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Top 10 Greatest Movie Knife Fights

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Niki Neptune. There’s nothing like a little knife play to make attempted murder more intimate. Big or small, new or old, clothed or naked, these movie scenes feature some of the most badass knife fights ever caught on camera. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 knife fights. For this list, we’re looking at knife fight scenes that feature crazy skills, nail-biting intensity, or just plain old silliness. Special thanks to our YouTube fan DR00NZ and our users MikeyP, Wojciech Kulma, Ryan Basel, Brandon Dykman and Matt Stoyles for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Niki Neptune.

Top 10 Movie Knife Fights

There’s nothing like a little knife play to make attempted murder more intimate. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 knife fights.

For this list, we’re looking at knife fight scenes that feature crazy skills, nail-biting intensity, or just plain old silliness.

#10: Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. Assassins
“Timecop” (1994)

Van Damme plays a time-traveling cop on a mission to keep his wife from blowing up in an explosion. After a couple of assassins are sent to murder him in his sleep, he must fend off a knife attack while clad only in his boxer shorts and awesome mullet. And no Jean-Claude Van Damme action sequence would be complete without the splits. Because, why not?

#9: Paul Newman vs. Ted Cassidy
“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (1969)

After being challenged to his choice of either a gunfight and then aknife fight, by a hulk-like fellow gang member, Butch Cassidy tries to figure out a way to not get stabbed to death. Some clever quick thinking and an apparent onslaught of confusing words are all it takes to disarm and disable a man who clearly would have destroyed Butch.

#8: David Carradine vs. James Remar
“The Long Riders” (1980)

Massive bowie knives and chewing on the same piece of rope while fighting seems to be how they handled things in the Wild West. Cole Younger and Cherokee Sam Starr are apparently going to fight to the death over Sam’s wife, with the lovely woman suggesting the hand-to-hand duel for her amusement. Nothing spells love quite like K-N-I-F-E.

#7: Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Vernon Wells
“Commando” (1985)

This knife fight scene is entertaining for a number of reasons, namely the dialogue and the crazed enthusiasm shown by the villain. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a retired Black Ops agent on a rampage of shirtless anger to save his kidnapped daughter. When he encounters Vernon Wells in a darkened room, the knives come out and all bets are off.

#6: Steven Seagal vs. Tommy Lee Jones
“Under Siege” (1992)

In this “classic,” Seagal is a chef, but also secretly a Navy Seal. Obviously. So, when Tommy Lee Jones goes into terrorist mode, busts out the knives and goes to work, the ponytailed one tries to stop him from detonating a bank of missiles and a knife fight seems like a good way to do it. Come to think of it, a stab to the skull is usually an effective deterrent.

#5: Uma Thurman vs. Vivica A. Fox
“Kill Bill Vol. 1” (2003)

Tarantino’s violent masterpiece gives us a lot of things, namely Uma Thurman on a murderous rampage for revenge. She plays “The Bride” who has come after Vernita Green to enact justice for her part in a band of assassins that attacked her and left her for dead on her wedding day. The knife fight isn’t just a “girl fight” – it’s an intense battle between two badass gals who leave the scratching to the blades.

#4: Paul Hogan vs. Would-be Mugger
“’Crocodile’ Dundee” (1986)

Mick Dundee, played by Paul Hogan, is a fish out of water as a rugged Australian man of the outback who’s transported to New York for a news feature. He’s innocently strolling the mean streets with a lady friend when a mugger approaches and whips out a knife, to which Mick Dundee responds in kind. The bigger the knife, the safer you are.

#3: Benicio del Toro vs. Tommy Lee Jones
“The Hunted” (2003)

Benicio del Toro plays a trained assassin on the lam from authorities and Tommy Lee Jones is the only one who can stop him. Thankfully, or maybe regretfully, Jones is the one who trained del Toro’s character in the fine art of murder, and when the two men confront each other, they engage in a dance of the knives.

#2: Daniel Day-Lewis vs. Leonardo DiCaprio
“Gangs of New York” (2002)

The Butcher is aptly named in this Martin Scorsese saga thanks to his penchant for slicing up the odd person here and there. In this climactic scene, Leo’s Amsterdam, who has already made one failed attempt at killing his foe, finally gets the chance to enact revenge for his father’s death. And what better way to do it than with the butcher’s favorite toys?

Before we cut out our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Channel 4 News vs. Evening News “Anchorman” (2004)
- V vs. Police “V for Vendetta” (2005)
- Danny Trejo vs. Antonio Banderas “Desperado” (1995)

#1: Viggo Mortensen vs. Russian Thugs
“Eastern Promises” (2007)

In this scene, Mortensen, who plays a cleaner for a Russian crime boss, has been set up to take the place of his boss’s son. But since there’s a hit out on the son’s life, he’s basically going to be killed – or so the Russian thugs think when they enter the steam room. This knife fight is particularly brutal, because Mortensen is completely naked and manages to win a knife fight with nothing more than skin and skill.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite knife fight scene? For more entertaining Top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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