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top 10 Drake and Josh facts

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    1If you notice closely to the detail, their room is a lot emptier in season one than the rest of the seasons
  • 2the room of drake and josh is emptier in season one
  • 3Megan does not refer to her brothers as boobs until the second season
  • 4a diiferent actor was supposed to play walter in an unaired pilot you can see production stills on the internet
  • 5the role of the dad was original meant for an unknown actor who was in the original unaired pilot you can still production photos of on the internet but cannot watch clips of
  • 6Josh's boss Helen is played by Yvette Nicole Brown all the time, except one epsiode where she was replaced with Frances Callier for some reason
  • 7Drake's band that consits of Paul, Rina and scottie only appear on season 1. They disappear from the entire series from that point onward
  • 8both Drake's stupid friend Trevor and Josh's Grammy are mentioned frequently on the show, but only appear in one episode
  • 9the posters visible in the background of the premiere theater are always pop cultures parodies of real life movies and the posters would change every new season
  • 10Although Craig and Eric did not become established characters until season two, Scott Halberstadt(Eric Blonowitz actor) is visible in the background of the pilot episode as an unnamed background chara
  • 11The actor who played Scotty was a real life convicted criminal. He struck two men in their heads with a bottle during a fight and was arrested for a second time for reportedly breaking into a woman's
  • 12Drake's mother is named Audrey, but she is never referred to by her name in none of the episodes. Not even by her husband Walter.
  • 13drake band memebers of scotty paul and rina are only in season one
  • 14megan does not call her brothers boobs until season two
  • 15the actor who played scottie was a real life criminal who was found dead with his 81 year old landlord
  • 16the posters visible in the background of the premiere theater are parody posters of real life movies the posters would change to new parody poster every new season
  • 17Yvette Nicole brown plays helen she was replaced in the role for one episode with frances callier
  • 18before eric blonowitz was an established character he was an unnamed background character in the pilot episode
  • 19both trevor and josh's grammy appear in only one episode despite both characters being mentioned all the time on the show
  • 20She first name of drake's mom is Audrey. She is never referred to anything else other than mom, though. Not even her husband walter ever calls her by her first name
  • 21Character ate often named after staff members if the show in the tree house episode they go to dinner with the schnieders a la Dan Schneider and in I love sushi sergeant Doty a la george Doty IV
  • 22The show was discontinued with any further seasons so that Miranda could do iCarly
  • 23We don't really seem to discover that the father's name is Walter until season two
  • 24For a character so tempted fir bring on the show, crazy Steve was only on 9 episodes that is nit e be as much as Newman's recurring appearances on Seinfeld but still shows how memorable he was

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