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Top 10 Biggest Video Games That Quickly Fell off the Map

VO: Daniel Paradis WRITTEN BY: Shane O'Gorman
Script written by Shane O'Gorman All that hype for nothing! These games were supposed to be a big deal but were quickly forgotten. Welcome to and today we will be counting down our picks for the top 10 biggest video games that quickly fell off the map. To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Biggest Video Games That Quickly Fell Off the Map

Here today, gone tomorrow. Welcome to and today we will be counting down our picks for the top 10 biggest video games that quickly fell off the map.

For this list, we will be looking at video games that were heavily marketed leading up to release and earned positive reviews, making them a “big deal” on the gaming scene, yet unfortunately, for whatever reason - whether it be steep competition or disinterest from gamers - they quickly faded away into relative obscurity.

#10: “Perfect Dark” (2000)

The N64 was home to many big hits during its time, such as Rareware’s landmark first-person shooter “GoldenEye.” A few years later, the company decided to follow that up with “Perfect Dark,” which served as a sort of spiritual successor to their previous shooter. “Perfect Dark” was arguably a better game, with improved graphics, a captivating storyline and vast array of multiplayer modes for you to enjoy with friends. Unfortunately, this game was released at the end of the N64’s lifespan and just before the start of a new console generation. It was ‘out with the old and in with the new’ time and sadly this nearly perfect game was left in the dark.

#9: “Darksiders II” (2012)

The original “Darksiders” was a nice surprise in how it used elements from other games like “Legend of Zelda” and “God War” and managed to combine it all into one sweet package. Come sequel time, critics seemed to feel that it was just as solid a game as the first installment, with much praise given to the added RPG mechanics and a bigger world to explore. Although it had a strong launch month, sales swiftly began to dip afterward and leading into the holiday season as all interest in the title seemed to fizzle out. Thankfully it wasn’t a nail in the coffin for the series, as a third game has been confirmed to be in development.

#8: “For Honor” (2017)

Multiplayer games are all the rage these days. Ubisoft wanted to spice things up with this title, which pits three different historical warring factions against each other (being knights, Vikings and samurai specifically) in an all-out hack ‘n’ slash battle royale! With such a promising premise and heavy presence at two E3’s in a row, its truly puzzling how this failed to make a bigger splash when it eventually launched. The game’s reviews were solid enough and those who play it do state that it is a very fun game, but its difficulty in finding an audience is possibly attributed to being in a multiplayer market already flooded with yer’ Battlefields and Call of Duty’s.

#7: “MAG” (2010)

The selling point for “MAG” was its absolutely gargantuan 256 player battles. Audiences were wowed by the concept of such large-scale skirmishes and even more impressed when they finally got their hands on the game and realized that it actually worked. Over time, however, “MAG” seemed to stumble under the weight of other competitive shooters, with many gamers feeling that the matches eventually felt a little too massive, lacking clarity amidst all the chaos. What really sucks is that all of the servers have been shut down, and since this is an online-only game…it basically no longer exists. Other games here are forgotten but you can still play them, this one straight up disappeared.

#6: “Watch Dogs 2” (2016)

The original “Watch Dogs” was huge when it was first unveiled and probably built up way too much hype to live up to. While a good game, it didn’t quite match all of its promises, something which Ubisoft was adamant they’d fix come sequel time. The developer delivered a stronger follow-up, fixing many of the issues gamers had the first time, and adopting a lighter tone for the story. The damage may have been done, unfortunately, as sales were modest at best for “Watch Dogs 2,” selling nowhere close to the number of copies as its predecessor. Fool me once shame on you…and gamers weren’t keen on the idea of the possibility being fooled twice by this franchise, despite the positive changes.

#5: “L.A. Noire” (2011)

Team Bondi spent many years developing their love letter to the noire-crime genre with their detective action game “L.A Noire.” The game used breathtaking motion capture technology to deliver stunningly fluid animations and being published by a certain company called “Rockstar” didn’t hurt when it came to marketing. Upon release, the game received positive reviews and sold very well, topping game charts in the UK specifically as the fastest selling new gaming I.P at the time. So, what happened? Well, Team Bondi went defunct in August 2011, leaving the property up in the air. However, the release of ports for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, and a VR version have re-ignited interest in the franchise… is the long-rumored sequel coming after all?

#4: “Gears of War 4” (2016)

After “Gears of War: Judgement,” the “Gears” series went quiet for a while before making its big return with the fourth installment on the Xbox One, taking advantage of the console’s new horsepower for even bigger set pieces and better graphics. It looked like everything fans had come to enjoy. It did enjoy healthy sales and reviews, so it was technically a success, but it just didn’t make quite the splash its predecessors did. Remember the original back in 2006? People wouldn’t shut up about that game! With this one…it just kind of exists and…yep. That’s it. It could be franchise fatigue, but one thing is obvious: this gear isn’t turning as smoothly as it used to.

#3: “Titanfall 2” (2016)

Wow, another 2016 release? Were people bored of video games or something? Like “Watch Dogs,” the original “Titanfall” was well-received, but many felt it was lacking in certain areas: namely needing a single player component. Respawn entertainment worked hard to meet expectations and they delivered a solid package for fans and newcomers alike, so what stroke of bad luck occurred to cause the game to wind up on a list like this? The biggest reason is that it was sandwiched between a barrage of other shooters such as the latest Battlefield and Call of Duty, giving it steep competition to face off against, severely hurting sales.

#2: “The Last Guardian” (2016)

Announced in 2009. Kept hush-hush for years. Fears of cancellation circa 2012-2013. Re-revealed in 2015 and finally released in 2016. You’d think after all that buildup, “The Last Guardian” would have been a huge hit, right? While it is seen as a great PS4 exclusive overall, the years of development hell probably created some bad blood amongst wider audiences, leaving only the most die-hard fans interested in the project by the time it eventually rolled around. That and being released amongst a busy holiday season for video games, as already mentioned in this video, led to modest sales and making this possibly the last that we’ll ever hear about this guardian moving forward.

#1: “Pokémon Go” (2016)

The term “fad” is used for an intense and largely shared enthusiasm towards a particular idea; an idea that is lived out for a short time. It wasn’t too long ago that people were rushing through streets, clinging tightly to their phones in search of Pokémon scattered across the landscape. It was absolute madness for a period of a few months, with gamers acting like rabid animals as they barged into stores and walked into traffic just to catch a …digital creature that wasn’t there…alrighty then. It was absolutely a fun distraction for fans of the series and was a huge success, but once people had their fill it left as quickly as it came.

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