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Top 10 Scariest Clown Sightings

VO: RB WRITTEN BY: Jessica Walsh

Script written by Jessica Walsh

They might be a welcome sight at a circus, but out of context… these clown sightings are downright terrifying. From the Machete Clown, to a teenage mob of clowns, to the infamous Wasco clown, these creepy clown pranks gone wrong are simply horrifying. WatchMojo counts down ten scariest clown sightings.

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Script written by Jessica Walsh

Top 10 Scariest Clown Sightings

They might be a welcome sight at a circus, but out of context… they’re downright terrifying. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Scariest Clown Sightings.

For this list, we’re discussing reported clown sightings. However we won’t be including any media tie-ins or fictional characters. These are real clowns spotted by real people.

#10: A Chainsaw on a Dark Road

Quebec, Canada (2016)
We start our list on what looks like the back roads of Quebec, driving in the dead of night. A male driver and his passenger see a figure dressed in white approach the car and slow down to see who it is, only to find out it’s a clown. That would be strange enough, but it’s the item the clown picks up from the side of the road that has them driving away in terror. If they’d ever considered picking up hitchhikers before, we’re sure that thought is long gone now.

#9: The Machete Clown

Sparks, Nevada, USA (2016)
Back in 2016, a sort of clown craze swept the world, seemingly kicked off by one particular clown sighting which we’ll be discussing later. This sinister sighting near the Shadow Mountain Sports Complex was part of the ensuing wave, and left people in the city of Sparks understandably shaken. The event was recorded on snapchat and reported to the police, because, in addition to acting suspiciously, this clown was also wielding a machete. While the police concluded it was a prank and released a statement warning against such activity, we suspect that the people of Sparks likely now avoid this particular school yard after dark.

#8: A Viral Experiment

Northampton, England (2013)
What do you do when you spot a creepy looking clown in your town? Post it online of course. Back in 2013, starting on Friday the 13th, this clown began popping up around this small English town, and his fame soon spread around the globe thanks to a hashtag and a Facebook page where he would cryptically tease his next appearance. This went on for a year before it was revealed that the clown was Alex Powell, a local 22 year old film student who had recently released a mockumentary about, you guessed it, clowns.

#7: A Teenage Mob

Agde, France (2014)
A Mediterranean resort town is probably the last place you’d expect to see clowns. However back in 2014 a group of 14 teenagers were arrested for dressing up as clowns and threatening locals with pistols, knives and baseball bats. Several clown sightings continued across France until finally the city of Vendargues decided to ban all clown costumes that year for Halloween and the morning after. Anyone caught in a clown suit would be arrested and prosecuted. And that’s how a small group of people can ruin the fun for everyone!

#6: One Armed Machete Clown

Hollis, Maine (2017)
Unfortunately it would seem that a machete is the popular weapon of choice for clowns looking to terrify unsuspecting bystanders and passersby. What’s scarier than an individual with a mask and a sharp object? How about a clown who can’t drop the machete in question? In 2017 State Troopers received a call about a clown in a black sweater harassing passing by cars The clown ended up being 31 year old Corey Berry, who had gone so far as to duct tape the machete to his amputated arm after some very heavy drinking.

#5: The Wasco Clown

Wasco, California (2014)
With his familiar red curly hair and yellow suit, one would think this unnerving individual was a relative of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Back in 2014 residents of Wasco, California reported seeing this clown popping up in various places to take creepy pictures before disappearing. A Facebook page was created to track the photos and talk about the sightings, run by the clown himself. It turns out this was a year long photography project for the wife of the clown, who had been taking all the pictures. A film was even made, which the producer of the film suggested would significantly boost tourism. No thanks.

#4: The Phantom Clown Theory

Boston, Massachusetts (1980)
Of course, clown sightings date back to long before the age of social media. In the early 1980s, there were stories coming from Boston, Massachusetts of clowns lurking creepily in playgrounds and other areas near children. The thing is… all of the sightings were reported by children, and never successfully confirmed. Regardless, enough people were concerned that schools began sending letters home and teachers were told to be vigilant in the school yard. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman developed the “Phantom Clown Theory,” in which he suggested the sightings were the result of mass hysteria, but when it comes to the safety of children… better safe than sorry.

#3: An Actual Killer Clown

Los Cabos, Mexico (2013)
The sight of a clown when you’re not expecting it can be a truly terrifying sight to behold. Thankfully, most sightings don’t result in actual violence. But imagine getting together for a birthday party at a fancy restaurant, only to have a clown walk in off the street and kill one of your relatives while the music is playing. This sounds like it’s straight out of a movie or video game, but for one family, it was a reality. In 2013, famed drug lord Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix was celebrating his birthday in Mexico at a resort when he was shot and killed by a man wearing a clown mask who later fled the scene.

#2: Into the Woods

Greenville, South Carolina (2016)
Remember the clown scare of 2016 we mentioned earlier? Well, this is the event that is credited with starting it all. In South Carolina, there were multiple separate reports of clowns near an apartment complex attempting to entice children to follow them into the woods with candy. While the clown or clowns in question were never apprehended or even caught on camera, these news reports led to a panic and, unfortunately, many more clown sightings that year. Eventually the sightings died out, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t come back... or be watching from the trees right now.

#1: A Killer Clown at the Door

Wellington, Florida (1990)
One early morning in Wellington, Florida, Marlene Warren answered her door to find a clown standing there with a bundle of flowers and balloons. In most cases this wouldn’t be something to be scared of, but this time it wasn’t so benign. Without warning the clown shot poor Marlene, then disappeared down the street while her son was still in the house. Since it happened the case has gone cold with several suspects, including her husband. Finally, after 27 years, in September 2017, that same husband’s current wife, and then-lover, Sheila Keen was arrested and accused of being the murderous clown in question, thanks to new DNA evidence.

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