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Top 10 Superstar EDM DJs and Producers of All Time

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These DJs and producers aren't superstars for nothing. Thanks to their overall influence on electronic dance music, their commercial success and their skills in producing, mixing and track selection, they are some of the most popular and well-known names in the business. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 superstar EDM DJs and producers in electronic music.

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They know how to get people on the dance floor. Welcome to and today, we’re counting down the top 10 superstar DJs and producers in electronic music.

For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on the artists’ influence, commercial success, track selection and mixing skills. We’ve also excluded electronic duos or bands such as Deep Dish, Kraftwerk or Daft Punk.

#10 – John Digweed

While John Digweed has been instrumental to progressive house in his own merits, the English DJ, promoter and producer really hit it big after teaming up with Sasha. Their Ministry of Sound effort, Northern Exposure, helped them make their mark on the electronic scene and is regarded as the team’s finest creation, as well as one of the best DJ mix albums ever created.

#9 – David Guetta

Though he’s known more as a producer than a DJ, David Guetta actually started off spinning house music. After exploding on the scene with his solo hits, the French artist became a household name thanks to a monstrous smash with the Black Eyed Peas. Further collaborations with artists like Kid Cudi, Flo Rida and Akon soon established Guetta as one of the most sought-after producers and highest paid DJs in the world.

#8 – Pete Tong

Even when he was starting off, Pete Tong was known for picking out and playing the most hip and up-and-coming artists. As host of the legendary BBC Radio 1 programmes “Essential Mix” and “Essential Collection,” the British DJ is still sought after by electronic acts for the Pete Tong Push. Meanwhile, the Lord of the Dance’s original style of record mixing earned him an international reputation and allowed him to hold residencies at the world’s best clubs.

#7 – Sasha

His superior mixing skills, experimentation with new technologies and blending of acid house, trance and progressive house made Sasha a groundbreaking DJ. The Welsh producer even had one of the best-selling DJ mix albums ever with Global Underground 013: Ibiza and has worked with Madonna. But, it was his enduring partnership with John Digweed and their careful attention to track selection that really made him a star.

#6 – Frankie Knuckles

House would be very different if it weren’t for Frankie Knuckles’ work with drum machines in the ‘70s and ‘80s. In fact, the Godfather of House Music has been recognized by the Grammys as Remixer of the Year and was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame. The American DJ and producer has also worked with the best of the best, including Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Patti Labelle.

#5 – Carl Cox

As a founder of the British rave scene sound and a pioneer of hardcore dance music, Carl Cox set the standard for techno with F.A.C.T. Famous for his smooth handiwork on three turntables, the British DJ is known for making bold musical choices at high tech parties. Cox is also a promoter, programmer, radio show host and runs two electronic music labels.

#4 – Paul van Dyk

Beginning as a trance producer, Paul van Dyk first made waves with the heavenly “For an Angel.” As one of the earliest superstar DJs, the German musician has been recognized for his mixing and producing skills on multiple occasions, including a Grammy win. Thanks to album sales and live performances, PVD is one of the world’s most successful DJs.

#3 – Armin van Buuren

While building on his producing and mad mixing skills, the Dutch DJ showed his passion for dance music by playing marathon sets. Then, with Imagine, Armin Van Buuren became the first dance artist to debut at the top of the Dutch Album charts. Add his extremely popular “A State of Trance” radio show and compilations and it’s no wonder van Buuren was voted DJ Mag’s top DJ four times straight.

#2 – Tiesto

From trance to electro house to progressive house, this Grammy-nominated Dutchman nabbed the number one spot on DJ Mag’s most popular DJ poll three times thanks to his mixing and track selection abilities. His famed lively and lengthy sets helped him become the first DJ to play at the Olympics. Today, Tiesto is truly one of the biggest and richest DJs on the planet.

#1 – Paul Oakenfold

Before producing for movies and films, and songs for Madonna and Britney Spears, Paul Oakenfold put Ibiza and its dance music on the map. The Brit developed his art so well during his Cream residency that he became one of the first DJs to command big, premium dollars for his sets. Through his own material and that of his landmark label Perfecto Records, Oakenfold helped bring trance to the mainstream and subsequently changed electronic music forever.

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