danger (Dr. Ock) coming, he manages to pull MJ away to safety from the glass when Dr. Octopus throws a car through it. Peter topples his chair to the floor in doing so, but in the next scene, while they're both still going to the floor, it's standing right back up!
  • 4Gas Canister in Rome!?! (Gladiator) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    During the re-enactment of the Battle of Carthage, a chariot hits a wall and flips over, revealing a gas canister inside.
  • 5Foreboding bullet holes (Pulp Fiction) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    There's an error in the apartment scene when Jules and Vincent escape a hail of bullets fired at point-blank range. Look closely behind the hitmen and you'll notice bullet holes on the wall before any shots are actually fired.
  • 6Too Early Boy! Too Early! (North by Northwest) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    A boy covers his ears moments before a gunshot rings out in the Mount Rushmore cafeteria (look for him on the right as Eve threatens Roger). Critics speculate the boy must have known exactly when to protect his ears after enduring previous takes.
  • 7The 'Broken' Lamp (Spider-Man) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    When Peter Parker is first discovering his powers and, in the process of testing them, accidentally breaks a lamp in his room. However, when his aunt comes in to see what's causing all the noise, the lamp has miraculously fixed itself and is back in its former resting place.
  • 8The Helping Hand (Jurassic Park) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    The first dinosaur walks through the kitchen entrance, there is a brief period in which you can see the hand of one of the crew members holding onto the beast to keep it steady.
  • 9You Have Your Mother's Eyes...NOT! (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    Cont. the fact that Harry has blue eyes and his mother had brown, giving them no resemblance whatsoever.
    When Severus Snape is on his deathbed and warmly tells Harry that he has his mother's eyes. This moment should be memorable because it's the very instance in which Snape reveals his innermost vulnerabilities and motivations, but what makes it so iconic in the films is the fact that Harry has blue eyes and his mother had brown, giving them no resemb
  • 10The Random Cowboy (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    One of the members of the Pirates of the Caribbean crew accidentally made it into the final scene of the first film, forever giving the Black Pearl a bit of Southern charm with his cowboy hat and dark shades.
  • 11The Impossible Investment (Forrest Gump) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    Forrest Gump does a lot of crazy and implausible things throughout his lifetime, but investing in Apple in 1975 is perhaps the craziest. Why? Apple wasn't publicly traded until 1980, and so there's no possible way that he%u2014or anyone%u2014could've bought stock in the company.
  • 12Nuh-uh, Nuh-uh! You're using the computer wrong! (Jurassic Park) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    The programmer turned thief Dennis Nedry appears to be chatting with an accomplice on his computer via a live feed. But the workstation clearly shows he's speaking to a pre-recorded video instead.
  • 13Battle with an Octopus? (The Goonies) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
  • 14Too Many Errors to Count (Commando) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
  • 15Crew Members caught on camera, rubber weapons and a Ford Transit! (Braveheart) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
  • 16Sunglasses? Already in America? (Diego Unchained) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    Cont. after Sam Foster first sold them from a Woolworth on the Atlantic City boardwalk.
    The titular hero of Tarantino's revenge fantasy, which is set in antebellum 1858, wears a nifty pair of sunglasses throughout a significant portion of the film. Shades have been around since the 12th century, when they were invented in China. But they weren't introduced in the U.S. until 1929, after Sam Foster first sold them from a Woolw
  • 17Tons of Errors (T3: Rise of the Machines) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
  • 18The Magic Hedge Maze (The Shining) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    Stanley Kubrick's horrifying The Shining takes place at an isolated hotel, the exteriors of which are first seen at the beginning of the film. However, one thing that is noticeably absent in this initial shot is the hedge maze, which later magically shows up right next to the hotel and plays a big role in the film's plot.
  • 19The Exit Sign From the Future (O Brother, Where Art Though?) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    Though 2000 crime comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou? is supposed to take place in 1937, one scene set in a movie theater prominently features a glowing exit sign that is very clearly from the modern era.
  • 20The Guitar from the Future (Back to the Future) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    After successfully getting his parents together at the prom, Marty Mcfly kills it on his guitar. though the entire premise of the movie is that Marty is from the future, it doesn't seem to add up that somehow the guitar he uses at his parents' 1955 prom%u2014a Gibson ES-345%u2014didn't first hit he market until 1958.
