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Top 10 Angry U.S. Liberals

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Big government, gun control, gay marriage, the environment – these are the causes the aggressive voices of the left will not drop. And, of course, they’re quick to run off their potty mouths, are always holier than thou and will never miss a chance to say Republicans are crazy. Actors like Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin are just some of the Hollywood hypocrites on this side of the fight, while mainstream media personalities like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are constantly shilling for the Dems. In honor of Bill Maher’s birthday on January 20th and Keith Olbermann’s birthday on January 27th, counts down our picks for the Top 10 Most Loudmouthed Liberals.

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Top 10 Angry U.S. Liberals

They are the aggressive voices of the left. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 most loud-mouthed liberals.

For this list, we’ve decided to exclude anyone who’s had a significant political career.

#10 – Jon Stewart

Kicking off our list is the man who walks the line between comedy and journalism. As a member of that infamous liberal media elite, Stewart is not as argumentative as some, but what he lacks in abrasiveness he makes up for in wisecracks. He’s super smart, and does rag on both parties; however, “fair” and “balanced” aren’t usually terms ascribed to him – even if he expects it of others.

#9 – Bill Maher

As with most liberal comedians, fans of Maher think he’s a well-informed political commentator with a penchant for political incorrectness. If you fall on the other side of the spectrum, he’s a mean-spirited, narcissistic, obnoxious bully who panders to Democrats at every turn. He’s pro-prostitutes, poker, PETA and pot, and militantly anti-religion. He constantly calls his viewers brainwashed liberals, but who did that brainwashing exactly?

#8 – Rachel Maddow

No one ever accused MSNBC of being anything but left-leaning, but Maddow pushes that to the extreme. One of mainstream media’s few openly gay personalities; she’s marketed as an outsider who provides blunt, in-your-face commentary. Translation: her obvious agenda and holier-than-thou attitude are given a daily platform. But, Maddow’s built a cult following by calling Bush a war criminal, so let’s give credit where it’s due.

#7 – James Carville

He’s the Ragin’ Cajun: Carville has been a high-profile Democrat since he was Bill Clinton’s campaign manager extraordinaire and coined the phrase “it’s the economy, stupid” as a central message. Unlike many on either side of the political divide, Carville overcame his biases and married Republican personality Mary Matalin. Aside from the fact that he’s a southern Democrat, it’s his look, accent and soundbites that make this guy memorable.

#6 – Sean Penn

Whether or not you actually believe Penn is a fascist, you have to admit he’s a talented actor. Either way, like most Hollywood liberals, he’s criticized for capitalizing on capitalism while at the same time condemning it. And boy does he condemn it. Actually, his big thing was the Iraq war, but he’s one of many actors who’s used the Oscar stage to send a political message.

#5 – Keith Olbermann

With guys like this around, it’s hard to deny the “liberal media bias.” Good journalism reveals both sides of the story, but rabid liberal Olbermann usually bounces his opinions off people who share them – like the Blue states’ FOX News. He’s not the “Worst Person in the World,” but this former sportscaster was fired after he secretly donated to the Democratic Party – even though he claims to be neutral.

#4 – Chris Matthews

Often teamed up with Olbermann is this guy: sometimes called the most conservative voice on MSNBC – probably because he once claimed to have voted for George W. Bush – Matthews can be depended on for some pretty positive liberal spin. He’s also pretty angry. And he loves to interrupt people. And he’s not big on religion. Please tone down the yelling, won’t you?

#3 – Alec Baldwin

He’s not a staunch Republican: he just plays one on TV. While Baldwin is by no means the only Hollywood liberal, he’s high on Conservatives’ hit lists: he’s outspoken, articulate and knowledgeable, but prone to gaffes. Baldwin’s Huffington Post blog was one thing, but him possibly running for office is quite another. Also, admit it: supporting Occupy Wall Street and doing Capital One commercials is a bit iffy…

#2 – Piers Morgan

Following the Sandy Hook school shooting, left-wingers jumped on the gun control bandwagon hard. Leading the charge was CNN’s Piers Morgan. Between calling the NRA head stupid or getting into spats with every pro-gun expert around, Morgan pissed people off so much they petitioned to have him deported. With his confrontational ways and never-back-down attitude, he will be riling the right for years – unless he’s sent back to England.

#1 – Michael Moore

Taking the top spot on our list is the propaganda machine who brought us “Bowling for Columbine,” and “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Moore eschews the label “political activist,” and is often called disingenuous since he actually makes money. But basically, Republicans love to hate on this Democratic Party mouthpiece because a) people watch his films, b) he’s rich, and c) he’s mega-liberal, or rather “anti-American.” Plus, they never pass up a good fat joke.

Do you agree with our list? Which Liberal personalities do you find the most combative? For more top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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