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Unanswered Questions In Science

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    1Do we live in a universe or multiverse?
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  • 2Are we alone? suggested by12301231234
  • 3How did life begin?
  • 4What is consciousness?
    Answering this question would likely lead to the invention of 'true' artificial intelligence.
  • 5Can we beat the law of entropy?
    This is what causes things in the universe to break down and change. It's the reason why nothing in the universe ever seems to be eternal. To figure out a way to beat the law of entropy would be to conquer death itself.
  • 6What's at the bottom of a black hole?
    Understanding what is inside a quantum singularity or (black hole) would likely lead to a unified theory of physics. In other worlds, humans would have full understanding of how all the forces universe work together to create what we experience as reality.
  • 7is it possible to travel at warp speed by smashing the light barrier suggested bysteve frank
  • 8Can humans live forever?
    This question is actually a subquestion of "can we beat the law of entropy?". Because the breakdown of the human body and mind can be viewed as change in entropy.
  • 9Why can’t we detect intelligent life?
  • 10How do we beat bacteria?
  • 11What's at the bottom of the ocean?
  • 12Is time travel possible?
    ... Because it would be tempting to go back and convince Hitler to just stay in art school.
  • 13To other spatial dimensions exist?

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