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Top ten good guys that are the villain

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    1Finding Nemo. The true villain is Marlin. Why: if he wasn’t so overprotective, then Nemo wouldn’t have tried to touch the boat leading to him not being captured.
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  • 2Hercules. The real villain is Zeus. Why: he literally sends his brother to hell. He also doesn’t treat him fairly when he is above ground. In real Greek mythology Zeus cheats on Hera to have a kid
  • 3The Lion King. the real villain would be Mufasa. Why: He jokes about killing his brother because he didn’t go to a baby’s celebration. He also never tries to compromise with Scar. In addition, he
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  • 4Snow White. The true villain is the king. Why: He chooses a wife by her beauty and not her king soul. If he actually picked a wife based on personality he would not have chosen The Evil Queen as the w
  • 5Beauty and the Beast. The real villain is the Enchantress. Why: Just because a prince is mean to you doesn’t mean that you should turn the whole staff into objects. All she had to do was turn the pr
  • 6The Emperor’s New Groove. The real villain is Emperor Kuzco. Why: he is disrespectful, mean and spoiled the whole movie. He also wanted to destroy houses for another palace with a pool. Plus, he doe
  • 7Sleeping beauty. The real villain is her parents. Why: They say that they’re not on anyone’s side but invite all the good fairies. Also they don’t tell her about the spindle curse. Plus they don
  • 8Frozen. The true villain is their parents. Why: they make Anna forget about Elsas powers, plus they make Elsa fear her powers. They make her feel like they’re bad when used. Plus, they take away wha
  • 9The Incredibles. The true villain is Mr Incredible. He does superhero business without telling his wife, who he swore to spend the rest of his life with. He couldn’t even try to stand up for his rig
  • 10Alice in Wonderland. The real villain is no one. Why: it was all a dream in the end, so all the things that happened were just in her head meaning there is no villain.
  • 11Tangled. The real villain is her parents. Why: do they really think they can have a magical baby and not guard her?
  • 12Ariel. The real villain is Ariel. Why: Ursula is banished for unknown reason and Ariel puts the whole sea in danger for selfish reasons.


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