Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Characters



Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Characters

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Who the f*ck spells a name that's pronounced “Mar-loo-sha” with a friggin X? Like, are you trying to screw with us here? Ugh. Okay, whatever, these characters CAN be pretty sweet tho, so welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Characters.

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Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Characters

Their friends are their power. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down the top 10 characters from the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise.

For this list, we’re looking at games in the series from 2017 and earlier to find the most interesting, dynamic and best characters. The series obviously has a large amount of characters from Disney properties and the “Final Fantasy” franchise, but we’re not going to be including them for this list, since we’re looking only at original characters. As we’ll be discussing some of the mysteries surrounding these characters, a spoiler alert is in effect for all games.

#10: Ansem the Wise AKA DiZ

Though several characters have taken up the name “Ansem,” the former leader of Radiant Garden was the first to hold the mantle. Prior to the first game, he wished to protect his people by studying the darkness, but this unfortunately led to his apprentices betraying him and starting Organization XIII. With this the Heartless and Nobodies were created, and Ansem would spend the next decade hungry for revenge. He finally gets his chance once he allies with Riku, and becomes a pivotal character in the second game. In addition to being one of the series’ more interesting characters, he’s key to the complex mythology that the franchise is known for.

#9: Kairi

One of the first characters to be introduced in the series, Kairi is a close friend of Sora and Riku. She arrived on Destiny Islands on the night of a meteor shower, with no memories of her homeworld. We come to discover that she is actually a Princess of Heart, a being with a heart of pure light, who is vital to Maleficent’s evil plan to open the Final Keyhole. Though she starts off as a damsel in distress, she proves herself to be just as brave and Sora and Riku, and even looks like she may be a guardian of light in the making.

#8: Terra

Terra is one of three protagonists of “Birth by Sleep,” which takes place ten years before the original “Kingdom Hearts.” A Keyblade apprentice to Master Eraqus, he struggles to control the darkness in his heart, which causes a rift between himself, Aqua and Ventus, his best friends. Despite this, he is fiercely loyal and protective of his friends, even if he’s a bit of a hothead at times. One of the most tragic heroes in the story, he only manages to live on by the skin of his teeth, but that just goes to show what a hero he really is.

#7: Ventus

Ven was at the center at “Birth by Sleep”’s biggest mystery: why does he look exactly like Roxas? The youngest and most optimistic of the trio, his strength lies in his speed. Despite being the least-trained, he embarks on an adventure to prevent Terra from succumbing to darkness, experiencing a dramatic disillusionment along the way. Even after Master Xehanort and Vanitas cause significant trauma to Ventus’ heart, he’s still able to overcome the evil, albeit at a price. He loses his heart, but proves to be a pivotal part of Sora’s character, as a young Sora adopts his heart and keeps him safe.

#6: Master Xehanort

We could populate an entire list with the other characters Master Xehanort has split himself into, but since he’s the original, he makes the list. As the central antagonist of the series, he is a brilliant Keyblade Master who has long been enacting his sinister plot to start a second Keyblade War and drive the worlds into darkness. His evil is put front and center in “Birth by Sleep” when he manipulates Terra, Ven, and Aqua into becoming pawns in his nefarious game. Despite his old age, he is easily one of the most powerful characters in the universe, and has had his hand in every major conflict so far, with his ultimate scheme still yet to come.

#5: Aqua

The third playable character of “Birth by Sleep,” Aqua is easily the game’s heart and soul. As a Keyblade Master, she takes it upon herself to watch over Terra and Ven, serving as a matriarch of sorts. Don’t let this fool you, though, she’s one of the most powerful characters in the universe, and her magic-focused abilities provide some of the series’ most satisfying gameplay. When it seems all is lost, Aqua is the one to come through and save her friends, sacrificing herself in the process. Her heroism and selflessness are only matched by Sora, and we can only hope to see her team up with him in the future.

#4: Axel

Axel makes his debut as a particularly frustrating foe in “Chain of Memories.” Axel, “The Flurry of Dancing Flames,” is a Nobody, and number VIII in Organization XIII. When he is tasked with befriending new members Roxas and Xion, he begins to realize the group’s true evil intentions, betraying them and becoming an ally to the good guys. Under his rough, sarcastic exterior lies a vulnerability that enriches his character when it surfaces. His development from villain to hero, aided by Quinton Flynn’s fantastic voice work, is what makes him one of the series’ all-time fan favorites. Got it memorized?

#3: Riku

Sora’s best friend and childhood rival, Riku begins the series by turning to darkness in order to travel to other worlds. Though he spends most of the first game as a villain, this isn’t because he’s evil. Rather, it’s because his hunger for power causes dark forces to overtake him. Since then, however, he’s become one of the series’ most powerful heroes, using his darkness to serve the heroes of light. He’s selfless, fearless, and tough, proving his heroism time and again and making endless sacrifices to protect his friends and the world order.

#2: Sora

We’ve discussed several fantastic heroes so far, but Sora will always be the true hero of “Kingdom Hearts.” When his world was destroyed by the Heartless, he discovered his destiny as the Keyblade wielder and sets off to protect the world order. He can be somewhat naïve, but his optimism often helps him save the day. He’s not the most powerful character in the universe, but there’s no obstacle he won’t fight fiercely to overcome. The key theme of the series is friendship, and Sora’s fervent commitment to his friends shows just how powerful friendship can really be.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions.




#1: Roxas

Roxas is introduced as an enigmatic playable character at the beginning of “Kingdom Hearts II.” He’s one of the central mysteries of the sequel, as we come to find out that he’s Sora’s Nobody, born from Sora’s sacrifice in the first game. He struggles with coming to terms with his identity as his story arc reveals one heart breaking plot development after another. He grows from a mindless shell into a strong and complex character who is formed by his relationships with those close to him. He forces the players to re-evaluate what they think they know about Nobodies, and he’s truly the emotional backbone of the series.