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Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera: Music Showdown

VO: Rebecca Brayton
With Christina Aguilera releasing the album, Lotus, on November 13th, 2012, we have some fun pitting her against Britney Spears in this music showdown. Ever since Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera broke out with their hit songs during the 1990s, the media and the public have been fascinated with their lives on and off the camera. While they're both blond, American and huge superstars, they also have some differences. In this video, we will judge Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on their sex appeal, singing, dancing, success and more to find out who is the ultimate princess of pop.

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One’s not that innocent, the other’s got the moves like Jagger. Welcome to, and in this instalment of versus, we pit Britney Spears against Christina Aguilera to find out who is the ultimate pop princess.

Round 1: Original Sex Appeal

Britney played the innocent card from the start, and her family-friendly image pleased everyone – yes, even with the Catholic schoolgirl uniform. She did ruffle a few feathers by bearing her bra, but Spears did it again with album number two by staying true to her good girl persona. Mostly.

By contrast, Christina hinted at her blossoming sex appeal with her first single. The track seemed to rub people the right way though, ‘cause it went to number one. Soon, Xtina revealed a down and Dirrty side that some felt took things a little too far.

Britney’s not that innocent, but she wins this round because she left us wanting more.

Round 2: Singing and Dancing

Brit has sold millions of records and concert tickets thanks to her on-stage energy, dance moves and catchy tunes. Plus, it takes a star to strip off to a skin-colored bodysuit, or dance around with a snake.

Then again, Christina’s been touted as the voice of her generation: whether it’s a powerful ballad or a kick-ass girl power anthem, she isn’t afraid to pour her heart and soul into her songs. Plus, let’s not forget: she has the moves like Jagger!

When it comes to overall artistry and talent, Christina knows what a girl (and the rest of us) want.

Round 3: Fall from Grace

After the 3-way kiss with Madonna, it was Brit against the world. Here are the bullet points:

- 3-day Vegas marriage;
- Whirlwind romance with backup dancer;
- Terrible reality show and marriage to K-Fed;
- Questionable parenting choices;
- Shaves own head, goes crazy with an umbrella;
- Gets sent to rehab, then committed to psych ward;
- Loses kids. To K-Fed;
- Loses control of her estate;
- And tries to make it all better with a zombified award show performance.

Meanwhile, Christina missed out on a Grammy nod for the commercially disappointing Bionic and filed for divorce in 2010. Her humiliation reached national proportions at Super Bowl 45. Cat fights with co-stars, and an arrest for public intoxication soon followed.

Everyone wanted a piece of Britney and she couldn’t handle it. Christina had some bad days too, but we’re giving this category to her because it seems she just was not herself tonight.

Round 4: Comeback

Christina made a triumphant return to the spotlight by giving NBC some of its highest ratings with “The Voice.” Soon, she was ruling the airwaves and the charts thanks to her collaboration with Maroon 5. Things kept getting better for Xtina, as her seventh album, Lotus, spawned a top forty hit.

Britney’s slow and steady trek back into the zone was worth the wait. Thanks to the chart-topping Circus and Femme Fatale, she got into the Guinness World Record books. She made TV ratings history with “How I Met Your Mother” and “Glee,” and then found a home on “The X Factor.” Miss Spears also found love once again.

While Christina’s fall from grace was nothing compared to Brit Brit’s troubles, Britney returned stronger than yesterday and for that, she takes the cake.

Round 5: Overall Success

Here are the similarities:
- Both born in the ‘80s;
- Both blonde;
- Both ex-Mouseketeers;
- Both started in Bubblegum pop;
- Both have Grammys;
- Both have multiple number one albums and singles;
- Both have acted…ish;
- Both have kids;
- And both are now reality show judges.

Now, the differences:

Christina has impressed us with her voice and her willingness to experiment. She’s sold over 50 million records and even earned a Golden Globe nomination.

Britney, on the other hand, brought teen pop back to the mainstream and continues to keep dance floors shaking. With over one hundred million albums sold and multiple awards, Spears is truly one of the most powerful celebs in the world.

Christina may be beautiful, but Britney’s sales, popularity and recognition make her the champ.


It’s Britney, bitch.

While nobody can hold Christina down, it’s the femme fatale who takes the crown with a score of 3 to 2. Oops! ...She did it again.

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