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Top 10 Singers You'll Like If You Like Lana Del Rey

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
Script written by Savannah Sher If you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey, then you’d love these artists! Add Florence + The Machine, Nancy Sinatra, BANKS, Sky Ferreira, Lissie, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Purity Ring and Tove Lo to your playlists!

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Top 10 Singers You Will Like If You Like Lana Del Rey

These singers will give you a new lust for life. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Singers You Will Like If You Like Lana Del Rey.

For this list we're looking at female vocalists who bring similar shades of cool to Del Rey's dark pop. We're basing our picks on a mix of unique character, powerful writing and how well each artist reminds us of Lana's sound.

#10: Tove Lo

Where Lana Del Rey brings venom to indie pop, Sweden's Tove Lo does the same for dance pop . Tove Lo's raunchy lyrics echo Del Rey's haunting stories, while bringing a gritty sense of realism to her songs. She's also more direct and often explicit in her song's messages, giving a sharp contrast to Lana's vague and poetic writing. Tove Lo even matches Del Rey's dense production style, layering harmonies and unusual synthesizers into her electronic sound. Her latest album 'Blue Lips' explores themes of love and drugs similarly to Lana, and is a little easier to groove to.

#9: Purity Ring

Lana Del Rey's bitter love songs modernize vintage pop, but Purity Ring tackles the genre from a futuristic perspective . The Canadian band's blend of synths and drum machines create a wondrous electronic sound, while still packing an emotional punch in their lyrics. The duo's epic tension building easily goes toe-to-toe with the huge drops Lana delivers in all her choruses. Songs like 'Lofticries' even mix in the smoky overtones that have made Del Rey's music so iconic . Megan James' vocals stay consistently high throughout their albums, offering fans a refreshingly bright alternative to Lana's deeper register.

#8: Halsey

While Halsey's music is definitely more self-deprecating than Lana's, both artists give listeners a dramatic look at modern romance . The pop singer's strong voice has carried her to success with songs like 'Bad At Love' and 'Closer.' Halsey has also collaborated with rappers like G-Eazy and Quavo, just as Lana has worked with contemporaries A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd. She's even captured Del Rey's dreamy reverb and lush production on songs like 'Him & I.' Halsey's more upbeat delivery complements Lana's more hopeful sound on 'Lust For Life.

#7: Billie Eilish

Despite her synthetic roots, Billie Eilish's music carries the same natural confidence that made us fall in love with Lana Del Rey . Eilish's minimal guitars and ethereal sound are audibly similar to what has become recognized as Lana's core sound since 'Born To Die.' While many of Billie's songs are driven by electronic beats, she's using just as much piano and guitar as Del Rey. She's rarely as over-the-top as Lana, but Eilish's soothing harmonies in tracks like 'Six Feet Under' give her music a similarly spiritual quality . And, Like Del Rey, Billie's career was born from viral popularity rather than traditional touring.

#6: Lissie

If you close your eyes and put on a Lissie song, it's pretty easy to think you're listening to Lana instead. Lissie's raspy vocals and hazy production on songs like 'Hollywood' and 'Wild West,' wouldn't feel too out of place on any of Del Rey’s albums. Her enchanting sound even landed her an appearance on 'Twin Peaks,' in 2017. While she has come close to Lana's aesthetic in the past, Lissie's new album 'Castles' emulates Del Rey's pop sound wholeheartedly. If you wanted to hear what it would be like if Lana tackled more of a country sound, Lissie's early albums are about as close as you can get.

#5: Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira has made a career combining iconic retro pop sounds, drawing comparisons to Lana along the way. Ferreira is much more of a stylistic chameleon however, pulling from artists like Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper and Fiona Apple. While Ferreira may be best known for her music, she has also landed roles in 'Baby Driver' and 'The Green Inferno.' Her 2013 album 'Night Time, My Time' rotates through her influences on each track, without ever feeling derivative. The album's title track comes closest to Del Rey’s sound, as Ferreira goes from sultry to scary as the song goes on.


There has always been a menacing quality to BANKS' electronica that has made it as shocking as it is interesting. BANKS' grandiose writing is laced with the same seductive energy as Lana's music, while she injects her own robotic elements into the mix. Her debut album 'Goddess' carries much of Del Rey's signature noir overtones, especially on tracks like 'Drowning' and 'Beggin For Thread'. While BANKS is evocative of Lana's character, her aggressive string arrangements and futuristic synths set her apart. In recent years however BANKS' music has gotten much more experimental, mixing tones of house and hip hop.

#3: Nancy Sinatra

Since Del Rey evokes the style of the ‘50s and ‘60s, it makes sense to give the ladies of those eras a listen! Lana has been described as a “Gangster Nancy Sinatra,” and even did a cover of “Summer Wine,” a song Sinatra popularized. The two artists share a low, sultry voice, and almost a cinematic quality to their music; nowhere is this more evident than when Sinatra tackled the theme for the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice.” Who knows, maybe Del Rey will try her hand at a Bond song one day!

#2: Florence + The Machine

Few artists manage to make life seem quite as fantastical as Florence + The Machine . The band's mix of orchestral pop and Florence Welch's beautiful vocals serve as an energetic counterpoint to Lana's downbeat anthems. Despite how Welch's poetry makes her songs sound like fairytales, they're often poetic spins on heartbreak and depression. While the band hits the same emotional notes as Del Rey on a lyrical level, their music blends soul and dance-rock along with their signature harp. Florence + The Machine's over-the-top delivery and punchy dynamics also carry the cinematic qualities that make Lana's music feel larger than life.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Got A Girl



#1: Marina And The Diamonds

Marina Diamandis's bouncy pop is often a vehicle for troubling stories of an emotionally unstable youth. Like many of Lana Del Rey's songs, Diamandis’ music focuses on how fragile people can be. Marina's melodramatic characters on her album 'Electra Heart' are reminiscent of the reckless lovers in many of Lana's songs. Diamandis dissects the exaggerated romance of death, which Del Rey herself plays with in her lyrics. Whether you think it's exciting or satirical, Marina's loud production is undeniably catchy as well. Diamandis latest album 'Froot' offers a more personal side of Marina comparable to Lana on 'Lust For Life.'

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