Origins of WatchMojo: 10 Things You Didn't Know



Origins of WatchMojo: 10 Things You Didn't Know

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Founded on January 23rd, 2006 by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, WatchMojo started its days with the goal of “Informing and Entertaining Through Video.” That mission has stayed the same, through the company's evolution from hot-to's, streeters and comedy skits, to the top 10s, bios and interviews you know and love today. Ever wanted to know what WatchMojo's most popular video is? Or how many all-time views the company has across its vast network? Or what city the company calls home? Well wonder no more! In honor of the company's foundation on January 23rd, 2006, counts down the top 10 pieces of trivia you should know about…

Top 10 WatchMojo Trivia

This company is one of the largest producers, publishers and syndicators of video content for broadband platforms. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down ten things you didn’t know about WatchMojo.

#10 – One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mojo launched on January 23rd, 2006. The first video published on the site was “How to Hide Your Hips.” In the early days, the site’s programming was a mix of how-to’s, guides, reference videos, comedy skits and streeters across a dozen categories, like business, comedy, fashion, film, health, history, lifestyle, music, and video games. The infamous red couch made more than one appearance.

#9 – Finding the Mojo

One thing has never changed since the beginning: WatchMojo’s mission has always been to “Inform and Entertain Through Video.” But the content has definitely evolved over the years – today the focus has shifted largely to infotainment and pop culture videos like biographies, profiles and top 10 lists, as well as demos in areas like beauty and food.

#8 – There is no “I” in Team… Or WatchMojo

The company boasts a robust team of researchers, writers, fact-checkers, producers, videographers and hosts that help produce nearly 300 minutes of programming each month. WatchMojo is fully independent, with no outside investors or corporate backers.

#7 – Expanding Horizons

It wasn’t until March 1st, 2006 that WatchMojo launched its first YouTube channel. By January 25th the following year, the channel was officially re-launched under the WatchMojo handle. Then, in 2012, it launched five new channels, which separated the Entertainment and Pop Culture videos from the Lifestyle ones.

#6 – 15 Minutes of YouTube Fame

WatchMojo’s first and only video featured on YouTube’s main page was “Big Air Motocross Jumps,” which today stands at over six million views. In the 24-hour period it was on the main page, it racked up an impressive 750 thousand views – that’s a lotta eyeballs!

#5 – Everyone’s a Belieber

WatchMojo’s most popular video on YouTube? Oh, just a little interview with a very young, pre-stardom Justin Bieber, which sits at nearly 10 million views. The Biebs is not the only newsmaker WatchMojo has interviewed: the likes of Lady Gaga, Anthony Bourdain, Kevin O’Leary, LMFAO and many more celebs have all chatted with WatchMojo hosts.

#4 – WatchMojo’s Home Turf

WatchMojo reaches a global audience in over 100 countries from its home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Some other notable entertainment brands to come out of Montreal include Just for Laughs and Cirque du Soleil – both of whom WatchMojo has worked with in the past.

#3 – WatchMojo on the Road

Don’t worry if you need your WatchMojo fix but you can’t get to a computer: in addition to appearing on websites like YouTube, Hulu, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN, WatchMojo’s videos can be seen in taxicabs, gyms, coffee shops and even airports!

#2 – Feast Your Eyes on This

If you’ve ever wondered about how many all-time views WatchMojo has, then wonder no more! The company generated its billionth view – that’s billion with a “b” – in August 2011.

#1 – Open to Suggestions

WatchMojo’s editorial approach is a blend of art and science: Data reveals what video topics perform best, but ultimately viewer feedback is the most important factor as many videos WatchMojo produces are the direct result of suggestions and comments. So make sure to suggest what videos you want to watch, and you may see yours published soon!

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