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Top 5 Makeup & Hair Trends for Fall 2017

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Savannah Sher Fall is here and it’s time to look at the Top 5 makeup and hair trends that are going to be everywhere this season! The trends on our list include Graphic eyes, fashion, Color-Blocked lids, undone lips, bold ponytails and curly bangs! Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Instagram:

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Top 5 Makeup & Hair Trends for Fall 2017

These trends are straight from the runway. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Makeup & Hair Trends for Fall 2017.
For this list, we’re looking at the beauty trends that are sure to be huge in the fall of 2017.

#5: Curly Bangs

Embracing your hair’s natural texture is becoming more and more de rigueur after years of straightening, relaxing and perming. Bangs can always be a little tricky, but stylists this year seemed to be sending the message that it’s time to just leave them be. Rather than expertly styling them to perfection, work with what you’ve got and go for this laid back look. This trend was all over the runway at Topshop, Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein along with many more.

#4: Bold Ponytails

The ponytail doesn’t have to be an afterthought reserved for days where dry shampoo just won’t cut it. This year on the runway we saw many designers turning the ponytail into a spectacle of its own in an iteration that was anything but basic. Some creators played with texture, opting for full bodied curls while others like J.W. Anderson went simple and sleek. Alexander McQueen’s version was perhaps the most outside the box with long-haired models sporting ponies at both the front and back in an asymmetrical style.

#3: Color-Blocked Lids

For the last few seasons, eye shadow has taken a backseat to things like contouring, highlighter and flawless skin. For fall however, it looks like colorful eye looks will be all the rage. On the runway at Marco di Vincenzo, Oscar de la Renta and Maison Margiela we saw artistic technicolor eyeshadow and liner creating an eye catching effect. To achieve this look, consider investing in a colorful palette like the Electric or Full Spectrum by Urban Decay. If you want to translate it for every day, try swapping out your regular black liner for something a little more bold.

#2: Undone Lips

Flawlessly applied matte lips have been at the forefront of makeup trends for the last few years, but it looks like the tides are finally changing. The lip trend we noticed most this season was something a little more imperfect. We saw smudged and faded lips at a variety of runway shows, which relayed a surprisingly glamorous effect. Ditch your liquid lipsticks in favor of more forgiving lip stains and tints and don’t worry too much about coloring inside the lines. This look will give the impression that you may have just finished an hours long makeout sesh.

#1: Graphic Eyes

If you’ve been missing your bold black eyeliner since your high school emo days, it’s time to rejoice. Liner is back with a vengeance but this this time it’s for more than just simple smokey looks and cat eye wings. This year makeup artists used this staple product to create graphic and visually interesting looks that will be the centerpiece of any makeup style. Feel free to smudge it around your whole eye or go for something more subtle and geometric. Whatever you do, don’t hold back because going for something expected is the exact opposite of what this trend is all about.


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