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Top Ten Video Game Logic That Doesn't Make Sense

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  • 13 0 1Lose some eggs, commit suicide to get them back? - Angry Birds
  • 11 0 2Kill Two Large Whales to make one holster? - AssCreed Black Flag
  • 8 0 3Charizard Isn't a Dragon Type but Vibrava Is? - Pokemon
  • 7 0 4Stand Perfectly Still as you reload while a guy with a chainsaw comes after you? - Resident Evil 4
  • 7 0 5Can survive from jumping great heights, but one touch from spikes and you're dead? - Mega Man
  • 6 0 6Can take a shotgun to the chest, but when ride a horse into water you drown instantly? - Red Dead Redemption
  • 6 0 7Has the ost advance suit in the universe, can fall form space and survive, but can't swim? - Halo
  • 5 0 8Being able to hold over 20 weapons at once with no trace of them on your body.- Grand Theft Auto series
  • 4 0 9A turtle and hippo can't swim?- Sly Cooper series
  • 3 0 10guns outta no where gta
  • 2 0 11headshot injury can be healed by defibrillators - Battlefield series
  • 2 0 12Sustaining a massive amount of gunfire, but contact with water means instant death - GTA series before San Andreas
  • 1 0 13Won multiple Heisman trophies and NCAA titles as a white guy in college. 2nd round pick as a black guy in the NFL- Madden NFL 07
  • 1 0 14Cars automatically catch fire and explode after flipping over - GTA series
  • 0 0 15Shooting in the street as well as car crashes, but Hot Dog stand guy goes on like nothing is happening - Grand Theft Auto
  • 0 0 16Hitpoints, got 3/4211 left, capabilities undiminished, but another scratch leads to death.

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