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Han Solo vs Indiana Jones

VO: Dan
Harrison Ford is best known for bringing these two iconic characters to the silver screen. One is a landmark of sci-fi, the other of fantasy. If there's one thing tougher than the characters themselves, it's choosing which is the greater of the two. Join as we pit Han Solo against Indiana Jones to see who’s more beloved: the space cowboy or the swashbuckling archaeologist.

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Han Solo Vs Indiana Jones

One’s a scruffy looking nerf-herder and the other belongs in a museum. Welcome to and today we’ll be pitting Han Solo against Indiana Jones to see who’s more beloved: the space coy-boy or the swashbuckling archeologist.

Just to keep this battle from going too far into down the nerd hole, we’ll be omitting their expanded universe stories and only be focusing on their movie portrayals.

Round 1: Motivation

Let’s begin by taking a look at who these men are and what they represent. Han Solo is a smuggler with an eye out only for money.

The other, Dr. Jones is a professor who will risk himself in his search for answers and priceless archeological finds.

Sure, Han’s character motivations shift when he decides to join up with the rebels to stop the evil Empire, but that’s certainly not what he had originally intended.

When it’s all said and done, Indy has held steadfast to stopping the corrupt and the evil from using mystical relics gain power, even since his childhood.

Indiana Jones 1, Han Solo 0

Round 2: Sidekick and Love Interest

What’s a hero without an entourage?

In Indy’s corner, his only real sidekick is Short Round, an orphan and pickpocket that assists him by driving getaway cars and being able to undo brain washing.

He’s had a few love interests, but his main squeeze is surely the hard-drinking Marion Ravenwood, a bartender and nightclub owner.

Meanwhile, Han refuses to ride solo. Tagging along on his adventures is his huggable Wookie co-pilot Chewbacca. Not just a skilled pilot and mechanic, he’s the muscle of the pair, carrying a Bowcaster and mean temper.

Adding to that, there’s only ever been one gall in Han’s heart, the feisty rebel princess with the hairbuns and blaster skills. Hard to top that…

Sorry Doctor Jones, we have to give this one to Han…

Indiana Jones 1, Han Solo 1

Round 3: Weapons and Fashion Sense

Not only are both heroes the kind of guy that always shoot first, but both are fond of their side arms. Han sports a DL-44, the space age version of the Mauser C96. Indy has no single preferred gun, and packs everything from a .45 caliber S&W to a Webley. What gives Indy his edge is his bullwhip, which he also comes in handy for navigating obstacles.

In terms of fashion sense, which is key to their identities, it comes down to Solo’s vest and awesome boots, against Indy’s rugged Leather jacket and fedora.

Weighing what’s more practical and bad ass, we’ve decided to give this point to Indy, pit stains and all…though we’re sure Lando is the one who’s most disappointed by our decision, seeing as he enjoys wearing Han’s clothes while borrowing his ride…

Indiana Jones 2, Han Solo 1

Round 4: Transportation

Indy is a talented guy. He can ride almost anything, from horses to biplanes and mine cars. Sadly for him, that’s nothing compared to owning the Millennium Falcon, an old YT-1300 light freighter which Han won in a game. Heavily modified, it has duel quad cannons and can travel 1.5 times the speed of light.

While we applaud diversity, it’s the Millennium Falcon…come on.

Indiana Jones 2, Han Solo 2

Round 5: Weaknesses

Going into the last round, we’re looking for a tiebreaker and that would have to be their ultimate weaknesses. For Han, the only thing that could put him on ice is Carbonite, which transforms him into a piece of truly breathtaking hipster art. Ya we’re not surprised you don’t have an intergalactic smuggler on your wall, it’s pretty exclusive stuff.

Unfortunately for Indy, he’s left cowering from the mere sight of snakes due to a childhood trauma…

It’s simple put, Carbonite technically makes Han more badass, whereas snakes really but a dent in Indy’s awesome status.

Indiana Jones 2, Han Solo 3


By a score of 3 to 2, it seems Han is the one getting the shiny medal.

Agree with our judgment? Are you infuriated with our bias towards the spacefaring version of Harrison Ford? Be sure to comment, subscribe and visit us at

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