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Top 5 Theories About Spider-Man: Far from Home

Script written by Michael Wynands

Start speculating, true believers! From field trips, to Venom cameos, to multiple dimensions, there are lots of theories about what might happen in Tom Holland's second solo movie as Spider-Man. WatchMojo ranks the top possible theories about Spider-Man: Far from Home.

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Script written by Michael Wynands

Top 5 Theories About Spider-Man: Far from Home

What does the future hold for the webhead? Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Top 5 Theories About Spider-Man: Far from Home.

For this list, we’ll be looking at popular opinions as to what the title for the Spider-Man sequel “Far From Home”, as revealed by Tom Holland, means for the upcoming movie and its plot/setting, as well as general fan predictions.

Warning: This will contain spoilers from “Avengers: Infinity War”.

#5: Exactly What We’ve Been Told / Led to Assume

Even before we learned the title of the film, we heard from Marvel head Kevin Feige in April 2018 that the sequel to Homecoming would see the our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man move outside of his neighborhood for more of a globetrotting adventure. With the reveal of the title “Far From Home”, this still works. Feige said that Peter Parker will be travelling to other parts of the world and so, based on the fact that our intrepid webhead is still in high school, many have assumed that this will as part of a field trip or summer vacation. It might not be the most exciting explanation, but it certainly feels like the most realistic.

#4: The Introduction of New Spider-People

It’s no secret that Sony is trying to create their very own Spiderverse to piggyback on the revived success of the character now that he’s joined the MCU. There’s been a lot of talk of villain-centric spin-offs, but if they’re really looking to cash in, introducing more spider-themed characters might be their best bet. Spider-Gwen would be awesome, but given that Gwen Stacy hasn’t been introduced yet, it might be a stretch. A character named Cindy was identified as one of Peter’s classmates in the film however, and that’s gotten people talking about Cindy Moon, aka Silk, a hero who was bitten by the same spider as Peter in the comics. Or how about Miles Morales?

#3: A Venom Crossover

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” taught Sony a harsh lesson in the dangers of stuffing too many characters into one film, so they might prefer to take things nice and slow this time around, introducing one new character at a time. With “Venom” coming out in 2018, well before Far From Home, some fans are speculating that the latter film’s title could elude to Parker visiting another major U.S. city - San Francisco. Why San Francisco? In the comics, Venom/Eddie Brock winds up moving to San Francisco and becoming the city’s “lethal protector”. It would be nice to see Sony makeup for past mistakes with a worthy crossover between the two characters.

#2: Shattered Dimensions

Given Spider-Man’s propensity for crossing over into alternate realities in the comics, video games and animated series, some have suggested that Spider-Man could be going even further from home than the planet Titan by travelling to another dimension or time. For comic book fans, this would be a real treat, bringing to the big screen numerous incarnations of the web-head who are unlikely to ever get a cinematic adaptation of their own. Of course, with the animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” coming out, this seems unlikely. Alternatively, with Mysterio as the alleged villain, it could also be a mental/fabricated trip to surreal plains, as orchestrated by the master illusionist.

#1: It’s a Journey Through the Afterlife

Avengers: Infinity War did not end well for the Avengers… but the “death” of Peter Parker was particularly heartbreaking. Though it’s unlikely that Marvel would be willing to leave so many important characters dead, Parker specifically needs to come back sooner rather than later. What if “Far From Home”, at least for part of its running time, explored Spidey’s otherworldly time in the afterlife? This is an interesting theory that can work with many of the others already discussed. By acknowledging his death, the film could also take a deep dive into the emotional damage/mental strain that must have left him with. “Spider-Man: Afterlife” might seem like a stretch, but it’s certainly compelling.


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