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Top 10 Video Game Voice Actor Performances

VO: Dan Paradis
They may be an animated character constructed by pixels, but the element that drives their emotion and appeal is the voice they have been provided. From the gruff hero to the memorable villain, allies and even enemies, a lot of what we love about the characters is thanks to what we hear. Just to be clear, this list will be focusing on performances from a single game, rather than looking at the best overall voice actors, because that’s another list for another day. We’re also sticking with one entry per franchise to prevent stacking. Join as we highlight our picks for the Top 10 Voice Acting Performances in Video Games.

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Top 10 Video Game Voice Actor Performances

Time to honor the performances made in the Gaming World. Welcome to and today we’re going to be highlighting our picks for the Top 10 Voice Acting performances in Video Games.

Just to be clear, this list will be focusing on performances from a single game, rather than looking at the best overall voice actors, because that’s another list for another day. We’re also sticking with one entry per franchise to prevent stacking.

#10: Rob Wiethoff as John Marston “Red Dead Redemption” (2011)

Kicking off our list is the wild west outlaw brought to life as John Marston. Living with the guilt of the of his crimes and troubled past, Marston struggles to rebuild himself as a changed man. Wiethoff’s performance seamlessly and believably transitions between outlaw, mercenary and even a loving father.

#9: Jen Taylor as Cortana “Halo 4” (2012)

While Jen may have appeared as the blue vixen Cortana in previous games, its her performance in Halo 4 that really shows off her acting range. As an A.I breaking down into madness, Jen shows that even a computer program can portray emotion, as she struggles to come to grips withher eventual fate.

#8: David Hayter as Snake “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot” (2008)

Can’t get far on a voice acting list without mentioning Snake, and the best work was when he played the 1 eyed hero in his twilight years. Despite this entry in the franchise having sooooo much dialogue, Hayder remained memorable throughout the entire franchise. Oh and BTW to us, Snake will always be David Hayter. No Hollywood actor could ever replace him, as much as we love Kiefer Sutherland.

#7: Aaron Stanton as Cole Phelps “L.A. Noire” (2011)

Thanks to the Motionscan technology this performance is probably the best visual representation of a videogame performance. As Cole Phelps, Aaron showed off a fantastic range as a detective dealing with the everyday drama of being on the force. His performance is especially memorable because he can let loose at the push of a button.

#6: Mark Hamill as the Joker “Batman Arkham Asylum” (2009)

Long after he hung up his lightsaber, Hamill went from portaying one iconic pop culture character to another. Hamill may have first portrayed The Joker in beloved Batman Animated series, but its his gaming performance that has earned him his most recent mainstream recognition as the terrifying clown prince of crime.

#5: Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson as Joel and Elli “The Last of Us” (2013)

Ok so we’re kinda stretching the rules here a bit here with these 2 people, but note that our criteria said one entry per game, not one person. With each of these to giving a fantastic performance its impossible to pick between the 2. Not only do both Troy and Ashley give an amazing performance, but the chemistry between the 2 actors is the real strength of the performance as they struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

#4: Jennifer Hale as Commander Shepard, A.K.A. Femshep Mass Effect Trilogy (2007-2012)

Jennifer is an incredibly talented voice actress, so her getting on the list is a no brainer. And without question her most noteworthy performance is that of Commander Shepard throughout the Mass Effect trilogy. This is an incredibly difficult role to fill, as Hale had to believably deliver the same lines that the Male version of Commander Shepard would, and sound bad ass doing it. Not only does she outperform her male counterpart, but she truly breathes life into one of the most customizable characters in videogame history.

#3: Michael Mando as Vaas "Far Cry 3" (2012)

Mando delivered a performance that ended up being so amazing that the character Vaas ended up becoming the poster boy of Far Cry 3. Originally the character didn’t exist in pre-production, but Ubisoft loved Michael’s audition so much that they created the character specifically for him. Plus, Micheal went even further with the performance for a live action webseries playing the psychotic slave trading pirate in real life.

#2: Ellen McLain as GLaDOS “Portal 2” (2011)

Transitioning from a full body performance to no body at all we have GLaDOS. Bringing an emotional style to the computerized voice of a homicidal A.I was no easy task, yet Ellen’s voice became the inseperable key ingredient to the Portal formula. So impressive was her performance that it caught the attention of a certain gamer known as Guillermo del Toro, who got the rights to use GLaDOS’s voice in his film Pacific Rim.

Before we get to Number 1, lets take a look at some other noteworthy performance

#1: Nolan North as Nathan Drake “Uncharted” series (2007-)

Taking the top spot on our list the man who set new standards in voice acting with Nathan Drake. With his performance from motion capture while recording for a more authentic feel of performance, Nolan may have a large amount of roles from video game acting under his belt but his most popular is by far his best. By the way, check out his profile on IMDB if you want to see just how many of your favorite games and cartoon’s he’s been in, we defy you to not be impressed.

So those are our choices for best Video Game performances, now we want to hear from you. Head on over to our suggestions page and let us know who your favorite overall videogame voice actors are. And for more informative top 10’s published everyday, be sure to Subscribe to

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