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Top 10 Movie Womanizers

VO: Dan Paradis
These are the guys who know how to play the game. There have been countless men in movies out to grab the attention and affection of the ladies. However, it's the special few that have a one-track mind about it. Just to be clear, we’re focusing in on the men who generally objectify and use women, or simply go through a ton of them. Join as we count down the top 10 movie womanizers.

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Top 10 Movie Womanizers

These are the guys who know how to play the game. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 movie womanizers.

Just to be clear, we’re focusing in on the men who generally objectify and use with, or simply go through a ton of them.

#10: Jacob Palmer “Crazy, Stupid, Love” (2011)

Kicking off our list is Ryan Gosling as a modern-day master of the art of seduction. Though essentially a knucklehead with a one-track mind, he stands out for not relying clichés, like cheesy pickup lines. Ironically, while he takes advantage of his good looks and expensive attire, he approaches and treats women with respect. Of course, like any good master, he takes on an apprentice before abandoning his ways.

#9: Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens “Hitch” (2005)

Thought the last guy was a smooth operator? Well Will Smith takes it to the next level by not just taking on an apprentice, but using his skills to operate a business as a professional dating doctor. Making a living helping men manipulate women, this womanizer was moulded by being both an eager late bloomer with the ladies, and feelings of betrayal he carries from an early love.

#8: John Beckwith & Jeremy Grey “Wedding Crashers” (2005)

It takes a special kind of lowlife to crash weddings to pick off the vulnerable single guests, and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson show that there are always two jokers in the deck. Moreover, this team will do anything, including lie to their teeth to bed the objects of their affection. Sheesh, at least they never stooped to Will Farrell levels of indecency.

#7: Marcus Graham “Boomerang” (1992)

Eddie Murphy plays this insatiable womanizer who is an advertising executive that relies on using his power to bed ladies. Interestingly, he is in a unique situation from others on this list, as halfway through the film, he starts to get treated like a piece of meat and his behavior…boomerangs on him. That means not only getting a taste of his own medicine repeatedly, but a fresh perspective that pits him in a love triangle along with his best friend.

#6: Nick Marshall “What Women Want” (2000)

Apparently, when you’re an advertising executive, womanizing is an occupational hazard! This time it’s Mel Gibson who’s made a routine out of selling to men and seducing women. When asked to come up with an ad for women, he experiences a little slip in the tub, which tunes him in to female FM 24/7. At first he hates it, then he loves it, then realizes he’s a sleaze ball.

#5: Trent Walker “Swingers” (1996)

Vince, is this a pattern buddy? This time he’s, well, pretty much more of the same, only with more “money”. Playing Jon Favreau’s best friend, he spends the entire film trying to teach his pal to let go of the past and live in the present. By picking up girls.

#4: Frank T.J. Mackey “Magnolia” (1999)

Next up is Tom Cruise as the womanizer with a modus operandi so powerful that he shares it on stage as a motivational speake. That’s right, he teaches his clients how to seduce and destroy. A cocky and all-encompassing chauvinist, he teaches the men at his seminars how to walk his walk, while practicing what he preaches, that is, degrading women.

#3: James Bond “James Bond” series (1962-)

Next up is the secret agent who’s in it for Queen, country and plenty of action on the side. Easily the movie character to have taken home more conquests than any other, his body count in and out of the bedroom are almost equal. From martini’s to tuxedoes, he may be on the clock for England, but he’s just as qualified as a lady-killer. That pun has extra meaning cause half of the girls end up.

#2: Giacomo Casanova “Casonova” (2005)

What would this list be without Casanova himself? With so many to choose from, we settled on the late Heath Ledger’s intoxicating depiction of the world class seducer. Showcasing the life of the legendary man, it explores the depth to Casanova’s promiscuity, secret identity included. Imagine that, Casanova prided himself as a stud in a Venice during a time when such actions warranted a hanging, never mind the lack of prophylactics!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

#1: Alfie Elkins “Alfie” (1966/2004)

Taking the top spot is the modern day Casanova played by both Michael Caine and Jude Law! Whichever version you prefer, both are the ultimate self-centered males out for pure enjoyment. Though charming, Alfie is notorious for compulsive womanizing. Interestingly, Alfie also breaks the 4th wall and addresses the viewer directly. Ultimately, the party has to end sometime as even Alfie isn’t immune to loneliness.

Agree with our list? Who do you consider cinema’s greatest womanizer? For more entertaining top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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