Top 10 Characters Who Have Beaten Batman



Top 10 Characters Who Have Beaten Batman

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Written by Thomas O'Connor

Make no mistake, the Dark Knight has had some dark days. Welcome to, and today we're counting down the top ten characters who have beaten Batman.

For this list, we're counting down the characters who actually managed knock Batman down a peg or two.

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Make no mistake, the Dark Knight has had some dark days. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down the top ten characters who have beaten Batman.

For this list, we’re counting down the characters who actually managed knock Batman down a peg or two.

#10: Talon

A deadly enforcer for a secret society known as the Court of Owls, this relative newcomer to Batman’s rogues' gallery also delivered one of the Dark Knight’s most brutal defeats. This character is just one of many to carry the mantle and serve as the Court’s enforcer and executioner. After waking up in a gigantic maze built by the Court, Batman finds himself hunted by this deadly foe as well as plagued by nightmarish hallucinations and visions brought on by drugged drinking water. After a severe beating and a sword through the chest, Batman seemed to be out for the count. He does recover and barely manages to defeat Talon and escape with his life.

#9: The Predator

If you’re a deadly alien hunter in search of the ultimate prey, and you happen to also be in the DC Universe, it’s a safe bet that Gotham City will be one of your first ports of call. In this 1991 crossover, the dark knight and the title monster of the 1987 action film cross paths, and it doesn’t go well for Batman when first they meet. Tracking a mysterious killer to a scrapyard, Batman discovers to his shock that this is no run-of-the-mill murderer, and almost loses his life in the battle. Batman eventually comes back for round 2, but not before some significant medical attention.

#8: The Mutant Leader

If you think that Gotham city is a dangerous place now, you should see it in the future! In the not-too-distant, Gotham is in worse shape than ever, prompting an aging Batman to come out of retirement and launch a no-holds-barred war on crime. This brings him face to face with the hulking leader of the toughest gang in town, the Mutants. After attacking the Mutants head-on, Batman exchanges blows with the unnamed leader and overestimates his chances against the younger opponent. Were it not for the timely intervention of Robin, this nameless juggernaut might have been the one to put the Batman in the ground.

#7: Darkseid

Batman’s mastery of the martial arts, keen strategic mind and arsenal of gadgets allow him to square off against all kinds of superhuman foes. But when it comes to characters who can easily be classified as “demi-gods”, there’s only so much he can ultimately do to avoid a quick and messy end. In the penultimate chapter of the epic “Final Crisis” event, Batman faces down the lord of Apokolips and the results aren’t pretty. But despite seemingly being reduced to a charred skeleton by the Darkseid's Omega Beams, it was eventually revealed that Batman was thrown back in time, allowing him to eventually return.

#6: Deathstroke

This infamous villain is considered one of the deadliest combatants in the DC Universe and has been a frequent foe for the Teen Titans, Green Arrow, and Batman. Already an incredibly skilled warrior, the young Slade Wilson was chosen for a secret government experiment intended to create super soldiers. But rather than serve his country, Wilson went rogue and became a mercenary for hire. He and Batman have duked it out multiple times, but as Slade Wilson said himself, he’s stronger, faster, and far more vicious.

#5: Ra’s al Ghul

One of Batman’s deadliest and oldest foes, in more ways than one, this is one of Batman’s deadliest enemies. Despite appearing to only be middle-aged, the figure often called The Demon’s Head is in fact over 600 years old and counting, thanks to regular baths in the life-giving Lazarus Pits. His goal of exterminating most of humanity has caused him to cross swords with Batman, who he views with equal parts wrath and respect. Despite mainly operating as a planner and schemer, he’s more than a physical match for Batman, who he once pummeled into unconsciousness following a pitched battle in the Swiss Alps.

#4: Jason Todd

May years after the infamous Death of Robin storyline, this character eventually came back as an enemy of the dark knight, leading to an emotional confrontation. After being beaten to death and blown to bits by The Joker, Batman’s second sidekick was resurrected from the dead. Though it wasn’t an utter beating, Jason, now under the moniker of Red Hood, did manage to best his former mentor in combat, which is no easy feat. The battle left Batman with some major bruises, and yet more issues to work through.

#3: Superman

Who would win in a fight between the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight is one of the most hotly debated topics in comics, with some claiming that Batman can beat anyone with enough prep time and yet others claiming it isn’t even a contest. When the characters have fought it out in the comics, each character has emerged the victor multiple times. In the “Sacrifice” storyline, Superman is mind-controlled by Maxwell Lord, who manipulates the Man of Steel into seeing his friends as enemies. Mistaking Batman for his old nemesis Darkseid, Superman quickly reduces Batman to a broken heap before thankfully coming to his senses.

#2: The Joker

There have been times that Batman’s greatest nemesis has beaten him in a straight-up fight, but as brutal as some of those defeats have been, they’re far from the most crushing blows that the Clown Prince of Crime has dealt to his sworn enemy. Time and time again, this villain has nearly brought Batman to his knees by attacking those closest to the Dark Knight, sometimes fatally. And each time, he’s pushed Batman closer and closer to breaking his one rule: to never take a human life.

Before we unveil our top pick, have a look at these honorable mentions:


Swamp Thing


#1: Bane

Undeniably Batman’s most famous and iconic defeat, his fiery confrontation with the Venom-empowered brawler is one of the most important moments in the character’s history. After staging a massive breakout at Arkham Asylum to ensure that Batman is stretched to his physical limit by cleaning up the aftermath, the luchador-masked villain finally squares off against his rival in a confrontation that leaves Batman paralyzed. Batman barely makes it out of the encounter with his life, and temporarily bequeaths the Batman mantle to his ally Azrael while he recovered. Batman eventually came back and settled the score, but this remains his most crushing and memorable physical defeat.