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Another Top 10 Scary Video Game Bosses

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Mackenzie Houle That’s okay, I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Another Top 10 Scary Video Game Bosses. Special thanks to our user “Blue2015” & “governmentfree” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Written by Mackenzie Houle

Another Top 10 Scary Video Game Bosses
Difficulty isn’t the only thing a boss can be known for. Welcome to and today we’ll be looking through Another Top 10 Scary Video Game Bosses.

For this list, we’ll be once again looking at bosses in video games that left us with chills running down our spines. Like our previous list, we’re limiting our choices to one per franchise, and not all these entries come from horror games. If you didn’t see a scary boss on this list, be sure to check back on our first video. Also since we are talking about bosses and scares, a mature and spoiler warnings are in full effect.

#10: Walter Sullivan

“Silent Hill 4: The Room” (2004)
The town of Silent Hill is no stranger to distributing creatures from our deepest darkest nightmares. While 4 technically takes place in South Ashfield, the bizarre nightmare worlds that the player must traverse are just as deadly and foreboding. Conjured up by the serial killer and troubled man Walter Sullivan himself, Henry and Eileen delve further and further into these nightmarescapes till they come upon what is supposedly Walter’s real body. Towering above them with its skin stretched out, it is held up by chains and umbilical cord-like tubes, symbolizing Walter’s troubled youth. It’s a disturbing sight, and one that sticks with you.

#9: The Cleaver

“Dementium: The Ward” (2007)
Nightmarish creatures seem to fit right in, since the game takes place in a nightmare. A faceless, gluttonous monstrosity, The Cleaver gets his name, like most other enemies in this game, from his appearance. With a cleaver in place of his left hand, and an acid filled syringe in the other, it is capable of both ranged and melee attack. Trapped in the room with you, his large stomping and heavy grunting fill the room, determined to hunt you down and make you another one of his victims.

#8: Eddie Gluskin aka “The Groom”

“Outlast: Whistleblower” (2014)
Some secrets are better left buried, but when you have an asylum filled to the brim with horrible experiments on already psychologically damaged patients, maybe someone should blow the whistle. Eddie Gluskin is one of the many disturbed patients roaming the halls, though he is more prone to violence -given his serial killer past. Due to his desire to find the perfect woman, he has taken to torturing and capturing male patients and performing genital mutilation... and he has the hots for you. In a relentless pursuit that spans most of the expansion, he almost succeeds in taking you as his bride. Thankfully the wedding is off.

#7: High Lord Wolnir

“Dark Souls 3” (2016)
For a time, Skeletons in video games seemed to have lost their edge; they just didn’t feel all that scary anymore. Thankfully Dark Souls 3 was there to remind us that the bony undead can be truly frightening. After touching a mysterious chalice, you are transported to a world of darkness. What awaits you is this giant skeletal being, his fingers larger than your body, with skulls adorned on his chest. Not scary enough for you? This guy barely takes any damage, and your only chance at making it out alive is by breaking his bracelets, forcing him back into the darkness.

#6: Andross

“Star Fox 64” (1997) & “Star Fox 64 3D” (2011)
Labeling Andross as a mad scientist is only scratching the surface. Working originally for the Corneria system, he delved deeper into more dangerous territories, resulting in Cornerian lives being lost. After being exiled to the planet Venom, the ape continued to work on his experiments, diving deeper into his madness, and declaring himself emperor. It is unclear, but through his mad experiments, his body was lost, as he became a giant head and hands. Don’t be fooled by the robotic decoy – the real Andross battle ends with him becoming a giant brain. Gross.

#5: Laura Creature

“The Evil Within” (2014)
Boy, Ruvik’s mind is well-equipped to create the toughest and most disturbing of entities. This spider-like woman is actually a manifestation of Ruvik’s sister Laura, combined with his need for vengeance over her murder. You’ll encounter this terrifying creature multiple times in The Evil Within, and she is no pushover. While it is possible to defeat her at every encounter, it takes enormous amounts of ammo to bring her down. In all honesty, if you have the option to run away, it's best to, as getting caught is not ideal.

#4: Marguerite Baker

“Resident Evil 7” (2017)
The Baker family aren’t the type you want stopping by to welcome you to the neighbourhood. After offering refuge to the battered Eveline and Mia, they quickly became victims of Eveline’s so-called mold. The mold caused Marguerite to mutate and lose her mind, luring hapless victims to become “part of the family.” Unlike her husband, she was smart and methodical - using her insects to easily kill those who tried to escape. In the end, she became more like the very things she spawned. With long skinny arms and legs, and a hive for a stomach, she’s hard enough to look at, and even harder to kill.

#3: 02

“Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards” (2000)
When you think Kirby, you think of fluffy adorableness with bright and cheerful colors… not a giant eyeball in a hellish landscape. While Kirby has had a few creepy baddies, none compare to this fallen angel-esque eye, sporting disconnected red and white wings, and a black and red eye. Cute, adorable fun was not had for many children. Little is known about him or his first form 0, the only thing we have to go on is his similar appearance to another Kirby antagonist - Dark Matter. At least we can take solace in knowing he hasn’t shown his face since.

#2: Dead Hand

“The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” (1998) & “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” (2011)
As if ReDeads weren’t enough to scare the living daylights out of us as kids, Nintendo had to go and conjure up this elongated monstrosity. Lying in wait at the bottom of the well, Dead Hand is an amorphous blob-like creature, with a long craning neck, wide-open mouth and human-like teeth. To make matters worse, your first encounter with him is as Young Link, with less hearts or means of defending yourself from his reaching hands. Doesn’t help that he’s more detailed in the 3DS version. We can only assume that Dead Hand was the source of many, many nightmares.

#1: Photoshop Flowey

“Undertale” (2015)
With all the teachings of inclusivity and the silly antics, Photoshop Flowey shocked and frightened many. After killing Asgore and absorbing all the souls of the human children, Flowey transforms into a horrifying amalgamation of metal, organs, and flowers. Possessing near god-like power, rather than just simply killing you, he refuses to let you SAVE and continue onward, crashing your game and reloading you back into the same battle. Taunting you at every turn, he somehow manages to grow more terrifying as the battle moves on, changing shape as the faces on his monitor stare you down. There’s a reason Undertale fans call this guy God Flowey.

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