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Top 10 Transformers: The Greatest Autobots

VO: Dan
They're the peace loving robots in disguise that are forced to battle the evil forces of the Decepticons! Robots from the planet Cybertron, their struggle has led them to defend the Earth and its people while taking on Earth vehicle modes. With so many continuities, we’ve decided to only include characters that first appeared in Generation One’s original series. Join as we count down the top 10 greatest Autobots from the Transformers.

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Top 10 Transformers: The Greatest Autobots

It’s time to transform and roll out! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 greatest Autobots from the Transformers.

With so many continuities, we’ve decided to only include characters that first appeared in Generation 1’s original series.

#10- Hot Rod, A.K.A Rodimus

Kicking off our list is the heir to Optimus Prime and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. A young fun-loving flame covered sports car, this Autobot used to rather spend his time fishing rather than fighting, but was forced to take on the responsibility of leadership. Reborn as Rodimus Prime, he is memorable for having to overcome self-doubt to save Cybertron by defeating both Galvatron and Unicron in the 86’ movie.

#9- Mirage

What would a team be without a member capable of going undercover? This Formula-1 racecar is memorable for his ability to become invisible with active camouflage, allowing him to sneak behind enemy lines. A bot that relishes his ironically flashy vehicle mode, all he wants is to return home to Cybertron. Though a pacifist, he always comes through in a jam.

#8- Prowl

A transformer in the form of a police car, Prowl is Optimus’s tactical advisor, as he values science, logic and reason over emotion. An uptight bot that follows military protocols, he doesn’t always get along with his team, but that’s the price you pay for being second in command. If he’s got any weaknesses, it’s that he works best when things are going according to plan, as he otherwise becomes a bit overwhelmed.

#7- Grimlock

This dimwitted, pronoun challenged and insanely powerful T-Rex is the leader of the Autobot sub faction, aptly called the Dinobots. Though unintelligent, he is a fire breathing force to be reckoned whose shoot first attitude has made him a star. Unlike most of his allies, as the muscle, he is one of the few that could stand toe to toe with the other heavy hitters on the battlefield.

#6- Ratchet

As you may have guessed by first aid symbols on his arms, Ratchet is the team’s medic. As such, it’s appropriate that Ratchet assumes the Earth vehicle form of an ambulance. Hardly one to get into a fight, he spent most of his time repairing his comrades and helping out at the Autobot base. Ratchet holds a special place in our hearts due to his impeccable bedside manner.

#5- Wheeljack

This beloved Autobot has the great honor of being the first transformer ever seen on screen! The brains of the outfit, he’s also a crackpot scientist that provides the team with inventions, many of which are unpredictable, including Grimlock and the other powerful Dinobots. Transforming into a hot rod racer, he’s also among the fastest of the team.

#4- Ironhide

This red Astrovan is an old warrior who has been known to lead the Autobots on the occasional mission. He packs serious firepower and can carry other Autobots inside his vehicle mode. A gruff war veteran, he’s always telling stories, and is one of the few direct lieutenants under Optimus Prime. Well until he was shot in the face in the 1986 movie and super-corroded by acid in Dark of the Moon, both undeserving deaths for the hardened warrior.

#3- Jazz

Without a doubt, this is the stylish bot on Prime’s team. A slang talking lieutenant with a Martini Porsche 935 alternate mode, he’s another of the autobots to be called Optimus Prime’s right hand man, and a trusted advisor. Amusingly, he rocks the sunglasses look and his swagger extends onto the battlefield as he’s all about improvisation. One of the most likeable and popular Transformers, Michael Bay just couldn’t resist killing him off in the 2007 film, why does the black guy-bot always have to die?

#2- Bumblebee

The underdog of the team, this little yellow guy represents the youth and inexperience of the squad. The second bot we ever saw and the team’s spy, he always strives to prove himself while getting into trouble. A compact car, he was redesigned into a Camaro and had his ability to speak taken away in the film so we could all focus on Shia LaBeouf. Regardless of this iteration, he is still considered one of the bravest Autobots.

#1- Optimus Prime

We’re sure there was never any doubt. Taking the top spot on our countdown is the Cabover truck who believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. The other Autobots all have their strengths, but nobody kicks bumper like Optimus Prime. A wise, brave and compassionate leader brought to life by Peter Cullen’s iconic voice; he is both the series figurehead and a timeless icon of science fiction.

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