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Top 10 Pictures of Abandoned Places That Will CREEP YOU OUT

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Matt Wende.

Are you fascinated by spooky images, eerie photos, or scary and haunted locations? If you want to travel to surreally creepy places in the world, you’d better look into deserted places like Hashima Battleship Island in Japan, Chernobyl in the Ukraine or even Kolmanskop in Namibia. One thing’s for sure: there are some incredible images of abandoned places that are super creepy. WatchMojo counts down ten haunting images of abandoned locations that will straight up terrify you. Powered by

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Script written by Matt Wende.

Top 10 Pictures of Abandoned Places That Will CREEP YOU OUT

Don’t worry; ghosts can’t come through photos… we think… Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Creepiest Photos of Abandoned Places We Could Find.

#10: Entrance to An Old Fort

The remnant of a war that’s long since ended; this abandoned fort and its eerie corridors make you wonder what kind of haunting spirits reside there today.

#9: Buzludzha Monument

The Buzludzha Monument was built as a tribute to Communism in Bulgaria. Now, light shines through the shattered ceiling onto the graffiti inside this abandoned structure.

#8: Abandoned House in Kolmanskop

Time and sand have decimated a building that used to represent wealth in this former diamond-mining town in Namibia.

#7: Old Tenement

It’s long since abandoned, but knowing that people once lived in this shell of a building sends chills down the spine.

#6: Chernobyl, Nearly 30 Years Since Catastrophe

This Ferris wheel is a haunting reminder of the lives destroyed by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that left Pripyat a ghost town.

#5: Hashima Battleship Island

Once famous for its underwater coalmines, the abandoned Hashima Island also represents Japan’s fast-tracked industrialization and history of forced labor before and during World War II.

#4: Double Corridor

If walls could talk, imagine the stories they’d tell of the patients in this hospital.

#3: Interior of Abandoned Hospital

Not long ago, this hospital was used to treat the living. But now, it looks like its only occupants are most definitely not alive.

#2: Abandoned House in Shanghai

Mystery surrounds the origins of this house, left to the ravages of time amid an expanding metropolis.

#1: Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital

A place where Adolf Hitler himself once recovered before it was occupied by Red Army forces, this hospital definitely has its fair share of phantoms.

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