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Top Ten Olympic Games Scandals And Controversies

also part of: top 10 olympic controversies
This counts both official summer and winter Olympic games.
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    1Munich Massacre (1972)
    It could be controversial, as Avery Brundage ordered the games to continue despite the tragedy, not to mention the events that led to the Massacre
    It was tragic not controversial or scandalous.
  • 2Tonya Harding boyfriend and friend injure Nancy Kerrigan suggested bydrewbrown
    This happened before the Olympics.
  • 3Atlanta Summer Games Bombing (1996)
    This was a tragedy and i was born 2 years later
  • 4Ben Johnson (1988)
    Why did he dope
  • 5Black Power Salute (1968)
  • 6The Flag Incident (2012)
  • 7The Twins Madeline and Margaret de Jesus (1984)
  • 81980 - U.S. Boycotts Summer Olympics in Moscow over Afghanistan war. suggested bydrewbrown
  • 91984 - USSR boycotts Olympics in L.A. as retaliation from U.S. boycott 4 years earlier. suggested bydrewbrown
  • 10Jim Thorpe (1912)
  • 11Figure Skating Judging Scandal (2002) suggested byJamie Murphy
  • 121984 LA - Zola Budd of South Africa allowed to compete (despite Apartheid), trips favorite Mary Decker of the US. suggested bydrewbrown
  • 131936 - Having the games in Berlin when the Nazis control Germany. suggested bydrewbrown
  • 14Roy Jones Jr. loses to Park Si-Hun (1988)
  • 15Marion Jones (2000)
  • 161988 Seoul - Referee Keith Walker was physically assaulted by Korean boxing officials suggested bydrewbrown
  • 17East German doping in the 70s suggested bydrewbrown
  • 18I.O.C. members resigned after it was uncovered that they took gifts to vote for the SLC bid. suggested bydrewbrown
  • 19Badminton Scandal (2012) suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 20High cost and the aftermath suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 21Unfinished construction in Sochi (2014) suggested byTrueBackLash
  • 22The Montreal Olympic Flame goes out (and is relit with a regular cigarette lighter) suggested byWilliam Sanders
    1976-After a rainstorm doused the Olympic flame a few days after the games had opened, an official re-lit the flame using his cigarette lighter. Organizers quickly doused it again and relit it using a backup of the original flame.
  • 23Boris Onishchenko's "magic" fencing epee (1976 Montreal Olympics) suggested byWilliam Sanders
    Onishchenko, a Soviet Olympic fencer, was beating his opponent Brit Jim Fox handily. The British team noticed he was getting "hits" before he even touched his opponent. An inspection revealed the rigged fencing sword, and Boris was sent packing.
  • 24Chinese anthem lip sync
  • 25Yuna Kim loses Gold (2014) suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 262008 Olympic torch protests suggested byjackmellor1989
    Could of led to a boycott with controversies over human rights in China
  • 272000 Olympics - vault controversy in the women's all-around in gymnastics suggested byitstheapocalypse
  • 282002 Winter Olympic bid scandal suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 29Women's football semifinal: Canada vs USA (2012) suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 30Taiwan aka Republic of China going as Chinese Taipei suggested byDaniel Fong

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