Birmingham, Alabama: Food and Places to Eat

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
If you want some good old fashioned barbeque with a southern flare, head to Dreamland's Bar-B-Que in Birmingham, Alabama. The city also offers fine dining options, like Bottega Restaurant and Cafe, where you can get delicious Italian food. But if you want to enjoy the weather and the city's natural beauty, head to the Pepper Place Saturday Market or the Jones Urban Family Farm. Birmingham also hosts the outdoor festival Magic City Art Connection, which offers both arts and culinary creations. In this video, we check out some of the best places to eat in Birmingham, Alabama.

Eating in Birmingham, Alabama

Whether you’re in the mood for barbeque, fine dining or healthy fare, this Southern city has it all. Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at the best places to eat in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dreamland Bar-B-Que

Birmingham is the largest city in the southern state of Alabama and as such, you’d naturally associate it with southern food. With that in mind, why not head to Birmingham’s Dreamland Bar-B-Que? With its casual down-home atmosphere, the place is famous for its service, ribs and barbecue dipping sauce.

Bottega Restaurant and Cafe

If fine dining is more your thing, then pay a visit to Bottega Restaurant and Café. You can choose between sitting in the dressier dining room or the rowdier café area. Regardless, you’ll be served up an assortment of Italian dishes that are sure to please your palette.

Outdoor Eating

Want to enjoy the warm weather and the great outdoors while you eat? Birmingham has places for that too.

Pepper Place Saturday Market

Between April and December, you can buy fresh produce every weekend in Lakeview District at the Pepper Place Saturday Market. It’s open whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring down so feel free to peruse the dozens of tents. Here, you’ll find the best offerings from local growers, as well as ready-to-eat food. You can even buy some arts and crafts.

Magic City Art Connection

Every April, Linn Park plays host to the Magic City Art Connection, which highlights creations from artists across the country. Entertainment including music, dance and storytelling is offered, as well as interactive workshops for kids. And last, but certainly not least, patrons can sample food and wine at the Corks & Chefs tasting event and enjoy delicious fare from the best of the city’s restaurants.

Jones Family Urban Farm

If you’re trying to get back into shape, then check out the community-based Jones Family Urban Farm. By using its converted property as a teaching farm, the non-profit organization aims to teach people about healthier eating and offers fresher alternatives to consumers. While you can buy the farm’s produce directly at the Gardens of Park Place Farm Stand, it is also available at Pepper Place Market and Birmingham restaurants like Bottega.

Food and Drink

From southern comforts to fine dining to fresh food options, Birmingham will satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst.