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Top 10 Usher Songs

VO: Matt Campbell
Script Written by Q.V. Hough. They call him U-S, H-E-R, R-A, Y-M, O-N-D. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Usher Songs. For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist’s fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs. However, we will be excluding any tracks where Usher is only a featured artist as well as any live covers Usher has performed. Special thanks to our users Marlon Jacques, Gregoryboauntingsonn, Jordan Collins, Alex Guzman, Hakim Colclough and jayyyrelllll for submitting the idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Usher Songs

They call him U-S, H-E-R, R-A, Y-M, O-N-D. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Usher Songs.

For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist’s fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs. However, we will be excluding any tracks where Usher is only a featured artist as well as any live covers Usher has performed.

#10: “Love in This Club” feat. Young Jeezy
Here I Stand (2008)

Inspired by Sin City and written specifically for the ladies, this slow jam was the first single from Usher’s fifth studio album. After all, the female fan base had dipped significantly upon Usher’s marriage to Tameka Foster, but an opening line shout-out set the tone for the gentlest of club bangers. As if the singer’s voice didn’t provide enough sizzle, Young Jeezy was brought on to deliver rhymes that complimented the seducing vocals perfectly. Hitting number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, this successful tune proved that Usher still had it, even more than a decade after the release of his debut album.

#9: “Confessions Part II”
Confessions (2004)

Are you ready for some real talk, Mojoholics? Contrary to popular belief, this Jermaine Dupri-produced track wasn’t about Usher’s breakup with TLC’s Chilli but rather a character study about a cheating man with an insatiable appetite for sex. Usher confronts the realities of unplanned pregnancies, and the mental preparation that comes along with delivering the news to your girlfriend. In other words, “Confessions Part II” is an eloquent way of saying “Did I do that?” Stay safe, my friends.

#8: “U Remind Me”
8701 (2001)

We’ve all been there: you meet somebody cool, and you like the way they look, but their face conjures up memories of a bad relationship. Such was the case in this Usher track when he delivered the awkward news to a potential flame. Lyrically, “U Remind Me” references a woman “on her creep” and how she was just sexing it up all over town. With then-girlfriend Chili in the song’s music video, the song won Usher his first of many Grammy Awards and found its way to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

#7: “OMG” feat.
Raymond v. Raymond (2010)

Truly a jam for the millennial crowd, this song was written by Black Eyed Peas front man, who appears to drops a verse as well. The concept of “OMG” focuses on the club, and a particular honey that’s poppin’ and droppin’ like it’s nobody’s business. Although Usher describes the female’s appearance like a horny 16-year-old, one can’t blame him for losing his mind on the dance floor. Together, the tandem of Usher and turned “OMG” into one of the most popular joints of 2010 and created another number one hit for the R&B superstar.

#6: “Nice and Slow”
My Way (1997)

Speaking of horny teenagers, Usher was barely 18 years old when he recorded this rather provocative single. Equipped with a voice that would make Al Green blush and lyrical game comparable to Marvin Gaye, Usher released the ultimate foreplay song for a new generation. “Nice and Slow” is exactly that – nice and slow - and the tension builds as the singer prepares to get freaky. With a remarkable set of closing rhymes, Usher established a style that would make him a mainstay on sensuous slow jam playlists.

#5: “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” feat. Pitbull
Versus (2010)

Kicking off a new decade, this song referenced “the club” in the opening line and laid the foundation for another Usher banger. Sure, “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” isn’t necessarily a lyrical masterpiece, but it was designed to keep your body movin’ long into the night. You got Ushe rhitting the high notes and then –BOOM – Pitbull arrives with his own unique style of rhyming. In the music video, Usher straight-up works the dance floor by getting his “krump” on, and you are bound to do the same when this song hits the speakers.

#4: “U Got It Bad”
8701 (2001)

Based on a conversation between Usher and his producer Jermaine Dupri, this sex funk single examines the effects of being sick with love. In the opening lyrics of “U Got it Bad,” Usher reveals the lessons learned from his mistakes before directly addressing the listeners. You might say this jam is a musical case study on “being whipped,” as Usher details how one can just spiral out of control and quickly lose their shit. The singer’s ex-flame Chilli makes yet another appearance in the music video, as both parties clearly have it BAD.

#3: “Burn”
Confessions (2004)

Speaking of Chilli, the title of this slow jam references the unraveling of a once steamy relationship. By combining his own life experiences with those of his friends, Usher created a powerful breakup song with “Burn,” which earned him another Grammy nomination. Shot at the former Hollywood home of Frank Sinatra, Usher took cool to a new level while reflecting on his rather “chilly” love life. Just like ol’ blue eyes himself, Usher handled himself with class and just let this one burn.

#2: “You Make Me Wanna…”
My Way (1997)

It’s been said that nice guys finish last, and of course, nice girls often do too. With this Billboard smash, Usher addressed the desire to leave your partner to start a new relationship. With a fresh beat from Jermaine Dupri, “You Make Me Wanna” introduced Usher to the world, and his equally fresh dance moves made him the next big thing in pop music. The lyrics are undeniably relatable and the music video was destined to become an MTV sensation. And so, the legend of Usher Raymond was born.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Caught Up”
Confessions (2004)

“U Don’t Have to Call”
8701 (2001)

“My Boo” feat. Alicia Keys
Confessions (2004)

Looking 4 Myself (2012)

Raymond V. Raymond (2010)

#1: “Yeah!” feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris
Confessions (2004)

Ursher, baby. Truly a pop song for the ages, this monster jam united crunk-tastic Lil’ Jon and the hip hop giant Ludacris. People simply lose all control when this song is played, and its enormous success led to a #2 ranking for Billboard’s most successful tracks of the decade. Lyrically, Usher sings about a shorty getting low, and Ludacris wraps up the joint with spectacular rhymes about milking cows and booty poppin.’ Few jams bring the energy like “Yeah!,” which won the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Usher Raymond – the definitive master of club bangers.

So, do you agree with our selections? What is your favorite Usher song? For more musical Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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