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Top 10 Hilarious Gross Out Scenes

VO: Rebecca
We all enjoy comedies. That is especially true when they are over the top. While there's intelligent and slapstick comedy, gross out humour takes no chances. Showcasing disgusting and vulgar content, these scenes make us lose our lunch, while bursting with laughter in the process. From turbo lax to not quite hair-gel to pube pizza, it's impossible not to squirm during these movie gags. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 gross-out scenes from film.

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Top 10 Hilarious Gross Out Scenes

We guarantee these movie moments will make you feel the need to brush your teeth and take a long, soapy shower. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 gross-out scenes from film.

Please be advised, this video contains mature, and well as incredibly disturbing content….should be fun!

#10 – Human Zit: “Animal House” (1978)

Let’s start this list off tame before we crank things to ridiculously nasty. We’d say this movie pretty much single-handedly created the gross-out genre. How? Well, it all starts when John Belushi’s slob offers a prissy girl some feedback about her opinion. This, of course, takes the form of an impromptu impression using nothing but mashed potatoes and his face hole. Can you guess what comes next?

#9 – Barf-O-Rama: “Stand By Me” (1986)

In lieu of the usual campfire horror story, these kids discuss a pie-eating contest gone horribly wrong! When one large contestant gets stuffed to the brim with blueberry delight, all hell breaks loose – or at least all lunches. Wait for it… Yeesh, did he drink the pies? But, what really makes this scene stand out is what we’d call the domino effect. Wait, did the crowd drink pies too?

#8 – Eating Dog Poo: “Pink Flamingos” (1972)

You’ve probably never seen this black comedy, but if you made it all the way through, power to you. We could do a Top 10 gross-out gags from this flick alone, since it follows a notorious criminal drag queen who’s vying for the title of “filthiest person alive.” That means the she-male takes to the streets and feasts for the camera. Sorry, we’ll need a moment before we continue.

#7 – Stifler Can Taste The Bubbles: “American Pie 2” (2001)

The stif-meister cannot get through a house party without his attempts to score backfiring. Here, he thinks he’s playing dirty by getting a girl to pour champagne on his head; but in reality she’s been knocked out just as Sulu decides to relieve himself over the balcony – you can see where this is going. As gross as that is, it’s Stifler’s enjoyment that really makes us lose our lunch.

#6 – Pube Pizza: “She’s All That” (1999)

Is nothing sacred? Two high-school bullies decided to distract their prey in order to defile his cheesy delight with some of their basement fluff. Lucky enough for the kid he’s got Freddie Prinze, Jr. watching out for his mouth, and he forces the creeper to hoover the slice himself. And you thought anchovies were bad…

#5 – Cream Filling: “Van Wilder” (2002)

Talk about an epic and surgically executed prank! The boys take campus hijinks to the next level by removing the filling from a Twinkie and replacing it with their own special ingredient. We’ll give you a hint, it came from this dog. That’ll teach those fraternity jerks! Especially when they find out where the secret cream filling came from!

#4 – Battle Shits: “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” (2004)

When these pothead pals find themselves on the run from campus security, they decide to duck into the women’s bathroom. They think they’re safe when they find a quiet stall to hide in – but instead they find themselves between two players of the grossest game ever conceived. Not only does this taint a favorite childhood pastime, it also transforms these girls from hot to not real fast.

#3 – Food Poisoning: “Bridesmaids” (2011)

Wedding dress shopping is hard work. Now imagine trying to do it after you and the rest of your crew have been food-poisoned at lunch! A beautiful bonding moment turns into sweaty, bowel-upsetting agony as each one takes her turn to become violently ill. Well, that’s creative. Hey here’s a joke: why did the bride cross the road? To… oh dear lord.

#2 – Hair Gel: “There’s Something about Mary” (1998)

Poor Ben Stiller, he cannot catch a break. First, he accidentally zips up his boys before prom; then he decides to unload his gun before the big date, and loses track of his… mess. Where did it g… – oh. At least Cameron Diaz buys his cover though, but maybe it woulda been better if she hadn’t. Ew.

#1 – Turbo Lax: “Dumb and Dumber” (1994)

Taking the top spot on our list is the toilet scene to rule them all. When Lloyd discovers Harry’s secretly stolen his crush, he decides to play dirty. Harry is then forced to wreck his date and her toilet in order to violently empty his bowels. Yup, he’s still going. As if that wasn’t already nasty as hell, poor Harry then gets some bad news. Ironically, that info’s what really makes him crap his pants – well, if he were wearing pants…

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