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Top 10 Cartoon Moms from TV

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Max Lett. TV’s best moms are very animated. Whether they’re there to offer some motherly advice, a snack, or to keep the rest of the family in line, TV cartoon moms are some of our favorites. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 cartoon moms. For this list, we’ve included mothers from any animated TV series, including dubbed Japanese anime that’s been syndicated on an American network. With that said, get ready for some motherly advice and serious nagging. Special thanks to our users jkellis, zendaddy621, Ton Gomez, Socrates, thenewjord50, TheSimpsonsFan, Захар Тихий, Luis Enrique Garcia and ImNevermore for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Max Lett.

Top 10 Cartoon Moms from TV

TV’s best moms are very animated. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 cartoon moms from TV.

For this list, we’ve included mothers from any animated TV series, including dubbed Japanese anime that’s been syndicated on American networks. With that said, get ready for some motherly advice and serious nagging.

#10: Linda Belcher
“Bob’s Burgers” (2011-)

In the unenviable position of caring for her often oddball children and downright kooky husband, this cartoon mom deserves recognition. Though they’re somewhat late to the animated sitcom game, “Bob’s Burgers”’ eccentric family is exasperatedly yet lovingly helmed by Linda, who has been described as a pushover on occasion. Eternally eager and perpetually passionate, Linda relishes her role as matriarch – but perhaps her family activity is family brainstorming.

#9: Peggy Hill
“King of the Hill” (1997-2010)

Stubborn, proud and unflinchingly self-important, this mom plays the better half to good ol’ white-bread Hank Hill and mother to their emotionally precocious son, Bobby. Peggy is infuriatingly inflexible at times, but she rises to the challenge of being a stay-at-home mom and good housewife in every episode. Though some might call her delusional, we’ve come to respect her belief that if you try hard, you can do anything.

#8: Helen Morgendorffer
“Daria” (1997-2002)

A perfect example of what absentee parenting can do to a child, Helen is a power-driven matriarch who will stop at nothing to get her way – and negotiation is her primary tactic. Helen regrets not spending more time with her family because of her career as a corporate attorney. However, this ambition-oriented lifestyle has made her the breadwinner of the family so some points should be given there.

#7: Didi Pickles
“Rugrats” (1991-2004)

In the face of her husband’s flare for wacky, possibly dangerous inventions, this cartoon mom is just the right blend of understanding and assertive. In charge of a group of overly imaginative rugrats, Mrs. Pickles invariably has to keep an eye out for dangers on all sides. But with the help of trusty child psychologist Dr. Lipschitz, she’s got the know-how to solve any problem.

#6: Mrs. Turner
“The Fairly OddParents” (2001-)

Talk about clueless; this cartoon mom is blissfully unaware that her only son is the charge of two otherworldly and omnipotent fairy-godparents. Though the vast majority of the show occurs outside the house and often in other dimensions, Timmy’s mom is nonetheless a loving mother even if she seems to act only in order to set up wacky situations for her son to get out of.

#5: Liane Cartman
“South Park” (1997-)

South Park, Colorado is full of memorable matriarchs. But Cartman’s mom takes the Cheesy Poofs: she’s sweet, kind and devoted to her devil of a son, Eric. Constantly ignoring Cartman’s bad behavior and feeding his ego and face, Mrs. Cartman is a single parent who does her best with what she’s got – but she is one big whore.

#4: Jane Jetson
“The Jetsons” (1962-87)

Some things don’t change, even in the imagined future of the 21st century, and this applies to the role of the housewife. Jane Jetson lives in the perfect utopia of the future where appliances and other household items pilot themselves so cleaning and cooking take a backseat to other motherly duties. These duties include keeping one’s young son and teenage daughter from driving their father completely nuts.

#3: Lois Griffin
“Family Guy” (1999-)

Not just a carbon copy of Marge Simpson, Lois is very much her own woman. Keeping her dope of a husband in line while rearing their 2.5 children and enforcing law and order in an absurd household are just some of her daily chores. Lois is very much the voice of reason in the Griffin family, actively trying to keep them all safe from their increasingly ridiculous situations.

#2: Wilma Flintstone
“The Flintstones” (1960-66)

The original cartoon mom from the age of the dinosaurs, Wilma is the yardstick by which all her cartoon contemporaries are judged. Loving, patient and ever at the whims of her husband’s crazy schemes, the matriarch of the Flintstone family is understandably of the old-fashioned persuasion. It must be said that Wilma has it easier than some of her present-day analogues when it comes to well-behaved children.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Francine Smith “American Dad!” (2005-)
- Malory Archer “Archer” (2010-)
- Delia Ketchum “Pokémon” (1997-)
- Maddie Fenton “Danny Phantom” (2004-07)
- Dexter’s Mom “Dexter’s Laboratory” (1996-2003)

#1: Marge Simpson
“The Simpsons” (1989-)

The most popular cartoon mom ever to grace the weekly airwaves, Marge is the sensible member of the Simpson clan, and the parent who keeps things on the straight-and-narrow – mostly. Patient to a fault, she’s actively involved in her family’s lives and often comes to the rescue with quick-thinking or good old-fashioned advice. In this day and age of morally ambiguous gray areas, Marge is the shining beacon of common sense in the Simpson family.

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