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Top 10 Sci-fi Movie Villains

VO: Dan Paradis
They are the most memorable, terrifying and relentless foes imaginable. While other movie villains hatch crooked or deadly schemes, science fiction is riddled with antagonists who can do large-scale devastation on more than one world! From the Alien Queen to Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, to the infamous Sith lord Darth Vader, good guys have never had such a hard time! Join as we count down the top 10 Sci-fi Villains.

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Script Written by Max Lett:

Top 10 Sci-fi Movie Villains

They’re taking their best shot at eradicating or conquering the human race. Welcome to, today we’ll be counting down the top 10 Sci-fi Villains.

The following choices are limited to one villain per film, which means entire species are excluded.

#10: Gozer “Ghostbusters” (1984)

Fresh from a stint in ancient Sumeria where he struck fear in the hearts of all mankind, Gozer the Gozerian jump-starts our list with his return to the mortal plane in Ghostbusters. Ruthless, he, she or it, is immortal as an omnipotent multidimensional shape shifter with a penchant for citywide mayhem. A useful tip for any paranormal investigation team when facing Gozer: ignore caution and always cross the streams.

#9: Roy Batty “Blade Runner” (1982)

Do Androids dream of electric sheep? Is a question that has plagued man since Philip K. Dick wrote the novel that inspired Ridley Scott’s beautifully orchestrated sci-fi classic. Roy Batty is a highly intelligent android going through an existential crisis during which he has developed the unfortunate habit of murdering humans. Instead of dealing with his personality problems in a healthy, non-lethal way, Roy has resorted to epic rooftop battles.

#8: Queen Alien “Aliens” (1986)

Long steely fangs, acid saliva and a positive team attitude make the Xenomorphs a formidable candidate for Most Dangerous Species of the year. But the real key to their intergalactic success is the Alien Queen: 20 feet tall, covered in razor sharp extrusions and cranky from long hours of egg-laying, so you can understand why she’s protective of her offspring. It took a team of a dozen puppeteers to give this monster life.

#7: Megatron “Transformers” franchise (1986/2007-)

Tyrannical leader of the Decepticons, this sci-fi baddy has waged a self-righteous war for power across the galaxy. While he’s favorited for his cartoon incarnation, his latest bid for supremacy stranded him on prehistoric earth, frozen in the Arctic. After eons of reflecting on his past deeds, Megatron was unthawed and threw himself immediately back into the swing of violent warfare and his search for the AllSpark.

#6: The Predator “Predator” (1987)

Move over all other aliens, there’s a new baddy in town. The Predators are an extraterrestrial race, much like the Xenomorphs, who are bred for constant hunting and warfare. What sets these E.T.s apart is their lone wolf preference and technology solely created to kill their prey. Instead of throwing hundreds of them at any other sentient race and waiting for the smoke to clear, only a single predator is required to take down even the best-trained elite military forces.

#5: Agent Smith “The Matrix” (1999)

“Kill all humans” seems to be a recurring theme on this list and no one exemplifies that quite as well as rogue AI, Agent Smith. He basically becomes omnipotent and gains the ability to control the laws of physics within the Matrix, even going so far as to take possession of the human avatars within. Smith’s power only increases when he becomes a self-replicating virus following his first battle with Neo.

#4: Hal 9000 “2001 A Space Odyssey” (1968)

Stanley Kubric was a master of drawing out primal human fears and this film’s antagonist shows no exception. Engineered to help and protect the team of the Discovery One, Hal takes his directives one step in the opposite direction when he murders the entire crew in self-defense. What makes Hal so fundamentally scary is his mechanical inability to feel remorse as well as his omniscient presence in the ship.

#3: Khan “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”(1982) / “Star Trek: Into Darkness” (2013)

Khan is a great character, whether he’s being played by an overzealous chest baring Ricardo Montalban or by the pasty and deep voiced Benedict Cumberbatch. That’s because he is the polar opposite of protagonist James Kirk. A genius superhuman that is morally and ethically corrupt, Khan likewise possesses charm, know-how and military prowess which makes him a formidable opponent. The recent incarnation even has self-regenerating Wolverine blood to boot!

#2: T-800 “Terminator” (1984)

Relentless, single-minded and not afraid to show a little skin, Schwarzenegger’s big beefy robot is an unfeeling foot soldier dispatched by an AI that isn’t keen on the human race. Not only are the T-800’s sophisticated skeletal killing machines designed with the intent to eradicate mankind, but they can also travel through time, making them Sci-Fi’s biggest cheaters. The T-1000 is a close second to Arnie’s original tour de force.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

General Thade, "Planet of the Apes" Remake
Ming, the Merciless, "Flash Gordon"
The Borg Queen, "Star Trek First Contact”
Biff Tanen Family “Back to the Future”
Master Control Program, “Tron”

#1: Darth Vader “Star Wars” series (1977-2005)

No list of sci-fi baddies would be complete without our last entry. A former Jedi turned Sith lord, Anakin Skywalker became corrupted by Dark Sidious, on a quest to save Padme and learn the secrets to immortality. However, he ended up dedicating the rest of his life and remaining limbs to the eradication of the Jedi and dominance of the galaxy. See kids, this is why you have to pick your mentor carefully!

Do you agree with our list? Who is your favorite sci-fi villain? For more epic Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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