  • 21iPhones in 1996? (Bernie) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    The 2011 Richard Linklater film, Bernie tells the story of the 1996 murder of millionaire Marjorie Nugent in Carthage. While most of the film is based on actual events, one thing that the film definitely gets wrong is the use of iPhones throughout the film, seeing as the first iteration of the iPhone wasn't released until 2007.
  • 22Accidental Extras (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    In the second basketball scene, where McMurphy gets into a shouting match with Martini because he threw the ball against the fence, is memorable not just for its comedic moments, but also because at one point, you can easily see the crew and several spotlights in the shot directly behind the chain link fence.
  • 23The Newspaper Typo (The Dark Knight Rises) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    At the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne/Batman is seen reading a newspaper article about a 'cat' burglar wreaking havoc on the city. The only problem? The Gotham Times apparently doesn't know how to spell the word heist.
  • 24The Disappearing Food Scraps (Braveheart) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    In the final moments of Braveheart, Mel Gibson's William Wallace is pelted with food as he is led to his execution, and many of the scraps stick to his hair and face. However, when he is at the podium about to be hanged just minutes later, Wallace is suddenly completely clean, with not a scrap of food on him.
  • 25The Badge That Comes and Goes (Inglourious Basterds) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    In the film, German Sergeant Werner Rachtman is seen in some shots with a badge over his left pocket and in others without it.
  • 26Car Poster That Shouldn't Exist (Dallas Buyers Club) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    The movie Dallas Buyers Club takes place in the 1980s, but behind his desk, main character Ron Woodroof, has a poster hanging of a Lamborghini Aventador%u2014a car that wasn't made until 2011.
  • 27The Lake Slip-up (Titanic) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    At one point in the film Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jack Dawson talks about Lake Wissota, a man-made lake in Wisconsin. The issue here is that the lake wasn't built until 1917%u2014and the film takes place in 1912.
  • 28The Miming Cleaner (Quantum of Solace) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    Cont. how director Marc Forster thought no one would notice this is just beyond us.
    Look carefully at this still from Quantum of Solace. Behind Daniel Craig, you'll notice that a maintenance worker who is supposed to be sweeping the ground is actually just making sweeping movements in the air like a mime. It's certainly understandable not wanting clouds of dust in the shot, but how director Marc Forster thought no one would notice
  • 29The Teleportating Man (Transformers: Age of Extinction) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    During the most recent installment of the Transformers franchise, a mystery man magically appears behind Mark Walhberg during one of the many destructive battles and subsequently disappears, and the only logical explanation for that is that he must've apparated.
  • 30The Shape-shifting Breakfast (Pretty Woman) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    When she is presented with a beautiful spread of breakfast foods, Vivian Ward chooses a croissant, but just a few shots later, the breakfast in Ward's hand has magically changed, transforming from a buttery croissant into a partially-eaten pancake.
  • 31The Magic Side view Mirror (Clueless) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    Cher Horowitz infamously becomes known as 'just a virgin who can't drive' after hitting multiple parked cars and destroying her sideview mirror during her driver's test. However, as she brings her Jeep to a stop to conclude her failed test, you can see that her formerly missing mirror has somehow reappeared and is in pristine condition.
  • 32The Notebook (The Notebook) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    What doesn't seem to add up is that even though Rachel/Sacha continues to take notes throughout the scene, she somehow manages to lose notes as the scene progresses with no continuity regarding the notebook whatsoever.
  • 33The Slippers That Change Colors (The Wizard of OZ) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    During the scene in the film when her and Scarecrow fight with the apple trees, there is a brief moment as Scarecrow falls in which her signature slippers become black before returning to red almost instantly.
  • 34The Plane with the Missing Engines (The Usual Suspects) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    When the plane in the film takes off, it has the four engines of a Boeing 747, but in the next shot the very same plane only has two engines.
  • 35The YouTube Video (The Hurt Locker) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    In one of the scenes in The Hurt Locker, two soldiers are overheard talking about an Iraqi who is going to upload a video to YouTube. But since the movie takes place in 2004, the soldiers should have no idea what YouTube is, given that the video platform didn't even exist until 2005.
  • 36The Obvious Cameraman (Bad Boys) suggested bySpideyfan-0913
    Either Bad Boys director Rick Rosenthal thought that a rogue cameraman could pass as an extra in this fight scene, or he just didn't care enough to re-shoot the entire thing.
  • 37Extra Puppy (Beethoven's 2nd) suggested bySpideyfan-0913

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