Top 10 Sexiest Girl Next Door Celebrities



Top 10 Sexiest Girl Next Door Celebrities

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Is there anything more appealing than the girl next door? From Jennifer Lawrence and Alison Brie to Kaley Cuoco and Kristen Bell, these celebs are sweet, relatable and drop dead gorgeous. WatchMojo is counting down the top 10 hottest girl next door celebrities.

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Script written by Jake Bean

Top 10 Sexiest Girl Next Door Celebrities

Is there anything more appealing than the girl next door? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Girl Next Door Celebrities.

For this list, we'll be looking at the sexiest female celebrities that have that certain approachable, every day, attractiveness. These female stars are the perfect mix of sweet and sexy and are celebs anyone would love to have as a next door neighbor.

#10: Jennifer Lawrence

This critically acclaimed actress is known worldwide for her incredible range, so it’s no surprise that she would be a mix of sweet and sexy. An Oscar winner with hits like The Hunger Games and Winter’s Bone under her belt, she really shows her sexy side in movies like Silver Linings Playbook, where she plays young widow Tiffany Maxwell, who is also a seductive young dancer. However, off-screen she’s been described as any thing from self-deprecating to down-to-earth, while also frequently being called America’s sweetheart. She’s outgoing, she’s funny, she’s incredibly talented, and unmistakably beautiful.

#9: Alison Brie

A stunner in all aspects of her life, Alison Brie is as beautiful as she is hilarious and gripping to watch. With iercing blue eyes with soft features and a welcoming smile, this gorgeous actress really showcased her sweet side by playing the shy, caring and hysterical Annie in the hit show Community, and her more complex, domestic side in Mad Men. She is also no stranger to being sexy too, exhibited perfectly by her character in Get Hard, where she played Will Ferrell’s seductive, gold digging wife. Whether she’s your best friend or girlfriend, she's definitely someone you'd love to be around.

#8: Kaley Cuoco

California-born Cuoco is as radiant and glowing as that west coast sun. A blonde beauty, this girl is any nerd’s dream and in fact plays the literal girl next door in The Big Bang Theory. She’s also been pretty open about enjoying her domestic life, including cooking, describing herself as “a housewife” and her home life as being “old-fashioned.” Although she did take a lot of flak for those statements, this makes her a woman who cooks, can make you laugh, frequently appears at Comic Con and is gorgeous to boot. Who could say no to that?

#7: Gina Rodriguez

Smart, funny, talented and beautiful, Gina Rodriguez is the whole package. Best known for her Golden Globe winning turn as the title character on Jane the Virgin, Gina is as sweet and relatable in real life as she is on screen. However, she also has a sexier side, which she revealed to fans when she posted a Fifty Shades-inspired picture of herself in a black bustier on Instagram. Who wouldn’t want to live next door to this badass babe? Plus, her older sisters are an investment banker and a doctor – how suburban is that?

#6: Dakota Johnson

The virginal Anastasia Steele herself, Dakota Johnson bleeds sweetness and sexuality on screen. It's hardly a secret that much of Fifty Shades revolves around her character’s foray into the world of BDSM, and while we can’t say whether or not she is anything close to Anastasia in real life, we do know that Johnson is a talented actress with a great sense of humor. Finally, she has a sweetly innocent look- porcelain skin that clashes well with her ruby red lips, blue eyes and striking brown hair. All things considered, this actress is no doubt a girl next door.

#5: Kristen Bell

A short statured blonde bewitching beauty, this actress is just downright adorable. If her gorgeous blue eyes, blonde hair and cute face weren’t enough to convince you, just watch her reaction to a sloth being brought out on the Ellen show. Not only is Kristen Bell one of the cutest women in Hollywood, but she also has a heart of gold. She’s a vegetarian who frequently participates in charity work, she also advocates strongly for vaccination. A good woman with a good head on her shoulders is always good to find.

#4: Anna Kendrick

While her memoir might be called “Scrappy Little Nobody”, we assume this is tongue in cheek, because she is so not that. She’s a mega star with credits in the Twilight and the Pitch Perfect series, a household name and a role model for women everywhere. She’s not just here for her chick-flick entertainment factor either, as her striking sharp-yet-soft look is incredibly alluring for any would-be suitor. Not only is she especially drop-dead gorgeous, but she also has an angelic singing voice - enough to sweetly and sexily serenade any hopeful next door neighbors.

#3: Emma Watson

If you grew up in the 2000s and were a Harry Potter fan, you already know. Like Hermione, Emma Watson is earnest and driven. Plus she has a degree from Brown University, so you know she’s smart. Even if you didn't grow up crushing on her, with her accent and incredible talent, Emma is an absolute heart-breaker. Not to mention she has one of the sweetest and most welcoming attitudes in Hollywood. It goes without saying, but Emma is an elegant knockout with a soft face and beaming smile. It wouldn’t take a love potion for you to fall in love with this British beauty.

#2: Emma Stone

With appearances in some of the greatest comedies of all time, we can’t count how many times Emma Stone has made us keel over laughing - and that’s just the beginning. She's received a lot of praise, both for her work and her career's potential longevity. Stone's look is also considered to be iconic, with her red hair (yes, we know it’s not her natural colour but…!), the sexy voice and striking eyes making her the epitome of gorgeous. Funny, sweet, sexy and powerful, this girl next door would be a challenging but amazing catch.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Lauren Cohan

Selena Gomez

Nathalie Emmanuel

#1: Blake Lively

Topping our list of the sexiest girls next door is this stunning blonde of Gossip Girl fame who has tugged at heartstrings in the best of ways since the mid 2000s. A woman of many talents, she's described herself as a “foodie and cook”, and she’s a loving mother with an incredible sense of humor. Not only is she sweet, but she also radiates sexiness with her fit figure, gorgeous blonde locks and stunning face. With a look and personality anyone would go crazy for, is it any wonder she was able to nab fellow sex symbol Ryan Reynolds?