Top 10 Marvel Superheroines



Top 10 Marvel Superheroines

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Craig Butler.

Marvel Comics are filled with muscle-bound dudes, but the women in the Marvel universe kick just as much butt. In this video, counts down the top 10 female Marvel super heroes. For this list, we're digging into Marvel lore and searching for the strongest, most heroic, most interesting and most badass female superheroes to grace the comic book pages.

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Script written by Craig Butler.

Top 10 Female Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Comics are filled with muscle-bound dudes, but the women in the Marvel universe kick just as much butt. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Super-Heroines from the Marvel Universe.

For this list, we’re digging into Marvel lore and searching for the strongest, most heroic, most interesting and most badass female superheroes to grace the comic book pages.

#10: Elektra

One of the most complex Marvel characters, Elektra is a master of the martial arts and has a tortured relationship with the superhero Daredevil. Although she began her career as an assassin and has used her incredible skills for evil, she has also teamed up with the good guys on many occasions. Elektra is ruthless and cunning, qualities that make her a valued ally and a fearsome opponent. She’s also intensely determined: even death was unable to claim her for long.

#9: Emma Frost

Like Elektra, Emma Frost started out villainous and was an enemy of the X-Men before she finally joined their team. Frost’s mutant powers are telepathically based, enabling her to read minds as well as project seriously painful psychic blasts; in addition, she has developed the ability to make her skin diamond-hard and nearly indestructible. A formidable and powerful personality, Frost is nevertheless an excellent teacher and has worked hard to help train new generations of mutants.

#8: Scarlet Witch

One of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, the Scarlet Witch is the daughter of the evil mutant mastermind Magneto; fortunately, she escaped his sphere of influence to become a fighter for good. The Scarlet Witch can tap into mystical energy in a way that manipulates the laws of probability, resulting in hexes that can alter reality on a fantastic scale. The Witch’s ability to control her powers has wavered at times, often causing problems; but she remains a fascinating and compelling character.

#7: Black Widow

Originally an elite Soviet sleeper agent, the Black Widow defected to the West and became one of the most valued members of Nick Fury’s S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Though the Widow’s abilities have been somewhat augmented, it’s her physical prowess and keen strategic intellect that make her a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to her espionage background, the Black Widow can take on any number of roles and play them all convincingly, making her invaluable for infiltrating enemy organizations.

#6: The Wasp

A founding member of the Avengers, the Wasp may be tiny but she packs a mean punch – or sting, as the case may be. Able to fly and shrink to the size of an insect, the Wasp was originally treated in a fairly lighthearted manner; but over the years, she proved her worth and her mettle on numerous occasions, even giving her life to save the Earth. Fortunately, her death was only temporary, and the Wasp is still buzzing around, making the Marvel Universe a better place.

#5: Rogue

Until she gained control over her powers, things were rough for Rogue: she couldn’t touch anyone without draining them of their memories, strength and abilities. Once she learned how to control her abilities, things became easier – though not perfect. Along the way, Rogue absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers and personality – and found herself battling the superheroine for control of her own body. Acting like a sponge for others’ powers, Rogue is not someone to be trifled with.

#4: Ms. Marvel

Created back in 1968, Carol Danvers was originally a determined security officer in the United States Air Force who developed super-human powers due to an encounter that fused her DNA with that of an alien from the Kree race. Now blessed with a wide range of powers, including superstrength, flight, superspeed and photonic blasts, she began her heroic career as Ms. Marvel. A member of many incarnations of the Avengers, Carol recently assumed the name of Captain Marvel, with the name of Ms. Marvel being passed onto a teen-aged girl named Kamala Khan.

#3: The Invisible Woman

One of Marvel’s most iconic characters, the Invisible Woman is one of the original members of the Fantastic Four. Participating in an experimental starship flight, cosmic rays gave Susan Storm-Richards the power to turn invisible and to create force fields of amazing strength. Over the years, the Invisible Woman has learned to manipulate her force fields to incredible effect, enabling her to levitate or to cause objects to explode. And, as Sue’s confidence has grown, so has the intensity of her power.

#2: Storm

With her ability to totally control the weather, Storm is quite literally a force of nature – and not one to be messed with. Orphaned at an early age, a witch-priestess took Storm under her wing and taught her how to control and use her mighty powers. Storm has been a long-time member and sometimes leader of the X-Men; and it’s her insight and commanding presence, along with her awesome powers, that make her one of the team’s most important members.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- She-Hulk
- Spider-Woman
- Gamora
- Kitty Pryde

#1: Jean Grey

Whether calling herself Marvel Girl, Red, Ms. Psyche, or White Phoenix of the Crown, Jean Grey has been a starring player in the Marvel Universe for more than five decades. Jean made a definite impression from her debut in the first issue of X-Men, but gained true legendary status during the epic Dark Phoenix storyline. In her experiences – good and bad – with the Phoenix Force, Jean has achieved a level of power that is truly godlike. But even when working without the Phoenix, her telekinetic powers demand respect.

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Why isn't Firestar on this list? The compiler of this top 10 should've included Angelica Jones, possibly placing her at No.3
10 The Enchantress 09 Shadowcat 08 Spider Woman 07 Rogue 06 Phoenix 05 Ms Marvel 04 Storm 03 Scarlet Witch 02 Firestar 01 Black Widow
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