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Top 10 Hilarious Movie Drunks

VO: Dan
While it's fun to watch morons do incomprehensible things on screen, it's even more fun when they're intoxicated, as the jokes and actions are seemingly random. It’s fun to watch them, but if any of us tried to keep up, we’d probably be hospitalized. Join as we count down the top 10 most hilarious movie drunks.

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Top 10 Hilarious Movie Drunks

It’s fun to watch them, but if any of us tried to keep up, we’d probably be hospitalized. Join as we count down the top 10 most hilarious movie drunks.

This one’s for your viewing pleasure. So, pour a cold one and settle in…

#10 – Billy Madison “Billy Madison” (1995)

Kicking off our list is the immature heir to a Fortune 500 company. This means Adam Sandler obnoxiously doing whatever he feels like, from days drinking poolside to chasing hallucinatory penguins across his father’s estate. The late Roger Ebert likened Sandler’s performance in this film to “nails on a chalkboard,” but playing a practical joke loving drunk who pitted shampoo against conditioner launched a successful film career.

#9 – Alan Swann “My Favourite Year” (1982)

This flick marks one of those perfect marriages between an actor and a role. Who better to play the womanizing and booze crazed swashbuckling matinee movie star than Peter O’Toole, a man known for his blackout adventures as a perennial lush! This Academy Award nominated performance is extremely uninhibited and results in plenty of shenanigans as his friend franticly attempts to keep Alan dry and out of danger.

#8 – Long Duk Dong “Sixteen Candles” (1984)

Number eight on our list is this outrageously stereotypical foreign exchange student. The film’s greatest source of laughs, that meant him getting his kicks while hanging from the ceiling, living it up in trees or simply napping off his hangover on random lawns. In the end, this lover of Amazonian sized women lives his life in America with the bottle as his favourite roommate.

#7 – An Eccentric Millionaire: “City Lights” (1931)

Chaplin was being cheeky in the naming of Harry Myers’ character—this “eccentric” millionaire is simply a blackout drunk. But it’s the millionaire’s binges that propel the plot of “City Lights”, and make for some of the biggest laughs in what is widely considered Chaplin’s finest film.

#6- Barry “Beerfest” (2006)

Barry was once the greatest beer gamer of them all, and then all that hard partying landed him on hard times. Barry’s is really the story of how drinking can give someone purpose and a reason to turn their life around. Wait a moment, what’s a ZJ?

#5- Morris Buttermaker “Bad News Bears” (1976)

He’s a mean, short-tempered, utterly irresponsible ex-minor league pitcher turned drunk part time pool cleaner and kids league coach. So, the perennial beer holding Morris Buttermaker is probably the last guy you’d want to leave your kids with. However, you’d probably have to be drunk to mentor these trouble-making urchins. Either that or Morris signed up because he misread the team name as “The Beers”.

#4 – Bob & Doug McKenzie “Strange Brew” (1982)

These two tuque wearing national treasures of Canada know a thing or two about their beer. They defined popular culture’s image of Canada for 30 years on television while this movie allowed them to further highlight the pan-regional Canadian drunkard accent. But what we love most is their booze fuelled imaginations and refusal to let any beer, no matter how disgusting go to waste.

#3 – Arthur Bach “Arthur” (1981)

The tagline for this film is “Don’t you wish you were Arthur?” Heir to a $750 million fortune with a seeming mainline of champagne—I’d give it a shot for a week. Pegged as Hollywood’s loveable drunk, Dudley Moore’s jokey persona came to represent the sweeter side of boozing, with intoxication causing his emotions to bubble to the surface.

#2 – Frank “The Tank” Ricard: “Old School” (2003)

Frank “The Tank” was a legend in his frat days. And then his frat days got extended and turned into a way of dealing with his mid life crisis. Will Ferrell’s star-making role remains one funniest drunks ever committed to film due to things like binging, licking strangers, shouting, rocking the party stage and streaking.

#1 – John “Bluto” Blutarsky: “Animal House” (1978)

John Belushi’s turn as the beer guzzling frat boy with the five o’clock shadow instantly became the iconic party animal character. Belushi was the breakout star of Animal House and “Bluto” Blutarsky will no doubt mark a soft spot with the carelessly lubricated until the end of time.

Do you agree with out list? Through your blackout haze, can you think of a movie drunk you would put in your top 10? Be sure to let us know and subscribe to for more great top 10 lists!

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