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Top 10 Nintendo Games

VO: Dan Paradis
Nintendo was originally founded in 1889 as a playing cards company. By 1982 they entered the video game market. In 1985, two years after the market crashed Nintendo singlehandedly breathed new life into the industry with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then they've become one of the biggest names in the videogame industry, releasing some of the most iconic brands in the industry such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Nintendo Games. Perhaps the hardest video game list we've ever done.

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Top 10 Nintendo Games

They’re the biggest name in the Video Game Industry, so lets see what they’re best offerings have been. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Nintendo games.

This list was no easy challenge, as there are so many Nintendo developed games that are amazing. So, as per the usual, we’re setting a limit of one game per franchise. And has to have been published by Nintendo, and developed by at minimum a 2nd Party Developer. But the Intellectual Property must be owned and still be owned by the company today. Which rules out, unfortunately, rules out games like Tetris and Goldeneye.

#10: “StarFox 64” (1997)

Known as Lylatwars in Europe, Star Fox 64 was the first Nintendo game to introduce voice acting and force feedback, in the form of the Rumble Pak. Set around an elite squadron of anthopamorphic pilots,iIn a war to save the Lylat System from the Mad Scientist Andross, you travel across various planets wiping out everything in you path. If you’re aching to scratch that Arwing itch, the game got a recent remaster on the 3DS.

#9: “Fire Emblem: Awakening” (2013)

Part Turn Based Strategy, Part RPG. This epic series has seen 11 titles released over its lifespan, 5 of which were released in the west. However it’s the most recent entry on the 3DS that shows the series at its best, with a non-linear campaign that can last up to 80 hours on the first playthough, and changes in story depending on who dies, gets married even who has kids. There’s no better time to get into the series: feet not included.

#8: “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” (2013)

First appearing in the west on the Gamecube, the Animal Crossing series has you live in a village with cute antropamorphoc villagers and encourages you to play at least once a day. But the series hits its strength when on a handheld console, allowing players greater flexibility for the once a day play style. The most recent 3DS version takes full advantage of the system, allowing for local and online trading, among other addictive qualities. We have one editor at the Watchmojo office that’s clocked over 300 hours in the game and is still playing it. Send help.

#7: “Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest” (1995)

Out of all the Donkey Kong games, the 2nd in the Country series is by far the best. What makes it better than the first DKC game lies in the replay value. Notably the bonus stages have a purpose to unlock the final world, plus the pirate theme mixed with some of the best visuals and music on the SNES work together like a symphony in motion. Also the 2 Kongs unique abilities added some nice depth in the exploration and strategy departments, something that was missing in Returns, but touched on in Tropical Freeze.

#6: “Mario Kart 64” (1997)

The game that made the series a household name, and made it the ideal multiplayer racer of choice for years to come. The N64 version is notable for having some of the best track design in the series. (save for a few exploits) and became one of the N64’s best selling games with 9 million copies sold. Hell to this day there are people still playing this version at dorm room parties and get-togethers.

#5: “Metroid Prime” (2002)

A close choice between this game, and Super Metroid, Prime nudged ahead but only just. As it also faithfully retained everything that made the original games great, while making it even better with the jump to 3D adding a whole new dimension of isolation and atmosphere. It was later rereleased on the Wii as part of the Metroid Prime Trilogy collection, a set that is very rare to find these days.

#4: “Super Smash Bros. Melee” (2001)

The crossover series as a whole is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. While Brawl may have stretched the envelope of crossover characters, the hardcore fighting genre fanbase mostly prefers Melee. Seeing over 25 characters from multiple Nintendo franchises, this intense 4 player brawler was the best selling game on the Gamecube, and made the series the juggernaut it is today.

#3: “Pokemon Gold & Silver” (2000)

Expecting Red and Blue? Well, while those games started the phenomenal trend, Gold & Silver polished it nicely to make it the best in the series. Set in the brand new Johto Region, while also retaining the original region from Red and Blue. With a built in clock with weekly. And even better were the 2009 remakes in the from of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Which made these great games even better.

#2: “Super Mario World” (1990)

In our Top 10 Mario games list, we listed Super Mario World as the best Mario game of all time. Mostly because the game’s vast level variety, and gorgeous 16 bit graphics have aged incredibly well. And it built upon every Mario game prior, making this game almost flawless. If you wanna see how the likes of Mario 3 and 64 fared, check out our Top 10 Mario Games list to see the rest. We stand by our choice here though, World is still our favorite.

The hardcore Nintendo fans can probably guess what number #1 is. But before we get there lets take a look at some honorable mentions.

#1: “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” (1998)

Not only is Ocarina the best Nintendo game ever made, but its also considered to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest game of all time. Well ahead of its time, Zelda set the standard for Action Adventure games to come, with few barely coming close to matching its epic scale. Later version included the more difficult Master Quest edition, which made the dungeons more difficult. Topping it all off, those who missed it can grab the 3DS remastered version which gave the graphics and framerate a much improved facelift.

Do you agree with our list. What’s your favorite Nintendo game … hell what’s your favorite Nintendofranchise of all time? For more epic top 10’s published everyday, be sure to Subscribe to

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