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The History of Blink-182

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Formed in 1992 in Poway, California, Blink-182 began making a name for themselves in the South California punk music scene with their early music and prank-filled shows. They had their mainstream breakthrough with 1999's "Enema of the State," which spawned several popular singles. However, side projects and sonic experimentation led to a brief hiatus, during which drummer Travis Barker was in a serious accident. Fortunately, the trio reunited shortly thereafter and regained much of their past success. In this video, takes a look at the history of Blink-182.

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Script written by Laura Ly.

This band proved that they are more than “All the Small things.” Welcome to, and today we’re taking a look at the history of Blink-182.


Pop punk band Blink-182 was formed in Poway, California in 1992. Vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus, vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Scott Raynor added 182 to their original name Blink after they were threatened with a lawsuit by an Irish band with the same moniker.


Blink-182 first achieved moderate underground success in the thriving So-Cal punk music scene with their demo, Buddha and their first full-length album, Cheshire Cat, in the early 1990s.


They slowly built a steady fan base with their high-energy shows and relentless touring. Soon, they became known for their offbeat comedy: early shows featured wet t-shirt and wet pants contests, as well as pranks and fart jokes.

Sophomore Effort

By 1997, the boys were ready to release the follow-up, Dude Ranch, on indie label Cargo Music and major label MCA Records. With help from the band’s first rock radio hit, “Dammit (Growing Up),” the disc sold more than a million copies within three years.

Travis Barker

In the middle of a 1998 tour, Raynor was fired from the band for alcohol abuse, and the Aquabats’ drummer Travis Barker was tapped as his replacement. After becoming a permanent member later that year, Barker completed the Blink-182 line-up that has remained to this day.


The band then released their breakthrough third album, Enema of the State, in 1999. The aptly titled first single, “What’s my Age Again?” was accompanied by a music video that featured the band running naked through the streets of LA. It quickly became a staple on MTV and helped propel Blink-182 to worldwide stardom.

“All The Small Things”

The follow-up single, “All the Small Things,” cemented Blink’s position as a commercial success. Ironically, the video for the song, which mocked popular boy band videos, was on constant rotation alongside the same videos it was parodying. Enema of the State became the trio’s highest selling album to that point with over 15 million copies sold.

More Pop Punk Success

Using the same pop-punk formula that made them famous, Blink-182 continued their mainstream success with the 2001 album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. The effort debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and had three singles: “First Date,” “Stay Together for the Kids,” and “The Rock Show.”

Side Projects

Influenced by their recent move into fatherhood, as well as side projects such as Box Car Racer and Transplants, the band explored a more mature and experimental direction on their 2003 self-titled effort. Though some fans were unsure about the new sound, Blink-182 did chart within the Billboard 200’s top five.


However, conflict soon emerged within the band: Hoppus and DeLonge disagreed about priorities, including their side projects and spending time with family. This eventually forced Blink-182 to break up in 2005, though it was announced to the public as an indefinite hiatus.

More Side Projects

Hoppus and Barker then formed +44, and DeLonge became the frontman of his own band, Angels & Airwaves.

Plane Crash

However, things changed after the death of producer and friend Jerry Finn, as well as a tragic airplane crash involving Barker in 2008. While several passengers died, Barker and friend Adam Goldstein survived with serious injuries. While visiting Barker in the hospital, Hoppus and DeLonge finally buried the hatchet.


The band then announced their reunion at the 2009 Grammy Awards and went on tour later that year. In 2011, they released their sixth album, Neighborhoods. While still maintaining their pop punk sound, the effort featured more serious lyrics and sonic experimentation, and hit the second spot of the Billboard 200.

20th Anniversary

By 2012, Blink embarked on a global tour to celebrate their twentieth anniversary, and began recording new music for their next album.

Growing Up

Blink-182 first captured the hearts of music fans with their catchy pop-punk songs and fun lyrics, but later albums prove that the boys have matured into serious songwriters. Despite having stormed onto the scene with humorous stage antics and toilet humor, their influence on contemporary pop punk is undisputable. It appears the band that once famously sang about not wanting to act their age has finally grown up.

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