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Top 10 Unresolved Videogame Storylines

VO: Dan Paradis
Still waiting for the news of Half Life 3 Confirmed? Waiting for so long for Shenmue to continue, or to get Mega Man off the moon? We feel your pain. We've been waiting for Beyond Good and Evil 2 for quite a while now. And while we're at it what happened to Rebecca from the first Resident Evil game? Join as we countdown our picks for the top 10 unresolved videogame storylines. Special Thanks to our users Daniel John, Jack Morris and aldqbigsquare for suggesting this topic on our website.

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Top 10 Unresolved Videogame Storylines

Hope you haven’t been holding your breath. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Unresolved Video Game Storylines.

For this list we’re looking at games where the latest game in the series was left on a cliffhanger, or forgotten by the writers in future installments. As usual, we’re sticking with one entry per franchise.

And just so you know since we will be talking about the endings for most of these games: Spoiler Alert!

#10: All you need is hope?

“Legacy of Kain: Defiance” (2003)

While Defiance was a good way to end a game, as the ending to the series … there’s still far to many plotlines left to resolve. Most notable is the fact that the central Pillars of Nosgoth as you can see in the background here are still in ruins, but even more depressing is the final line we’re left with. (Bitter taste of Hope) Sadly hope seems unlikely for this series, with one of the key voice actors Tony Kay tragically passing away in 2006.

#9: Close yet so far

“XIII” (2003)

Ubisoft’s Comic book style First Person Shooter left more to be desired with its climax. The game starts with the President of the United States being assassinated, and his brother Walter vowing to step into his shoes, in helping uncover the conspiracy behind the assassination. However at the very end of the game upon almost learning who the prime conspirator is, Walter has you, the player, seized by armed guards … and that’s it?

#8: Rebecca Chambers M.I.A.

“Resident Evil” (1996)

While the series has had many sequels, Capcom seem to have left someone beind behind. Rebecca Chambers, the medic from the first Resident Evil game was one of only 4 survivors, and a file found in Resident Evil 2 sent to Brian Irons mentions that she did indeed survive. The problem here is that Raccoon City was destroyed in Resident Evil 3. Did she get out before the infection began? And while Billy Coen helped her in RE Zero, did he get out too?

#7: Presidential Reinforcements

“The Conduit 2” (2011)

The franchise that boasted that it could showcase the Wii as a powerhouse, The Conduit series was based around conspiracy theroies and an alien invasion. If that wasn’t crazy enough you’re briefed by John Adams at the start of the game, and in the ending an alien spaceship is on its way to Earth, and to help you in this oncoming battle, is an elite group of soldiers led by Abraham Lincoln and George Washington … we’re serious.

#6: The Sun of Haestrom

“Mass Effect 2” (2010)

While that short breath at the end of the “Destroy” ending of Mass Effect 3 will likely be resolved, an interesting plot point in the 2nd game was still left unresolved. In Tali’s recruitment mission, the sun for the planet Haestorm was dying too quickly, with speculation that Dark Energy was to blame. It was rumored that this story arch was originally supposed to be part of the 3rd game’s ending. Though considering there are also fans willing to believe the ending was all a dream … we’re not buying it.

#5: The Alien Parasite

“Beyond Good & Evil” (2003)

One of the 6th generation’s hidden gems, Beyond Good and Evil ended with the dawn of a revolution being waged against the dictatorship “Alpha Section”, With another cliffhanger in the post credit’s scene showing Pay’j (Paige) having an alien spore growing out of his left hand. Even more puzzling was a teaser trailer for the sequel, which shows his left hand in a bandage. Yet that teaser was released in 2008 and we’re still nowhere near to seeing that sequel.

#4: All talk no show.

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords” (2005)

Its as much left unresolved as it was disappointing. With final boss Darth Traya seemingly coming out of nowhere, defeating her leads to a very long dialogue where she tells you the future of your friends, before you tell her to drop dead, And that’s pretty much it. Much of the intended content was cut from the game because the game was rushed to market to make the Christmas 2005 release, resulting in this somewhat abrupt ending.

#3: Stuck in Space

“Megaman Legends 2” (2000)

This one is painful for Megaman fans who were hoping to see the return of the Blue Bomber, Legends 2 ended with Megaman stranded in space. While back on Terra, Roll and Tron Bonne argue about how to build a rocket to go after him. To add further insult to injury after a decade of waiting a 3rd game was announced to be in development for the 3DS with fan support, only for Capcom to cancel the game a year later.

#2: Eli cut short

“Half Life 2: Episode 2” (2007)

Dr. Freeman’s adventures in Episode 2 looked like the tides of the war were changing, with a missile sent to the Combine world, and the discovery of the Borealis ship. Yet after all that Episode 2 ended in the tragic death of Eli Vance and … not much else. It’s not as much as a cliffhanger as it’s more of a story with no end. This misses the top spot because Valve has the capacity to finish the Half Life series, though why is taking so long is anyone’s guess.

Before we get to the all-glorious top spot, lets see what else needs to be finished.

#1: We have the Phoenix … now what?

“Shenmue 2” (2001)

This series was supposed to be Sega’s Killer App, an epic saga that was to last 16 chapters yet so far we’ve only gotten to Chapter 5, with Shenmue 2 ending with the discovery of 2 ancient mirrors claiming they will quote “find the proof.” Sadly the chances of this series finishing become more unlikely everyday, given the budget for the first 2 games was around $70 mil combined. Worse still; Sega lost the Trademark for Shenmue in February 2014. It’ll take a miracle now for this series to finish.

Do you agree with out list? Which videogame storyline do you feel their creators forgot about? For more climactic top 10’s that are finished everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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