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Top 5 Reasons Kaia Gerber is the Next Model to Watch

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Michael Wynands A new model has taken the spotlight and her name is Kaia Gerber. Her face looks familiar, why? Oh that must be because her mom is the ‘80s supermodel, Cindy Crawford! Her walk is already being praised and stands out amongst the popular models today. She’s only 16 but she’s about to take over the fashion industry so watch out world!

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Kaia Gerber is the Next Top Model

This young model is definitely the next big thing. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Reasons Why Kaia Gerber is the Next Top Model.
For this list, we’re looking at all the reasons Kaia Gerber is poised to walk in her mom’s footsteps.

#5: She’s Already Won the Genetic Lottery

Like mother, like daughter! Cindy Crawford is one of the most legendary supermodels of all time, and it turns out that her daughter looks just like her! Kaia shares some of her mom’s distinctive features, like her full brows, mane of dark hair, leggy frame and naturally bronzed complexion. With genes like these, there wasn’t much work necessary to become runway-ready. Her career kicked off when she was only sixteen, and we can only imagine where she’ll go from here.

#4: Her Model-Off-Duty Style Is On Point

For today’s top models, looking good on the runway and in ad campaigns just isn’t good enough. Your street style game also has to be up to snuff, considering all the paparazzi who will inevitably be snapping your photo. Not to mention, you gotta look good in your own Snaps and Insta-Stories. And Kaia Gerber already has her model-off-duty look on fleek, switching it up between casual jeans and t-shirt combos and more fashion-forward ensembles. She even wore a top emblazoned with the Pepsi logo, which was likely a nod to her mom’s famous ad campaign.

#3: Vogue Already Loves Her

If you’re going to make it in the fashion world, you’ve got to make the right connections, and the biggest name in the game has always been Vogue. If you get the Anna Wintour seal of approval, you’re pretty much a shoo-in for stardom. Gerber has already landed a Paris Vogue cover, in the April 2016 issue, which she shared with her mom. She’s also been featured in numerous videos and online content with Vogue, Teen Vogue and Vogue UK; so it looks like the publication might be going all in on this young ingenue.

#2: She Has Already Landed Some Big Campaigns

In June of 2016 Gerber signed with IMG Models, and has since worked with Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Hudson Jeans, and many more huge names in the industry. And her momentum is building: after walking in her first New York fashion week in the fall of 2017, designers were clamoring to have Kaia appear in their campaigns. After her making her debut with Calvin Klein, her stunning turn in Alexander Wang’s groundbreaking show clearly made an impression. And this is all before she’s even old enough to vote!

#1: Her Signature Walk Is Classic

After that runway debut at New York’s Spring/Summer 2018 shows, Gerber ended up being one of the models to watch at Paris’ fashion week. She even opened for Chanel, which is no small feat for a newcomer. Even though she’s pretty new to the whole shebang, she already has her signature walk locked down. She clearly learned a thing or two from her long-legged mom because her bold strides and confident forward stare are straight out of the ‘80s.

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