Top 10 Stranger Things Season 2 Moments

Soooooo when is season three coming out? Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Stranger Things 2 Moments.

For this list, we're breaking down the moments that made us laugh, cry and scream from the second season of everyone's favorite sci-fi horror series, Stranger Things! Beware, MAJOR spoilers ahead!

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Soooooo when is season three coming out? Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Stranger Things 2 Moments.

For this list, we’re breaking down the moments that made us laugh, cry and scream from the second season of everyone’s favorite sci-fi horror series, Stranger Things! Beware, MAJOR spoilers ahead!

#10: Steve & Dustin Talk Hair Care

“Chapter Six: The Spy”
Fan favorites Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson are both extremely charismatic characters that crush every scene they appear in. So we were more than a little excited when Dustin recruited Steve in episode five to help him get rid of the ever-growing Dart. From that point on, the two remained side-by-side through thick and thin and gave us one of the funniest moments so far in the series! While walking along the train tracks dropping meat for Dart, Dustin inquires about how to pick up girls. Steve, ever the playboy, gives his two cents, but also reveals that the secret to his perfect hair is a few puffs of Farrah Fawcett hairspray. Sounds tough Steve…

#9: Max Stands Up to Billy

“Chapter Nine: The Gate”
It’s always satisfying to see a previously belittled character stand up for themselves. Throughout season two, newcomers Max and Billy fought like cats and dogs; with the latter antagonizing his little stepsister at every turn. Things came to a head in episode nine during that epic confrontation between Steve and Billy in the Byers home. After knocking him to the ground, Billy continued to mercilessly pound Steve’s face into oblivion. With Mike, Lucas and Dustin paralyzed with fear, Max took action, grabbing a nearby syringe and sedating her brother. She then grabbed Steve’s nail-bat, slammed it between Billy’s legs and forced him to say he’ll leave her and her friends alone. Ah, revenge never tasted so sweet!

#8: Nancy & Jonathan “Get Caught” by the Bad Guys

“Chapter Four: Will the Wise”
Okay we’ll just say it; Nancy Wheeler is the smartest character on the show, although she had some serious competition this season from Bob, who turned out to be one hell of a puzzle solver. Her intellect and bravado were on full display in episode four, when she and Jonathan successfully tricked Dr. Owens into copping to Barb’s death after allowing themselves to be caught by the folks over at Hawkins lab. It was a stroke of genius from the two high school students, who ultimately use their newfound information to bring down the lab and provide Barb’s parents with a sense of closure.

#7: Eleven & Eight Are Reunited

“Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister”
Season two opened with the startling revelation that Eleven wasn’t the only child to come out of Hawkins laboratory. And while the show took its sweet time revealing whom this mystery person was, we finally got to see her up close and personal in episode seven. After leaving the cabin to search for her mother, Eleven discovers that she has a sister and decides to track her down. Unfortunately their reunion is short lived and quite violent, with Eight, who actually goes by Kali, revealing that she and her gang of misfits hunt down former Hawkins employees and kill them. While Eleven ultimately decides to leave, something tells us we haven’t seen the last of Kali.

#6: Will Is a Spy

“Chapter Six: The Spy”
Will being infected by the shadow monster at the end of episode three was perhaps the most traumatizing image of the entire second season… Well, until Bob, anyway. But seriously, watching Will helplessly flail about as the monster’s smoky tentacles attacked his facial orifices was downright brutal. A few episodes later Mike discovered that the shadow monster was using Will to spy on the group, later using him to set a deadly trap. The boys had originally thought that Will was spying on the monster, but the realization that it was the other way around was one of the most shocking breakthroughs of the entire season!

#5: Hopper Adopts Eleven

“Chapter Nine: The Gate”
Few, if any, of the relationships on display in the first two seasons of “Stranger Things” have had the same emotional gravitas as the one between Hopper and Eleven. In season two we see them form a father / daughter bond that culminates in Hopper adopting her in the final episode, a big step forward for both characters considering their equally troubled backstories. And while their relationship has had its ups and downs (uh, that psychic tantrum anyone?) they always try and do right by one another, which truly makes them a family. Plus, Jim Croce, amirite?

#4: The Snow Ball

“Chapter Nine: The Gate”
So many awesome things happened in season two’s epilogue we don’t know where to start. Shall we discuss that hilarious moment when Steve drops Dustin at the ball and compliments his hair? How about when Nancy asks Dustin to dance after all the other girls reject him? Then there’s Max and Lucas, who finally take the next step in their relationship. Of course, the best moment is when Eleven walks into the gym and floors Mike with how incredible she looks! Flanked by all their friends, including Will, whose zombie-boy status actually works to his advantage, the scene is the perfect ending to another fantastic season!

#3: Bob’s Sacrifice

“Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer”
Perhaps the saddest moment of season two was Bob’s death. After the demo-dogs rip through Hawkins lab, killing all in their path and disabling the power, Mike, Will, Joyce, Hopper, Bob and Dr. Owens find themselves trapped. Bob heroically volunteers to reset the breakers so that the others can escape. While his attempt is successful, it is ultimately ill fated, as he is attacked just as he steps from the exit. Making the scene all the more brutal is the fact that Joyce has to watch as her boyfriend gets devoured before her eyes. Thankfully, Bob didn’t die in vein, breathing new life into the others and allowing them to finish the job the following episode.

#2: Eleven Comes Home

“Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer”
We all knew it was coming; it was just a matter of where and when. True to form, Eleven doubles back to Hawkins to help her friends; and she does it in dramatic fashion, showing up just in time to help them defeat the demo-dogs and close the gate. The moment when she unlocks the door with her mind and walks into the Byers home is one for the ages. The look on all of their faces, particularly Mike’s, is enough to make even the show’s most ardent critic gasp in excitement. Of course, that was just the beginning, as she’d blow us all away one episode later with that epic gate-closing scene!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- The Venkman Fight
“Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak”

- Justice for Barb
“Chapter Nine: The Gate”

- Jonathan & Nancy FINALLY Hook Up
“Chapter Six: The Spy”

#1: Will Tied to a Chair

“Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer”
When the gang discovers that they can no longer trust Will, they disguise the Byers toolshed and imprison him in it. With Will tied to a chair and demanding to be released, Joyce, Jonathan and Mike try to get him to remember who he is – and to distract the being that’s possessing him long enough for Will to communicate with them – and they do so by telling him stories from his past. The scene features some of the best acting of the entire series from all those involved, particularly Noah Schnapp as Will, whose glossy eyed stare is one of the season’s most haunting images. Not only does their plan work; viewers are also treated to a poignant look into the hearts and minds of every character on screen.