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Top 10: House Party Movies

VO: Rebecca Brayton
These films have showcased some of the biggest, raunchiest and drunkest social events ever seen. From kegs to beer bongs, there\'s nothing that these party-goers won\'t do in the name of fun! That\'s right, we\'re calling out the favourites, ranging from \"Superbad\" to \"Animal House.\" Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 House Party Movies.

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Top 10: House Party Movies

These movies are filled with beer, bedlam and boobs. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 House Party Movies.

Number 10: Teen Wolf

Kicking off our list is the house party that sets the stage for Michael J. Fox to transform into a hairy beast. All it takes is a little game of seven minutes in heaven and a full moon. Leading up to this, we get to see a glorious mountain of kegs, shaving cream-covered babes attempting to untie themselves, a chubby partier challenged to eat an entire bowl of Jell-O from a chick’s shirt, and a cross-dresser.

Can any house party be better than this? Actually, we’re just getting started…

Number 9: Beerfest

The party brigade is here to play some drinking games! Never before has booze been so integral to a film! Forget about beer helmets, though this film has those too: here, a dude does this thing called the “Strike Out.” It involves smoking a joint, chugging a beer, taking a shot, and blowing out the smoke…. That just takes skill, not that we condone that sort of behaviour.

Number 8: American Pie

All of American Pie’s hijinks can pretty much be traced back to Stifler’s bash. The best party moments include Jim’s super awkward conversation with Nadia, Sherman playing virginity terminator, and the portraits of Stifler’s mom that cause the guys to go wild! Most importantly, we’ll never forget the film’s most valuable lesson; never drink from a cup left lying around in a bedroom!

Number 7: Superbad

In this bona fide bad-ass coming-of-age flick, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse jump through all kinds of hoops to bring booze to the party, all in a bid to lose their virgin je ities. Along the way they get involved with bungling cops, angry neighbors and alous boyfriends, and keep serving up the booze from a detergent container.

Number 6: Sixteen Candles

Poor Jake: the bash he throws at his house leaves it looking like a junkyard! The party involves awesome 80s music, trees getting toilet papered, and a geek finding himself trapped under the coffee table. Now this is what a party should look like!

Number 5: Can\'t Hardly Wait

Most films on this list have one memorable party scene. But this entire film is one memorable party scene! While the expected high school antics ensue, the class of ‘98 takes it one step further. We will never forget Jason Segel’s Vodka Watermelon, and the partiers being so drunk they couldn’t feel their legs!

Number 4: Weird Science

Teen inventors, with a love of wearing bra hats, discover a way to create the woman of their dreams. But, they also zap their house during their kick-ass party, which causes the portraits to come to life, the entire kitchen to turn blue, a kid to get transported into the TV, rooms to twirl, the chimney to become a high-powered vacuum, and everyone to get attacked by deranged bikers. Obviously.

Number 3: Revenge of the Nerds

There’s no party like a nerd dance party! Here, the most socially awkward people on the planet strut their stuff, redefine fashion and get high. They do this while being served drinks by a robot and dancing to “Thriller.”

Number 2: Old School

Making the short-list is the frat movie about a group of older guys that discovers a way to escape the tedium of their nine-to-five lives. The result has Will Ferrell refereeing brutal lube fights, downing beer bongs, licking strangers and – of course – going streaking, all while Snoop Dogg plays party MC.

Number 1: Animal House

Taking top honors on our list is cinema’s most decadent party of all time! Here, the members of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity decide to respond to their recent probation sentence by dressing up as Greeks, corrupting the mayor’s daughter, singing along to “Shout,” smashing guitars, and seducing the dean’s wife.

With so many outrageous and memorable movie house parties, we’re sure we missed a few. What’s your favourite?

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