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Top 10 INSANE Boss Battles from Bayonetta!

VO: DP WRITTEN BY: Mackenzie Houle
Guns, demons Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most INSANE Boss Battles from Bayonetta!

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Top 10 Bayonetta Boss Battles

Out of all the saucy witch’s countless battles, these are the ones that trump all others. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Bayonetta Boss Battles.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at each and every boss, tall and small, angel or demon, that our favorite Umbra Witch has gone up against in the first two games. Since this is Bayonetta we’re talking about here, this should go without saying, but a BIG mature warning is in effect.

#10: Gomorrah

“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

After five years of absence, this demon provides an amazing “first boss” for Bayonetta 2. The dragon-like demon served Bayonetta well throughout the first game, devouring many angels; unfortunately, like many other denizens of Inferno, he has broken free of his restraints and is rebelling against Bayonetta. The battle shows off the new aerial combat that will appear throughout the game, as you fight your once demon ally in a King Kong-esque fight. Thankfully not all of her demons are rebellious and Gomorrah meets the same end as the angels.

#9: Alraune

“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

Bayonetta doesn’t usually need a reason to start a fight, even small provocations can result in massive destruction ensuing. After Jeanne’s soul is taken to Inferno, Bayonetta takes the fight to the fiery underworld itself, taking on Alraune -who happens to have a personal vendetta against Bayonetta’s confidant: Madama Butterfly. The plant-wielding demon goes through two major phases, fighting her in her more humanoid form, before taking Jeanne’s soul to boost her more feral beast-like form. Of course, if you have to use an Umbran Witch soul to fight Bayonetta, then you clearly aren’t powerful enough.

#8: Balder

“Bayonetta” (2009)

A Holy man in title only, Father Balder is anything but a man of God. Seeking the resurrection of Jubileus and the destruction of man, this lumen sage possesses massive power, and could even be seen as a perfect final fight. Aside from Jeanne, Balder is the only other boss in the story to fight on equal grounds with Bayonetta, possessing similar powers. The brawl makes a nod to the prologue fight, battling on falling debris as it moves through multiple phases, even playing pong with a laser-firing satellite dish. Just when none of her demons seem to be of any aid, Bayonetta pulls out a secret weapon and delivers one kickass line.

#7: Sapientia

“Bayonetta” (2009)

Boy, they just make angels of any and all kinds, don’t they? Taking place out in the ocean, Bayonetta shows off her… surfing skills? She really is a witch of all trades. Maneuvering around Sapientia, the surfing techniques actually provide even faster movement, quickening the pacing of the battle. The fight itself mostly involves Bayonetta dodging incoming attacks, however, the scale of the battle and the fact that you drive this angel into the waiting maws of a spider demon makes it all the better. This all leads up to the creation of a sinkhole to ride down on and beat the angel into submission.

#6: Father Rodin

“Bayonetta” (2009)

Our favorite gun merchant and bar owner Rodin is quite the powerhouse, and if you can save up almost one million halos, you can purchase a ticket to witness him in his original form. Known as Father Rodin, he was previously an angel of Paradiso… and a damn powerful one at that. That fight has him send everything he’s got after you, giving you barely half a second to breathe, let alone land a hit on him. While there may not be any fancy climaxes, multiple phases, or environment change-ups, this battle is worth saving up for, and it won’t be the only opportunity to fight Rodin…

#5: Jeanne (Last Encounter)

“Bayonetta” (2009)

Jeanne has taunted the amnesiac Bayonetta multiple times throughout the story, proving to be more powerful than her on multiple occasions, but now Bayonetta has regained most of her knowledge and power, making this last fight on more equal grounds. The battle against her is quite epic, as both witches display their full powers -matching demons, blows, and bullets. As missiles rain down upon the city, the two take the duel all over the place - to the sides of skyscrapers, and even on missiles! With the city catching fire below, these two pay little mind to the sheer destruction this battle creates.

#4: Glamor (Ch. 3)

“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

This breed of Angel shows up multiple times in Bayonetta 2, but it is the boss battle in Chapter 3 that shines brightest. Bayonetta once again puts her surfing skills to the test -seriously, where did she learn how to do this?- this time, riding outside and inside a giant water spout to chase after this angel. While most of this section involves dodging debris, it is still nonetheless impressive, leading into the 2nd phase, fighting against multiple Glamors on the way to the Gates of Paradise. This’ll probably be the only time Bayonetta gets this close to Heaven, though, after that Climax, we doubt she’ll be invited in.

#3: Aesir

“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

Another finale, another god to fight; this time as the embodiment of chaos, Loptr has become complete, able to bend time and space to his will. Moving through several phases, the fight sees light and dark join forces to take him down, fighting between dimensions. Bending space to his command, Aesir summons lasers, missiles, and even space stations to thwart Bayonetta, but to no avail. Of course, you’ll to have some pretty epic moments with Bayonetta too -from pole dancing on a satellite to summoning a Jubileus, to kicking the god’s soul out of his body. Hey, Bayonetta always has to go out with a big bang, right?

#2: Masked Lumen

“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

Heavily teased during the trailers, the Masked Lumen Sage proves to be one of the biggest and best fights not only in the sequel but in the entire series. While each encounter proves a challenging endeavor, it’s the first encounter that proves to be the most memorable. With the two possessing similar powers, the fight will have the both of you practically dancing around one another while exchanging blows. The fight escalates rapidly, moving from the town, to an eruption kaiju-like battle in the background, and ending with you gaining control over Madama Butterfly herself, to take on an angel in fisticuffs.

Before we unveil the baddest boss, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Bayonetta 2” (2014)

“Bayonetta” (2009)

“Bayonetta” (2009)

#1: Jubileus the Creator

“Bayonetta” (2009)

After facing off against an onslaught of angels, running half-way across the world, riding a missile to the holy city, and fighting Balder, Bayonetta must now go up against the biggest enemy of all: an actual god. Jubileus the Creator, goddess of Paradiso, is brought back to life, and let’s just say Bayonetta is not the religious type. The fight takes place far back in the solar system, on a grand scale. While Jubileus may not be as physically involved, it is the sheer scope of the fight and fact that you are battling a goddess that sets the tone and makes for such a fantastic finale.

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