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Top 10 Worst Scenes in Parody Movies

Script written by Andrew Tejada. If these satires are holding for laughter, they’re going to be waiting for a long time. Join as we count down our picks for Top 10 Worst Scenes in Parody Movies. For this list, we’re looking at the most awkward, cringe-inducing, overly offensive, gross, or just plain unfunny scenes featured in parody films.

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Top 10 Worst Scenes in Parody Movies

If these satires are holding for laughter, they’re going to be waiting for a long time. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Worst Scenes in Parody Movies.

For this list, we’re looking at the most awkward, cringe-inducing, overly offensive, gross, or just plain unfunny scenes featured in parody films.

#10: Inappropriate Indiana Jones
“Disaster Movie” (2008)

“Disaster Movie” follows the immature Will as he fights off pop culture references while trying to prevent the apocalypse. After discovering he can save the world by placing a crystal skull on an altar, he meets “Indiana Jones”. Jones explains that he’s Will’s father before feeling up his son’s girlfriend. Between the assault being played for laughs and jokes about how promiscuous Will’s mother was, the scene comes off as sexist and cringeworthy. But when Jones dies shortly after his introduction, the whole sequence becomes pointless. We’d rather watch the critically panned “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” before sitting through this disastrous scene again.

#9: Too Many Kicks
“Meet The Spartans” (2008)

When King Leonidas kicked an enemy messenger into a pit in “300”, an iconic scene was born. But when “Meet the Spartans” parodied the epic moment, the audience fell into a hole of unfunny comedy. After imitation Leonidas kicks his enemies into a pit, a Britney Spears caricature shows up and is knocked in too. Spears’ appearance is followed by a cheap gay joke about singer Sanjaya, a cowardly Ryan Seacrest, and an unoriginal bit about the American Idol judges. These random “cameos” fall flat and make the joke drag on way longer than necessary. The editors should’ve thrown this tired scene into a pit.

#8: Harry Potter and the Horrible Parody
“Epic Movie” (2007)

Creators Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have been responsible for our entire list so far. They’ll go three for three with a scene from their fantasy satire, “Epic Movie”. When the main characters discover a certain magical school, they meet a perverted Harry Potter, a pregnant Hermione, and a balding Ron with no distinct personality. Outside of Harry’s inappropriate groping, the main problem here is that the writers don’t even try to make fun of the beloved characters. Instead, Harry and friends are replaced with creepy and offensive stereotypes. There are tons of clever Potter parodies. Try any of those before suffering through this uninspired writing.

#7: A Terrible Celebrity Team-Up
“Scary Movie 4” (2006)

“Scary Movie 4” opens with a painful parody of the “Saw” franchise. Basketball star Shaquille O’ Neal and talk show host Dr. Phil are stuck in a deadly trap and given two minutes to escape. We witness the two celebs play bizarre caricatures of themselves while exchanging tame insults about their respective careers and character flaws. None of the jokes in the scene land due to Shaq and Dr. Phil’s lack of on-screen chemistry, their hammy acting, and the over-the-top physical comedy. Were the writers forced to create a script around whatever celebrities they could get? That’s the only way to explain this baffling on-screen pairing.

#6: Immature Names
“The Starving Games” (2013)

The odds were not in the audiences’ favor when Friedberg and Seltzer reunited for 2013’s “The Starving Games.” In one of the worst scenes, the citizens of District 12 wait for their representative Effoff to select two children to compete in a battle to the death. When she reaches into the bowl of children’s names, she keeps pulling out fake monikers like “Phil Mahooters” and “Dean Gulberry”. The wordplay is supposed to be funny, but the joke is too juvenile to earn anything but groans. As final proof that this comedic bit is bad, Effoff criticizes the joke during the movie.

#5: Jersey Shore Reference
“Vampires Suck” (2010)

The “Twilight” movies have been criticized for their melodrama, romance and cheesy lines. This “Vampires Suck” scene ignored all those flaws in favor of a weak pop culture reference. When main character Becca is being told about the various students in her new school, she spots Edward Sullen. The camera pans over to reveal that…he’s standing behind a cast of Jersey Shore impersonators? Although their cameo lasts less than ten seconds, it feels like a nonsensical waste of time. The movie does nothing with the cast except point in their direction and expect us to laugh for recognizing them. It’s the epitome of lazy writing.

#4: “Pimp My Ride” Montage
“Date Movie” (2006)

Alyson Hannigan was somehow convinced to wear a fat suit to play Julia in Friedberg and Seltzer’s “Date Movie”. After Julia asks a love doctor for romantic advice, she’s taken to a car garage for a makeover. We get a disgusting montage of mechanics waxing Julia’s back, buffing her toenails and literally sucking mayonnaise out of her. The aggressively insulting “Pimp My Ride” parody also features a pointless “Star Wars” joke and awkward camera shots that linger for way too long. We know to expect offensive, excessive and unfunny writing from Friedberg and Seltzer, but it’s still astounding to see how low they can go.

#3: The Never-Ending Fart
“Extreme Movie” (2008)

Since “Extreme Movie” is entirely composed of sketches from different writers, the tone and humor is inconsistent from scene to scene. But there was one vignette that stank more than the rest. In the scene, a young woman passes gas while making out. After her partner insists that it’s okay, she continues to fart...for forty uninterrupted seconds. The young woman’s flatulence goes from gross to unrealistic, but never manages to be funny. When she’s finished cutting the cheese, her partner comments it was nasty. The scene then ends so abruptly that it feels like the movie itself wanted to move on from this toilet humor.

#2: Blackface Makeover
“Dance Flick” (2009)

Although “Dance Flick” parodies a wide selection of movies, it takes a lot of its inspiration from “Save The Last Dance”. In both movies, the Caucasian main character has an African-American friend that gives them a quick makeover in a car. However, “Dance Flick” crosses the line when the Caucasian Megan emerges from the car in blackface. Her shocking makeup is made worse when she changes her voice and mannerisms to sound like she’s from the hood. This jarring scene may have been intended for comedy, but it’s hard to find humor when historically troubling makeup is used as a cheap throwaway gag.

Before we boo our top pick, here are some dishonorable mentions.

Lame Dance Sequence
“Superfast!” (2015)

Bella Gets Diarrhea
“Breaking Wind” (2012)

#1: The Abusive Mrs. Robinson
“Fifty Shades of Black” (2016)

“Fifty Shades of Black” constantly tows the line between risqué and flat-out offensive. Although the scene where characters are served meals based on their race is extremely cringeworthy, Christian Black’s backstory is much worse. Black explains that his BDSM lifestyle started with his piano teacher, Mrs. Robinson. We then flashback to Mrs. Robinson showing a 16-year-old Black how to have sex. When he messes up, Mrs. Robinson ridicules him with insults and physical harm. At the scene’s conclusion, it’s revealed that more “boys” are waiting for her lessons. The problem here is simple: Physical, emotional and child abuse isn’t funny, and neither is this scene.


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