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Video Game Versus Battles WatchMojo Should Do!

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    1Sony Vs. Microsoft Vs. Nintendo

  • 2Just Dance franchise Vs. Dance Central franchise: Best Dance Rhythm Game Franchise

  • 3Guitar Hero franchise Vs. Rock Band franchise: Best Music Rhythm Game Franchise

  • 4Burnout franchise Vs. Need for Speed franchise

  • 5X-Box One X Vs. PS4 Pro Vs. Nintendo Switch: Best 8th Generation Console

  • 6Dead By Daylight (2016) Vs. Friday The 13th: The Game (2017)
    Better Asymmetric Survival Online Co-Op Horror Game?

  • 7X-Box 360 Vs. PlayStation 3 Vs. Wii: Best 7th Generation Console

  • 8PlayStation 5 Vs. X-Box Two: Which Upcoming Game Console Looks More Promising?

  • 9Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Nintendo Switch: Which One Is Best For You?

  • 10God of War franchise Vs. Devil May Cry franchise: Better Extreme Hack-and-Slash Action Game Franchise?

  • 11Infamous franchise Vs. Prototype franchise

  • 12Quake franchise Vs. Unreal Tournament franchise

  • 13Zero (Capcom's Mega Man franchise) Vs. Meta Knight (Nintendo's Kirby franchise)

  • 14Fortnite (2017) Vs. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (2017) Vs. Apex Legends (2019)
    Best Battle Royale Video Game?

  • 15Amnesia franchise Vs. Outlast franchise
    Better First-Person Survival Horror Adventure Video Game Franchise?

  • 16Fallout franchise Vs. Borderlands franchise

  • 17Dragon Quest Vs. Final Fantasy suggested byFastTquick

  • 18Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) Vs. Batman: Arkham City (2011): Better Ultimate Arkham Game?

  • 19Crash Team Racing (1999) Vs. Jak X: Combat Racing (2005): Better Naughty Dog Racing Game?

  • 20Crash Bandicoot Series Vs. Jak & Daxter Series Vs. Uncharted Series Vs. The Last of Us Series: Best Naughty Dog Video Game Franchise?

  • 21Crash Bandicoot Vs. Spyro The Dragon: Better Classic PlayStation Game Mascot?

  • 22Naughty Dog Vs. Ubisoft: Better Video Game Developer Company?

  • 23Doom series Vs. Wolfenstein series: Better Franchise?

  • 24Metal Gear Solid series Vs. Splinter Cell series: Better Franchise?

  • 25Classic Resident Evil series Vs. Dino Crisis series: Better Survival Horror Franchise?

  • 26Resident Evil 4 (2005) Vs. The Evil Within (2014): Better Shinji Mikami Video Game?

  • 27Assassin's Creed series Vs. The Witcher series: Better Franchise?

  • 28Destiny series Vs. Halo series: Better Bungie Game Franchise?

  • 29Team Fortress 2 (2007) Vs. Overwatch (2016): Better Online Multiplayer Cartoony Shooter Game?

  • 30Halo series Vs. Titanfall series: Better Sci-Fi Shooter Franchise?

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