Top 10 Epic Boss Battles of the 2010s

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Top 10 Boss Battles of the 2010s

What are some of the coolest, most challenging, most epic, most fun boss battles of recent years? Which new games to come out after 2010 feature the craziest, most visually stunning, most mentally demanding encounters with fantastical beast and overpowered tyrants? As our series on the best boss battles of all time nears a close, join us as we take a look at the boss battles from recent memory that have awed us the best!

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Top 10 Video Game Boss Battles of the 2010s

They may be recent but there’s little doubt they will go down as some of the best ever made. Welcome to and today we will be counting down our picks for the top ten video game boss battles of the 2010s.
Continuing our series on the most enjoyable, influential and well-designed boss battles per decade, today we’ll be looking at the 2010’s contemporary contenders. Only one entry per franchise is allowed for each list and just a reminder, we’re ranking these entries based on how well the battles themselves are designed from a gameplay perspective.

#10: The Argus Robot
“Vanquish” (2010)

The sliding mechanics and rapid pace implemented in this third person shooter was a breath of fresh air for the genre, so having a boss battles on a massive scale was just icing on the cake. Much like Vanquish itself, the Argus never lets up for a second, requiring players to implement break-neck reflexes in order to try and take out its weak-points. While this would have made a decent fight, its sudden transformation offered a welcome extension. The adrenaline fuelled carnage surrounding this fight was the perfect way to set the stage for the rest of the game, making it very clear that it had no intention of slowing down.

#9: David
“The Last of Us” (2013)

As is often the case, whether it be zombies or infected, the scariest monsters are often the humans. Held captive by a group of cannibals, Ellie finds herself fleeing from their sadistic leader David, who mercilessly hunts her down. With no way to defend herself, players have to navigate the area while running and hiding at all cost to avoid David, because if he catches you…well, it’s not a pretty ending. The emphasis on stealth, the nail-biting tension of being hunted and Nolan North’s magnificently creepy performance all equates to a boss battle that will leave you so shaken that in all honesty taking on Clickers would be preferable.

#8: Gore Magala
“Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” (2015)

Considering that taking on giant, fantastical beasts is Monster Hunter’s bread and butter, we were spoiled for choice on this one, but were eventually sold on 4 Ultimate’s flagship beast known as Gore Magala, and he is not going to make life easy for you. Aside from its claws and fangs, it can release pollen-like scales that causes hunters to be stricken with the Frenzy Virus, weakening their immunity and defences. And later in the game it’ll shed it’s skin to become the even deadlier Shagaru Magala. If you want to test your mettle as a hunter, there’s no better monster to test your skills on, you had just better come prepared!

#7: Photoshop Flowey
“Undertale” (2015)

Call him Omega Flowey, God Flowey or whatever else you’d like, you’ll still be seeing him in your nightmares all the same! Undertale wowed players by pushing the conventional boundaries of what an indie game could do, and this boss battle is no exception. After absorbing six human souls and taking on a monstrous new appearance, this bloodthirsty flower proceeds to demolish the fourth wall by crashing the game, deleting your save files, and generally overwhelming you with attacks. There’s a true sense of hopelessness as Frisk is torn to pieces again and again. Of course, this makes his defeat all the sweeter. You will never look at your garden in the same way again.

#6: Senator Steven Armstrong
“Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” (2013)

The Metal Gear franchise has always prided itself on having boss battles that blend together outlandish powers with emotional depth, and while this hack and slash spinoff may not have the deepest story, there’s no denying how entertaining it is, in no small part due to this senator. Practically invulnerable due to nanomachines coursing through his veins, not only did he provide the biggest challenge for Raiden, but gave us so much quotable dialogue that it was almost a shame to see him go. The sudden difficulty spike, infrequent counter opportunities and devastatingly powerful attacks ensure that this politician can stand up there with the best of Metal Gear’s villain roster. His battle theme is awesome too.

#5: Cronos
“God of War III” (2010)

We’ve seen villains that can claim to be larger than life, but none can even hope to come close to this Titan. Serving as both a boss fight and a living level, Kratos not only has to cut his way through hordes of smaller enemies but also try to bring down the most humongous creature in all of Greek mythology. The ever shifting layout not only keeps the tension high but also shows just how insignificant you are compared to the father of the gods, which only makes that final quick-time event all the more rewarding as you grant him a rather gruesome death.

#4: Koloktos
“The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” (2011)

As with every new swordsman that takes on the mantle of the legendary green warrior, there’s always a slew of dangerous and diabolical enemies just waiting to be sliced up. In the case of Skyward Sword, it came in the form of this six-armed killing machine. This battle not only took full advantage of the Wii-Motion Plus by having players both whip and slash their way to victory, but gave us an enemy that seemed to be aware of its weak-point and made every effort to protect it. Utilizing the whip and Koloktos’s own weapon against him, the ancient automaton integrated both the best of the traditional creativity of the Zelda franchise along with the new gameplay mechanics.

#3: Jubileus, The Creator
“Bayonetta” (2010)

Who would have guessed that God would have turned out be something of a jerk? As this almighty deity plans to spread Paradiso’s dominion over both Earth and the Inferno, the only thing standing in its way is the most kickass witch to ever grace video games. Players not only have to avoid being impaled by its hear but constantly adapt their tragedy as Jubileus transforms the environment around them, ranging from lava, to ice, thunderclouds and ever outer space. Of course the crowning moment comes from the final blow as Bayonetta plays her trump card and summons the Demon Queen Sheba, who then proceeds to punch God so hard she is sent flying into the sun. There are no words for how badass that is.

#2: Ornstein & Smough
“Dark Souls” (2011)

No other boss in this unforgiving franchise has even come close to matching the acclaim of this infamous duo. Ornstein is swift with the power to unleash lightning charged projectiles, while Smough is slower but the width and strength of his swings can easily crush you. Depending on which boss you choose to focus your attacks on, you had better be prepared for the second phase of the fight, as the one enemy still standing will absorb their fallen comrade’s abilities. While Bloodborne’s Gehrman is also worthy of praise for the challenge he provided, the nature of this battle and dynamic between the two ensures that the Dragon Slayer and the Execution have set the bar for all that follow.
Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

Nicole/The Marker
“Dead Space 2” (2011)

Oni Stalker
“Tomb Raider” (2013)

Ted and Snowflake
“Dead Rising 2” (2010)

“Asura’s Wrath” (DLC Episode Pack) (2012)

“Portal 2” (2011)

#1: Mr Freeze
“Batman: Arkham City” (2011)

We already knew that The Dark Knight had one of the greatest villain rosters in any medium, but who would have thought that one of them would make for such an exceptional boss battle? Players found themselves presented with an unexpected challenge as after landing a hit, Mr Freeze made it impossible to repeat the same move, forcing you to switch motifs and use the environment around you to break apart his ever-adapting power suit. Whether its stealth takedowns or using various gadgets, you’ll find barely a moment to breathe asit won’t be long before Gotham’s coldest villain is hot on your heels. We never felt more like the World’s Greatest Detective then we did right here.
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