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Top 10 Hilarious Bond Gadgets

VO: Dan
James Bond is a secret agent that not only packs a gun and fancy cars, but a gadget and gizmo for each and every occasion, no matter how bizarre. While many of these gadgets are brilliant, many are a little too outrageous! That's right, we're talking about things like crocodile suits, Ghetto Blasters and Cigarette rockets! Join as we count down the top 10 hilarious James Bond gadgets.

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Top 10 Hilarious Bond Gadgets

It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 hilarious James Bond gadgets.

#10 – The Horse Trailer: “Octopussy”

Horse kicking off our list is the gadget Bond uses to escape the Cuban army. Supplied by his female associate, this tiny livestock trailer hides an ultra-light aircraft behind a fake horse’s ass! Not only does the plane unfold to carry him out of enemy territory, it also shows off Bond’s patriotic side with the colors of the Union Jack.

#9 – The Ski Pole Gun: “The Spy Who Loved Me”

In this flick, James Bond is chased downhill by a bunch of bad guys on skis, as per usual. Since he’s hopelessly outnumbered, he decides to awkwardly turn around and fire a .30 caliber rifle hidden inside his pole! We would not want to be on the receiving end of that. Thing is, if the bad guys could ski while firing normal guns, why couldn’t Bond just do the same? Well, wouldn’t get him on any cool lists…

#8 – Cigarette Rocket Darts: “You Only Live Twice”

Cigarettes can kill! Given to Bond by his allies, these cigarettes are actually mini rocket launchers that fire deadly rocket darts, so these are a bit more-fast acting than nicotine and tar. This means that back when Bond used to smoke, he could get enemies to unwittingly light him up, and then light them up in return!

#7- The Ghetto Blaster “The Living Daylights”

It’s time to rock out with your rocket launcher out! This is definitely a weapon for the 80s! It says a lot that it wasn’t even designed for MI6 use, but their fellow spies over in America! Perfect for those times when the break dancing battle gets a bit too heavy. Serve this, fool!

#6- Revolving Sofa “The Living Daylights”

If you thought that rickety Ikea chair in your kitchen was a deathtrap, wait ‘till you see this. MI-6 seems to think that what Bond really needs is a sofa that pretty much eats people. Q even shows bond how turn it into a torture and interrogation chamber just by sitting on it! I guess this may come in handy when Bond needs to hide his women from each other…

#5- The Iceberg Boat “A View To A Kill”

This is what probably sunk the Titanic! This camouflaged iceberg boat is pretty over the top and one of the spies strangest forms of travel. It was even designed to be the ultimate shag pad, complete with a transforming bed, wall to ceiling padding and a sexy female spy. It does however lose points for not coming equipped with a penguin launcher.

#4- The Crocodile Suit “Octopussy”

This one’s a real croc! Secret agents must all be children deep down… There’s no other way to explain this thing! Just look at Bond’s face, he knows what we’re talking about! Does he really have to expose his head to see where he’s going?

#3- Bollas and Sleeping Sombrero Machine Gun Trap “Moonraker”

Britain is ready to wage war down Mexico way. Just imagine these balls taking out a person’s entire head, as demonstrated on this dummy! Not over the top enough? Well these sombrero wearing mannequins are sure blow away anyone looking to take advantage of that “Sleepy Mexican” stereotype.

#2- Explosive Shark Pellets “Live and Let Die”

Leave it to Bond to use something that sounds completely ridiculous to great effect. A wildly unrealistic gadget, Bond manages to use one of these pellets on Mr. Big, thus making him blow up like a balloon before going totally Hindenburg, sans mess of course. Kick ass one liner in 3, 2, 1.

#1- Prosthetic Nipple “The Man With The Golden Gun”

Taking the top spot on our list is something that blurs the lines between gadget and disguise. Bond uses it to impersonate Francisco Scaramanga, the world’s most deadly assassin! No one has seen the assassin before, but they all somehow know that he has a third nipple. That’s right, Bond’s entire plan hinges on going topless and having the bad guy stare at his man boobs. Boy, that would have been even more awkward if it didn’t work…

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