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Another Top 10 Most Toxic Video Game Communities

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Nathan Sharp You might want to mute voice-chat when you join... Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for Another Top 10 of the Most Toxic Video Game Communities. Special thanks to our user “Bernard Gears Wilson” & “constance” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comSuggest

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Another Top 10 Most Toxic Video Game Communities

Oh no, No no NOT AGAIN, There’s only so much venom we can take. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for urrhhh another top ten most toxic video game communities.

For this list, we’ll be looking at even more video games that get a bad rep for having a particularly toxic fanbase. This toxicity can come through in a number of ways, including the unwelcoming nature of the online community, the fans’ or unacceptable behaviour. Just so we’re clear, we’re not trying to say that ALL players of these games behave in a negative manner. However, the toxicity of the vocal and visible minority are enough to make us want to stay away.

#10: “Street Fighter” series (1987-)

Fighting games are always going to draw a certain competitive player, but there’s a very fine line between competitive and annoying, which is exactly what some fans of this series are. If you don’t like a certain mechanic, you’re a scrub. If you complain about the gameplay and its flaws, you just need to “get gud” because you’re a noob who doesn’t understand the intricacies of this masterpiece. Not to mention that online play is littered with children spouting verbal abuse, lag switchers, rage quitters, and cheap tacticians, like those who spam or hide in the corner. Granted, this series has always been a bit of a friendship destroyer, so we shouldn’t expect too much.

#9: “RuneScape” (2001)

While the “RuneScape” community has most definitely improved in the last decade or so, there are still some troubling individuals walking about. For one thing, some of the die-hard and elitist players will verbally berate others, sometimes even to the point of severe bullying, and new members can be attacked simply for being new. The fans have also been known to exploit in-game mechanics for their own personal gain. The constant whining about the game dying doesn’t help either, especially when the vocal players are so unwelcoming and hostile. While we’re sure most “RuneScape” players are delightful and that the toxic ones are a vocal minority, they’re more than enough to make us want to stay clear. Well, that and the time commitment.

#8: “Sonic the Hedgehog” series (1991-)

Man, for such a cute and harmless little rodent, Sonic sure does stir up a lot of controversy. The Sonic games are spread throughout so many years and generations that the fanbase has long been split and broken, leading to constant fights, name-calling, and general negativity online over which game sucks, why this new mechanic is game-breaking, etc. Of course the inconsistent quality of the titles in recent years certainly hasn’t helped ease the boiling pot between trolls and the most diehard of Sonic’s defenders, both of whom can get very aggressive. We’re not even going to touch on some of the more…adult things that fans often do with these characters.

#7: “Payday 2” (2013)

“Payday 2” can be a stellar game if played with a group of friends, or even a group of well-behaved, mature adults who don’t kick you out over the slightest provocation. Unfortunately for the game and its experience, that is exactly what happens 90% of the time if played with randoms. You are lucky if you last even thirty seconds in some games, as it is incredibly easy to be kicked for being a noob, for not following the pre-determined playstyle of the group, for not having certain items, playing poorly, or any number of generally poor reasons. Seriously, just get some friends together for this game, because you’ll be lucky to even play it if you don’t.

#6: “World of Tanks” (2011)

“World of Tanks” is a fairly harmless free-to-play game. You get some tanks, and you blow each other up. Sounds like fun, right? Unfortunately, with free games also comes the players who pay, and that’s where the toxicity starts. The worst aspect of the community is definitely the self-proclaimed professionals. Many players take the game far too seriously, oftentimes resorting to verbally abusing teammates for not playing well or for being less experienced because they haven’t forked over hundreds of dollars. It seems like you can’t just have fun anymore, because there’s bound to be someone who thinks they’re the Wayne Gretzky of “World of Tanks” and deserve to be treated and respected as such.

#5: “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series (2014-)

The “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series of games are fantastic little indie titles that do wonders to scare you with such a limited budget. It’s too bad that the rabid community kind of ruins them. While the fans are certainly devout, their annoying nature is definitely a little off-putting. Some of the more toxic behaviour includes the constant and explicit fan art, shipping various characters, always shoving of the game down everyone’s throats, the “I want to be an animatronic” subgroup, and the constant harassment of poor Scott. Couple this with the fact that most fans seem to range between the ages of 10 and 12, and it’s doubly annoying. And a little creepy.

#4: “Super Smash Bros.” series (1999-)

When the original was released in 1999, everyone was instantly smitten with the game due to its addicting combat, memorable characters, and for its ability to bring friends together for some harmless fun. Then e-sports happened and that harmless fun soon turned into professional dedication, and its fanbase quickly went far too serious for its own good. Some of the “professional” players are now overly antagonistic to casuals and refuse to play unless the rules are altered to be more competitive, such as by removing items. We hope you like playing on the same map 5,000 times in a row, as well. Oh, and God help the person that says they actually liked “Brawl.”

#3: “Eve Online” (2003)

While many players of this game are friendly and helpful, it’s the bad apples that give “Eve” a rotten name. Some players will treat the inexperienced with total disdain, even to the point of harassment. It is also the Wild West of gaming - players will rob, cheat, scam, and screw over others as often as they can in the name of self-fulfillment. However, we can accept that behaviour like that is part of the game, and we can forgive it. What we can’t forgive is the toxicity that extends beyond the gameplay, such as vandalizing property and urging fellow gamers to harass an allegedly depressed player until he kills himself. Not cool Eve fanboys, not cool.

#2: “Roblox” (2006)

In this game, players are able to design their own virtual worlds, and essentially create their own games within them. It sounds interesting, but stay clear. Trust us. The game is essentially for kids, and as we all know, kids will be kids. While it’s inevitable that you’ll run into some unsavory and immature characters, there are also the constant friend requests, the classic name-calling from seven year olds, and the comment section of games, which is just a whole bunch of cancerous nonsense, including lots and lots of spam. It wouldn’t be so bad if the children knew how to spell or use proper grammar, but come on, this is the internet we’re talking about.

#1: “Grand Theft Auto Online” (2013)

We’ve been waiting for this for years. Too bad about the players, though. While the initial launch was problematic, the game’s toxic community has lingered. The game is full of trolls and griefers, and there always seems to be that one player who is completely incompetent and refuses to play along with everyone else. There is also an extremely bad case of gang mentality, as groups often talk trash to and single out other players simply for not being a part of their clique. There are also the screaming kids who yell profanity the likes of which you’ve never heard. When it comes to hypothetically meeting Trevor in real life or playing this game online, we’d pick Trevor, it's that bad.

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