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Script written by Marc Saltzman.

Going on a trip in the near future? There are a few travel gadgets and accessories you shouldn't leave home without. Whether it's noise-canceling headphones, a backup battery or your trusty smartphone, there are a number of essential tech toys to bring on your next trip. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to list ten of the most useful travel accessories for tech-savvy vacationers.

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Script written by Marc Saltzman.

Top 10 Essential Travel Tech Gadgets - GearUP^

If you’re traveling anytime time soon, hopefully you’re bringing along a few great gadgets to help make your trip a more enjoyable one. Whether you’re planning a vacation somewhere down south, a road trip with family or friends, or traveling for business, bringing the RIGHT tech with you could make the difference between an average getaway and a great one. Hey everyone, welcome to Gear Up, the WatchMojo series that looks at the latest in gadgets, gear and games. I’m Marc Saltzman, and in this video, we’re going to look at recommended travel tech. Naturally, you’re not going to want to bring all this gear, but speaking as someone who spends a lot of time on the road, they’re all valuable in their own way. OK, not listed in any particular order:

#1: 2-In-1 Convertible PC

HP’s Pavilion x360 is versatile Windows 10 device that folds back 360 degrees on a hinge. After all, while there are times when you need to type -- perhaps to send some emails or crank out a sales report – later on you might want to kick back in the hotel and flick through ebooks, music and games, like a tablet. Other features include an Intel processor, 500GB hard drive, Bang & Olufson stereo speakers, HDMI out and multiple USB ports.

#2: Bluetooth Keyboard

If you’re really trying to lighten your load and want to leave the computer behind, you might consider toting around the portable and affordable Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard. Available in multiple colors, simply pair this mobile keyboard with your favorite Bluetooth device – such as an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or Windows, Mac or Chrome OS device – and you’ll have the comfort of a physical keyboard for long-form typing (and with handy shortcuts, too). This lightweight multi-platform accessory even lets you connect up to three devices simultaneously. Battery life tops 2 years with the two pre-installed batteries.

#3: Stellar Smartphone

There’s no shortage of amazing smartphones to choose from, which boils down to personal taste, of course. My favorite this year so far is Samsung’s Galaxy S8+, a perfect companion for work and play, thanks to its 6.2-inch “infinity display” -- a screen that curves around the back and has almost no bezel on top of bottom (even the Home button is gone). Log onto your device by simply looking it and take advantage of fast processor and cellular speeds, advanced cameras, expandable memory, the Bixby personal assistant, and more.

#4: Noise-Canceling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are extraordinary-sounding noise-cancelling headphones that offers Bluetooth streaming and great comfort, as the name suggests. Available in black or white, these fold-up over-ear headphones work well for phone calls, too, and includes a cable for wired listening in case the airline doesn’t like Bluetooth, it happens, or if the battery dies after 20 hours you can still use them as regular headphones. A companion app for iOS and Android helps give you more control over your headphones.

#5: Bluetooth Earbuds

If you don’t want larger on-ear or over-ear headphones, earbuds have come a long way. These are Skybuds, truly wireless earbuds, which lets you listen to your music on the go with its internal battery capable of 4 hours of continuous listening but with the case that doubles as a battery pack, you can get up to 24 hours of playtime. Featuring passive noise-cancellation, Skybuds are sweat proof and water-resistant so you don’t need to worry about rain or sweat, and they fit snug in your ear. An integrated microphone is for hands free calling.

#6: Smartwatch

A smartwatch can be an invaluable accessory for the traveler, as you keep your phone tucked away and merely glance at your wrist to see notifications, see text messages, get directions on a map, and more. Powered by Android Wear 2.0, Huawei Watch 2 offers a number of styles to choose from and along with Bluetooth connectivity to a nearby Android phone there’s also a model with an embedded 4G SIM card so you can use the watch without a phone at all. Other features of this water-resistant watch include GPS and NFC, a Qualcomm processors, circular 1.2-inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection, heart-rate monitor, and storage for up to 1000 songs.

#7: Backup Battery

Today’s on-the-go traveler needs a backup battery to juice up all their gadgets – otherwise they’ll be one of the other miserable “wall huggers” tethered to an AC plug in the wall, as their devices charge up. One of the best in class battery boosters is the 20,100-milliamp RavPower Portable Charger, which can power up a typical smartphone almost 7 times. This quick-charge battery offers multiple ports (including USB Type-C and USB 3.0), in case you want to also power up a tablet or Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

#8: Good Backpack

There’s another way to keep your devices charged up. Why not plug all your favorite gadgets into the Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack? They'll remain charged up thanks to a special solar paneled-pocket that converts the sun’s rays into power. In fact, the solar pocket is removable and can be attached to other bags or carrying cases. Available in charcoal, silver or orange, the backpack has enough storage space -- 1,500 cubic inches, in fact -- to hold all your other stuff, too, including a laptop, charger, phone, and more. In case you’re wondering, one hour in the sun yields up to 3 hours of talk time on a smartphone.

#9: Backup Storage

While the cloud is ideal for backing up your important files from a smartphone, tablet and laptop, you might not always have access to the Internet when you’re traveling, such as in the air on a plane that doesn’t offer Wi-Fi or if you have to pay for data roaming in another country. And so a portable backup solution is ideal, such as the SanDisk Extreme Portable solid state drive with up to 480 gigabytes of storage. Rapidly back up your data using this external SSD, whether you're transferring massive video files from a laptop – with data transfer up to 5 Gbps -- or depending on the model you have, connect your phone or tablet to this device, too.

#10: Tracking Tech for All Your Devices (As It Could Be Easy to Lose Your Stuff While Traveling)

The company Kensington has many high-tech accessories for travelers – from laptop locks and cases to portable keyboards, chargers and backpacks -- but Kensington’s Proximo is a small wireless fob that attaches to whatever you don’t want to lose. Then simply open the free Proximo app on a smartphone or tablet and it’ll sound a loud alarm to help you locate your stuff. Or press the button on the Proximo fob and your Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet will chime or play as song from your collection. The most underrated feature of this wireless leash, however, is the option to sound an alarm should you accidentally walk away from your phone.

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