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Top Ten Worst Things to Happen to Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)

Poor Candace! She can't catch a break, can she?
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    1Switching minds with their pet platypus
    Candace goes to the garage, and sees the boys invention. She goes to the boys and accidentally falls into the invention, which switches her and Perry's bodies. Candace is disgusted by her new body, citing how she 'sweats milk' and throws up while eating platypus food.
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  • 2Getting turned into a fly
    While she is making herself look good for a date with Jeremy, Candace is turned into a fly. She is shot with the ray, causing this. She nearly gets eaten by baby birds and a lizard, before making it back to the boys and getting turned into an alligator and cheese before she is turned back to normal.
  • 3Going back to the dinosaur age
    Candace and the gang are transported back to the age of the dino's. Candace is upset, saying how she'll never see Jeremy ever again, but luckily, they make it out of there, dodging a T-rex.
  • 4Getting liquefied
    Candace investigates a camera-like invention and ends up getting liquefied. A bird rolls in her, and she gets shaped into a bucket.
  • 5Mistaken for a rare orangutan
    Taking a rare hair growing formula that is unfinished, Candace grows so much hair that she is mistaken for a rare orangutan by Jeremy's mother.
  • 6Losing her best friend (for a short while)
    She thinks about Stacey and how she misses her.
    Candace argues with Stacey, resulting in them splitting, but for Candace, this is very tough.
  • 7Getting scratched by a chupacabra
    After the boys capture a chupacabra, they put it in a box and bring it to their house. Candace, who is suspicious, opens the box and ends up getting scratched by the creature, giving her multiple scratches.
  • 8Getting turned into a Doofinshmirts clone
    There is an apocalypse in the Tri-State Area, and almost everyone is Doofinshmirts. The gang are going to save the town, but near the end, Candace is turned into a Doofinshmirts clone.
  • 9Her allergy to parsnips
    She does still look strange, but hey, it does hide her face at least.
    Candace has a severe allergy to parsnips, causing her face to go red. She puts a bag over her face to hide her allergy.
  • 10Never being able to bust her brothers
    Candace Flynn desperately wants to bust her brothers, and while this may make her an.oying, her struggle to get what she wants is upsetting to her. She wants to get what she wants, but never gets her wish.

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