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Katy Perry: Through The Years

VO: Lisa Yang
Written by Matt Wende Katy Perry has become a pop music icon, with a unique style and voice that has been cemented in pop culture. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're examining Katy Perry's rise to superstardom through the years! We're breaking down her looks, her fame, her life and how she got to where she is! For more incredible celebrity content from Getty Images, check out the suggest page here: Watch on our website: To suggest what video we produce next, check out the suggest page here: WatchMojo.commy/suggest.php

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Becoming an icon of modern pop music doesn’t happen overnight. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re taking a look at Katy Perry’s journey through the years.

For this video, we’ll be taking a look at the megastar’s life, shining a spotlight on her triumphs and successes while also examining some of her iconic looks and styles.

Starry-Eyed Beginnings

After the release of a Christian Pop/Rock album under her real name Katherine Hudson, Perry moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to begin writing songs alongside legendary producer Glen Ballard. Seen here, the pre-megafame star is seen working in the studio while rocking the classic tomboy look she so often sported in her childhood. Do you think she knew what lay ahead for her?

Going from label to label, Perry had minor success, with a few of her early songs appearing on soundtracks, and an attempted collaboration with the group The Matrix. True fans will recognize her for appearing in the Gym Class Heroes’ music video for “Cupid’s Chokehold,” alongside the lead singer, her then-boyfriend Travie McCoy. Throughout this time, the future mega-star began to embrace her beauty and explore different looks, but she had yet to find her own unique style. But don’t worry, that would soon change.

Breakthrough Success and “One of the Boys”

In 2007, Perry’s label Capitol Records partnered her with Dr. Luke, a celebrated producer currently facing sexual assault allegations. Perry and Dr. Luke began what would be an extremely successful partnership, penning singles “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold” for her breakthrough album “One of the Boys.” Those songs helped her become famous practically overnight, with Perry standing out from the crowd with a quirky style that transcended her music and became her MO. Rarely seen without a colorful outfit, Perry also became an instant trendsetter wither her signature “Disney princess with a dark-side” look. Short dresses were a must, and you could argue that it was here that Perry’s love of formfitting clothing began to take a clear hold.

“Teenage Dream”

As any one-hit wonder will tell you, breaking out is less than half the battle. Perry did not shy away from the challenge though, and in 2010 she released “Teenage Dream.” The album was a monster success, tying Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” by featuring five number one singles. With that, Katy Perry owned the summer of 2010 as she transitioned from the offbeat, quirky pop sensation to a bona fide superstar.

Katy made many fashion statements during this era, but perhaps her most iconic one was the purple wig, and that’s a look she immortalized in the “California Gurls” music video. With what seemed like a new hair color every week and a mesmerizingly diverse wardrobe, she cemented her pop star status with her signature style.

It’s been said that one of Katy Perry’s most important traits as a musician and public persona is her ability to be fiendishly sexy, while still being adorkable and appealing you younger girls as well. It was during this period that Perry truly came into that style, and she’s made it her own ever since.

Through a “Prism”

Not content with simply being the biggest pop star on the planet, in 2013 Perry pushed herself further with her follow-up to “Teenage Dream,” “Prism.” Perry went for a deeper tone on the record, drawing inspiration from her divorce from Russell Brand for the writing – and getting personal worked, because the album was another massive success.

What’s more, the darker themes not only influenced her songwriting decisions, but also her style, as Perry adopted a more serious tone for her public persona. It was during this period that she began to take sides politically, supporting LGBTQ rights and endorsing Barack Obama by performing at events to help his re-election efforts.

At the peak of her fame, Perry headlined the Super Bowl halftime show in 2015; a show you may remember thanks to her epic set pieces and incredible performance! Well, okay, the dancing sharks helped too. This halftime show was just the cherry on top for Katy Perry, as this was the era when she officially became an icon of the entertainment world!

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Katy Perry made a lot of noise in 2016, but not necessarily for her music: she harnessed every ounce of her star power to once again get political, as she became one of the staunchest celebrity supporters of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Perry once again reinvented herself for the 2017 release of her album “Witness,” by chopping off her long brown locks and rocking an edgier look with short bleached hair. And, to prove to critics who thought her star might be fading that she was still at the top of her game, Katy hosted the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, taking the opportunity to call out fellow pop stars and haters alike.

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