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Top ten most hated Cartoon Network shows

(dis)Honorable mentions: Scaredy squirrel
these cartoon are not popular of all time. this list cartoon network have not just original series, but also reruns shows
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    1Teen Titans, Go! suggested byKarma
    This show is annoying
    This show have terrible, mediocre humor
    took something great and absolutely ruined it. Its like EA games

  • 2The Problem Solverz suggested byKarma
    This show can make make everyone eyes hurt and get sick
    This is the worst show on Cartoon Network. No matter how bad any of the other shows are, at least they did not physically cause harm to its viewers.

  • 3scaredy squirrel suggested byDuong Ngo
    Dear Duong, please grow up.
    This things from canada is worse than Justin Bieber
    They have bad moral like don't be yourself
    this show is based on canadian children book, but this show is just "annoying like justin bieber)
    Theme song is worse than Justin Bieber.
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  • 4The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange suggested byGerard McGrory

  • 5Uncle Grandpa suggested byThomas_091102
    My country "Norway" never shown Uncle Grandpa
    I watch this show and say what happened to cartoon network and the great and creative shows I grew up with?

  • 6Out of Jimmy's Head suggested byRockinGamer100

  • 7johnny test suggested byDuong Ngo
    Guy's what ever you do don't watch Johnny test
    I dislike episode "Johnny Dukey Doo"

  • 8Destroy Build Destroy suggested byTelevisionGamer

  • 9Almost Naked Animals suggested byImaad Shahrukh

  • 10Squrriel boy suggested byDuong Ngo

  • 11Dog City suggested byDuong Ngo
    Live-Hand puppet is worse than animated version, creepy and inappropriate.
    Ace Yu dress girly clothes, but he should into drag woman. this show had lgbt comedy

  • 12Ninjago suggested byDuong Ngo

  • 13Annoying Orange suggested byLeonel Moya
    This show is annoying show I ever seen

  • 14Legend of chima suggested byDuong Ngo

  • 15Dude, What Would Happen? suggested byTelevisionGamer

  • 16Incredible Crew suggested bykidfastback

  • 17Bravestarr suggested byDuong Ngo
    not funny like wander over yonder. boring and uninspiring
    This show content laser shots give someone seizure

  • 18Robotboy suggested byGeorgina Bransfield

  • 19Level Up! suggested bykidfastback

  • 20Ben 10: Omniverse suggested bykidfastback

  • 21Beware the Batman suggested byImaad Shahrukh

  • 22Clarence suggested byThomas_091102
    Its NOT worth it
    my country (Norway), never shown Clarence

  • 23My Gym Partner's a Monkey suggested bykidfastback

  • 24MAD suggested byrma2098

  • 25The Looney Tunes Show suggested byImaad Shahrukh

  • 26road rovers suggested byDuong Ngo
    JK, Just for Fun
    Road Rovers was original Adventure Time

  • 27Pokemon (Since Battle Frontier) suggested byGeorgina Bransfield

  • 28The Secret Saturdays suggested byDuong Ngo

  • 29The Life and Times of Juniper Lee suggested bykidfastback

  • 30Sonic Boom suggested byGerard McGrory
    This show is great but the game suck.
    Everything about Sonic Boom (not just the TV show, but also the merchandise and that hideous Rise of Lyric) is just pointless...

  • 31The Amazing World of Gumball suggested byGamer1270

  • 32Thundercats suggested byDuong Ngo

  • 33Adventure Time suggested byGamer1270

  • 34Amazing World of Gumball suggested byThomas_091102
    Look how many thumbs down.I wouldnt be suprise,this show is awesome.

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