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Top 10 Spider-Man Trivia

VO: Rebecca Brayton
He's everyone's favourite neighborhood Spider-man, but there's a lot you don't know about the heroic web-crawler. These facts range from interesting to incredibly shocking, touching upon his comic, film and animated appearances. Join, as we explore ten pieces of trivia you will be thrilled to know about Spider-Man.

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Top 10 Spider-man Trivia

He’s the web-slinging vigilante of justice. Welcome to, and today we’ll be exploring ten pieces of trivia you should know about Spider-Man.

The Cure for Arachnophobia? Cash

Kicking off our trivia list is a juicy tidbit that reveals Spidey’s 1962 debut was almost derailed by Marvel’s publisher Martin Goodman. Goodman thought Stan Lee’s and Steve Ditko’s spider-based superhero concept would never sell. His reasoning? Everyone hates spiders. Boy, did he change his tune when the sales numbers came in!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Spider

Much of Spider-Man’s appeal comes from his combo of superhero stories with everyday problems. Teens can relate to Spidey’s feelings of inadequacy and shyness, the idea of having to earn money, getting dates, plus finding time for schoolwork. Before him, teen characters were stuck assisting the adult superheroes in short shorts!

A True Maverick Never Conforms to the Norm

Spider-Man actually breaks all the established comic rules: he isn’t rich, has no lair, uses his powers to earn money, and is motivated by guilt rather than revenge or the idea of serving a higher purpose. Plus, the folks he helps usually turn against him. So, unlike Batman, the only special signal Spider-Man ever sees is his own signature flashlight, which he uses to warn the criminals he’s keeping an eye on.

Animated Censorship

Spider-Man is well-known for his unique fighting style. But, in the 1994 animated series, our hero only threw three punches! Curious why Spidey preferred to just shoot his web? The answer is simple: Fox television enforced strict censorship against violence…. though they couldn’t block all of his blows!

Costly Costume

Even though Peter Parker sews his own Spidey costume in Sam Raimi’s film trilogy, the actual props cost more than Parker could make in a year. Actually, make that a few years: they cost a hundred thousand dollars apiece! Four of these pricey props were stolen from the set, so Columbia Pictures responded with a twenty five thousand dollar reward for their safe return. But it didn’t work: the costumes remain missing. We’re guessing some diehard fan is wearing them in his parent’s basement right now!

Maguire Hole

Loving that expensive costume? Well, get this: despite the enormous cost, Tobey Maguire insisted on being able to use the washroom without taking off his suit and going through the tedious refitting process. The diva! This meant adding a vent in the rear. Hey costume thief, if you’ve used of the Maguire hole, you should probably just keep it.

Baptism by Fire

2012’s “Amazing Spider-Man” is a do-over for the franchise, though it was filmed on the same Universal Studios Hollywood back-lot as the original trilogy. However in 2008, the lot was rebuilt between the two series after it burned to the ground. Pretty symbolic, wouldn’t you say?

Artificial Web Shooter

In 2012’s “Amazing Spider-Man,” like in the comics, our hero uses a custom-built web shooter to fire a special synthetic polymer adhesive. Sam Raimi’s films changed this by giving Spidey the innate power to shoot web. Turns out the director didn’t think audiences would buy the idea that a teen could engineer such a high-tech piece of equipment.

Spidey’s artificial web shooter can only discharge when a sensor is pressed with superhuman force using his two center fingers. This not only stops him from firing when he is making a fist, it also stays true to Spidey’s oddball sense of humor as it resembles the American Sign Language phrase “I Love You.”

The Tragic Catch"

In 1973, comic writer Gerry Conway and his editorial team shook things up by killing Peter Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy. They felt the character had grown stale, and Spidey needed the tragic hero edge. Of course, comics are kinda like soap operas: no one ever really dies. The Jackal eventually brought Gwen back as a clone.

The Clone Wars

After the successful “Clone Saga,” Marvel Comics created a second such story in which Peter found out he was a copy of the real Spider-Man, and the real Spidey was in fact “Ben Reilly.” Well, they can’t all be winning ideas: fans were pissed to find out they had read about a fake and boycotted Marvel. The comic book makers decided to give Pete his identity back and made clear he was the real Spider-Man via an elaborate ploy by the Green Goblin. Today, this remains the most hated story in its comic history.

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